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UPSKingpin · Sir · Icrontian


Elkhart, IN
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July 12, 1985
Media Specialist
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  • UPSKingpin earned the Icrontic Host badge.
    Have opened your home to other Icrontians and showed hospitality.
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the Payday badge.
    Rob banks with friends!
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the DayZ badge.
    Have played Day Z with Icrontians
    27 Aug
  • Have "Curated a Delightful Experience" for another Icrontian; introduced them to a new band, or taken them to a cool local restaurant, or given them an awesome book. Make life more awesome!
    27 Aug
  • Have played Euro Truck Simulator II in a "Comfy Truck Challenge" with the crew.
    27 Aug
  • You've been a member of the League of Extraordinary Icrontians since the beginning. These new recruits don't know a darned thing.
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the Battlefield 3 badge.
    Have played on the Icrontic Battlefield 3 server
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the Mobile Warrior badge.
    You've discussed smartphones, tablets, or other mobile tech; you've solicited advice or contributed thoughtful discussion about the mobile industry. Or just been a fanboy, either way.
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the Coffee Me badge.
    Discussed the fine art of coffee, attended coffee-centric Icrontic events, or bought coffee for a fellow Icrontian. Share the magic!
    27 Aug
  • UPSKingpin earned the 25 LOLs badge.
    You received 25 LOLs. Maybe not coffee-spitting LOLs, but you're getting there.
    25 Apr
  • UPSKingpin earned the Sixth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 6 years.
    11 Mar
  • UPSKingpin earned the 25 Awesomes badge.
    You received 25 Awesomes. You are clearly a very awesome person.
    22 Jan
  • UPSKingpin earned the 5 Helpfuls badge.
    You received 5 Helpfuls. We like that.
    20 Jan
  • UPSKingpin earned the Elder Scrolls badge.
    Have participated in Elder Scrolls-related discussions on Icrontic
    Sep 2013
  • GnomeQueen
    I hate you, I am second this month on the leaderboard only to you and there's no chance of catching up! DICKS!
    Jul 2013
    • Teramona
      That's what Ryan Meray thought last month... But I beat him anyway. There's always hope, Jackie.
    • GnomeQueen
      I already requested a bunch of new badges and I'm still hopelessly behind. MUST SAY MORE AWESOME THINGS
  • BobbyDigi

    UPSKingpin earned the Earn All The Badges badge
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the 5 LOLs badge.
    You received 5 LOLs. What a hoot.
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Wine Snob badge.
    A complex palate with an avocado-like tang and a smoky, lobster bisque finish...
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Civilized badge.
    Have played an organized game of Civ with Icrontians
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Combo Breaker badge.
    Earned badges for 5 different things in one day (now you can say it was 6!).
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Icrontic 4 Life badge.
    Bought Icrontic swag. Thanks for your support!
    Jul 2013
  • You have shared your expertise of "the higher spirits" with the community, or had some boozin' with Keebs or Prime.
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Icrontagion badge.
    Have infected the Icrontic community with an awesome game.
    Jul 2013
  • The person the whole family calls for computer help! or: yes, you can trust the advice coming from this person
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Windows Expert badge.
    And no, being able to install it doesn't count.
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Terraria badge.
    Have played Terraria with other Icrontians
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Big Beef DJ badge.
    Have DJed in the Icrontic Turntable FM room
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the GOTTA GO FAST badge.
    Have played Tribes with another Icrontian
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the League of Legends badge.
    Have played League of Legends with other Icrontians
    Jul 2013
  • UPSKingpin earned the Watch Nerd badge.
    You are a watch nerd. Nerd.
    Jul 2013