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Icrontic Media Kit

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Icrontic has been on the web since 2000, reporting on technology, gaming, and internet culture in our own unique, classy way. With a fascinating history and a stellar staff of reporters, we curate the very best in today’s news while helping to show readers how technology and gaming affect their daily lives.

According to Google Analytics, Icrontic averages 284,000 pageviews from 124,000 unique visitors per month. 60% of our traffic comes from search engines, 28% from referrals, and 12% of our traffic is direct.

We’ve helped companies like Sumo Lounge Furniture, OCZ Technologies, FutureMark, AMD, and Netshelter Technology Media with creative campaigns to generate buzz, find new Twitter followers, sell products, educate consumers, and build awareness. We’ve been called in as expert commentators and consultants by Fox News Corp, Al Jazeera, Ignite Social Media, and Last Gadget Standing.


Brian Ambrozy, Editor-in-Chief (brian at icrontic)

Matt Lincoln Russell, Platform Chief (lincoln at icrontic)

CB Droege, Gaming Reporter (cb at icrontic)

Nick Mertes, Technology Reporter (nick at icrontic)

Bobby Miller, 3D Graphics Reporter (bobby at icrontic)

David Kenkel, Gaming Reporter (david at icrontic)

Binh Nguyen, Gaming Reporter (binh at icrontic)

A full list of Icrontic regular contributors and reporters can be found at our staff page.


Last Gadget Standing (CES 2010)
Brian Ambrozy was a presenter at the Last Gadget Standing “supersession”, the largest supersession at CES for three years running

Ignite Detroit 2010
Brian Ambrozy’s talk “How to Deal With Internet Trolls” was presented at one of Detroit’s largest social media conferences

!gnite Mid Michigan 2011
Brian Ambrozy was on a panel about SEO for small businesses at mid-Michigan’s largest social media conference

Fox & Friends, 2011
Brian Ambrozy was on the “Fox & Friends” morning cable television show discussing video games as a valid form of art

WordCamp Detroit 2011
Matt Lincoln Russell gave a presentation about using WordPress to help build successful online communities at Detroit’s 2-day WordCamp conference

Al Jazeera English 2011
Brian Ambrozy was invited to comment on the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the international Al Jazeera English news program

Al Jazeera English 2011
Brian Ambrozy was invited to comment on the launch of Google Music on the international Al Jazeera English news program

Al Jazeera English 2012
Brian Ambrozy was invited to comment on the German court case between Apple and Motorola on the international Al Jazeera English news program

Al Jazeera English 2012
Brian Ambrozy was invited to comment about Nokia’s staggering $1.2b Q1 2012 loss.


When we review products, we may choose to award it with special accolades. If you are a representative of a company whose product has received one of our awards, you can download high-resolution artwork by clicking on the image. You are authorized to use this award artwork in promotional materials including websites or product packaging.

Icrontic Stamp of Approval (Bronze)

Icrontic Stamp of Approval artwork

The Stamp of Approval indicates we have personally reviewed and tested the product, and it meets or exceeds our expectations. The product must not have significant flaws in any area and must perform well in line with its price point and target audience.

Bottom line: If a friend wanted to buy this product, we’d confidently approve.

Icrontic Outstanding Product (Silver)

Icrontic Outstanding Product artwork

An “Outstanding” product is one that clearly exceeds expectations in multiple areas. It has very exceptional performance without compromise in other categories, or is a very exceptional value.

Bottom line: We’d go out of our way to recommend this product to a friend.

Icrontic Golden Fedora (Gold)

Icrontic Golden Fedora artwork

A very rare award for the Best of the Best. A product must demonstrate exceptional performance in all regards and must blow our minds, figuratively speaking. This product is the best in its class.

Bottom line: If you haven’t tried or at least heard of, coveted, or talked about this product, we’re not friends anymore.

Icrontic Detroit Hustle (Value)

Icrontic Detroit Hustle artwork

This product represents a really good value or a practical, all-around useful purpose. We recommend this product based on exceptional economic value for its category.

Bottom line: Hey babe, you ain’t winning any beauty contests, but you got it where it counts, and you’ll get ’em by.