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Odd keyboard issue

TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
edited Sep 2007 in Technology
for some time now on my laptop, I've been having an occasional issue with my keyboard that I don't really know how to describe. After a while of having a program running (and this happens for firefox, gtalk, pidgin, etc.), certain keys will stop acting properly when they are pressed

for example,
pressing shift+' followed by spacebar produces ", no trailing space
pressing shift+' followed by a produces ä
pressing shift+' followed by e produces ë

this sounds like a stuck key issue to me, but I cannot figure out what's causing it. I would google it, but I'm not sure what to google for. maybe i'm accidentally turning on some feature which I just need to turn back off

here's hoping someone has some insight that I don't


  • TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
    edited Sep 2007
    by the way, this is on a Windows XP machine
  • TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
    edited Sep 2007
    nevermind, I got it and I can't believe I never thought to look where the answer was. I went into the Regional and Language settings, and for some reason there were several languages available, with a hotkey to switch between them. removing the "international" language set and something called "ink correction" under Advanced Text Services solved the problem. I can't say which one was the culprit, but then again I don't really care
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