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1 August 2013

Europa Universalis IV Last preorder bonus announced for Europa Universalis IV

Joe Lloyd The final pre-order bonus for Europa Universalis IV has been revealed, and it’s a doozy: if you purchase Europa Universalis IV before its release, you get a free full copy of Crusader Kings II. What’s more, you also get an exclusive converter program that lets you take your beloved CKII kingdom, and import it into […] »

1 August 2013

Ducky DK9008G2 Pro review Ducky DK9008G2 Pro review. Is this mechanical keyboard Nirvana?

Phil Jaenke Ducky Channel is a brand that is probably not familiar to most... They are a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-quality mechanical keyboards. Today we review the DK9008G2 Pro. »

31 July 2013

The Game of Books Header Image The Game of Books project makes reading (more) fun

Ryan Wilsey The Game of Books is a game that rewards people for reading books and branching out to explore other genres of books. We talk with the creator. »

1 July 2013

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 review

Nick Mertes The Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 external hard drive array is versatile and speedy, but some odd pricing may make for a head-scratcher in certain configurations. »

26 June 2013

Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2013 The Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2013

Brian Ambrozy The restaurants for the Tastes of Detroit Food Tour 2013 have been announced, and they are all Detroit favorites. »

26 June 2013

New Releases for The Week of Foil Cards and Vampire Sneakers

CB Droege The world is a vampire, right, CB? Icrontic's bloodthirsty CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming, including DARK and Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014, but not Company of Heroes 2, so Bobby Tallmad. »

12 June 2013

E3 2013 coverage by Icrontic E3 2013 press conference roundup

Binh Nguyen The big press conferences at E3 brought some yawns and lots of surprises as E3 2013 kicks off. »

9 June 2013

The Bones and Alarms of Monaco

CB Droege Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is a tactical heist game that is best enjoyed with others... as long as you know them. Here's the Icrontic review. »

7 June 2013

Pre-E3 2013: SteelSeries introduces the H-Series gaming headsets

Binh Nguyen SteelSeries is making a new product announcement just ahead of the frenzy of E3 2013. »

3 June 2013

New Releases for The Weeks of Vikings and Card Towers (Double Issue!)

CB Droege Icrontic's stormy CB Droege brings us the last TWO weeks' worth of new and interesting releases in video gaming, which is his editor's fault. »

25 May 2013

Wordpress and Vanilla Glue plugin Building an open source bridge

Lincoln Russell When you're trying to cram two pieces of open source software together and decide to write your own plug-in to do it... well, it's not all fun and games. »

17 May 2013

AMD Radeon HD 8970M AMD launches Radeon HD 8970M

Nick Mertes AMD has announced their newest high-end mobile GPU, the 8970M, and released specs. »

16 May 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Gran Turismo 6 announced for the PlayStation 3

Binh Nguyen Sony has announced that Gran Turismo 6 is coming... for PlayStation 3. »

13 May 2013

New Releases for The Week of Commanders and Capsuleers

CB Droege Icrontic's stellar CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming: Anomaly 2, and DUST 514. »

8 May 2013

Expo Icrontic swag table Expo Icrontic 2013 sponsors

Brian Ambrozy Expo Icrontic wouldn't be much without our absolutely awesome, super generous sponsors. Here is this year's fantastic lineup. »

6 May 2013

Sensu Brush review

Nick Mertes The Sensu Brush is a digital brush and stylus tool with actual capacitive bristles that seeks to bring a true "paintbrush" feel to digital painting. »

4 May 2013

New Releases for The Week of Ships and Chops

CB Droege Icrontic's sacrificial CB Droege brings us last week's interesting releases in gaming through no fault of his own; Leviathan Warships and Soul Sacrifice. »

1 May 2013

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness review

Joe Lloyd Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is a worthy successor to the series. »

26 April 2013

Nintendo turns the 3DS to focus on classic franchises

CB Droege Nintendo last week revealed a slew of WiiU and 3DS news. Here's the roundup. »

23 April 2013

sapphire radeon hd 7990 SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7990 announced

Nick Mertes SAPPHIRE announced their version of the AMD Radeon HD 7990 today. Here are the specs and features of this new dual GPU monster. »

22 April 2013

The Evil Within wallpaper The Evil Within teaser trailer

Brian Ambrozy The teaser trailer for Bethesda's upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within, has been released. »