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RyanFodder is our newest millionaire

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

Congrats on your big 1M points milestone, @Ryanfodder. Thanks for coming back to the team!


  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares New York City?! Icrontian

    Woo Ryanfodder!

    @Linc, can we add the :smokin: smiley back to the list? I'm sure you've got a copy somewhere, but because I'm stubborn, I spent 15 minutes tracking it down on the wayback machine.

  • LincLinc Bard Detroit, MI Icrontian


  • SonorousSonorous F@H Fanatic Virginia Icrontian

    Congrats, sir!

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