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TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
edited Aug 2012 in Technology
I just assembled a computer for some old guy to use for playing games. It is an HP desktop with an Athlon 64X2 @ 2.50 dual core with 2 GB of ram and a Radeon 5450 on Windows 7 64 bit.

This guy wants to play old hunting and shooting games, like Hunting Unlimited 2010, which has graphics requirements from about 1998, it is so friggin' ANTIQUE!!! All they did was rename the game to 2010, I think.

So I got the PC all loaded up with Direct x 9.0c, Radeon 12.6 drivers, Windows 7 SP1 and all the updates, along with Adobe Flash and Shockwave (has any program ever used Shockwave for anything)?

I did forget to download Java though, I'll go do that tonight.

But his deer hunter game keeps saying "sys_no_graphics" when we try to start it, and a lot of google searching only turned up the same 2 or 3 answers, none of which worked.

Any ideas what might fix it?

He said on his old PC, some other computer guy did something to the Prism3 text file, but now he can't get in touch with that guy.


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