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  • My teleco installed fiber to the home in our community, but alas they only offer a max of 1.5mbs. I have 1mbs and it costs me $50. Gotta love rural America.
  • I like handbrake myself. Easy to use.
  • Move to Montana. We have cheap utilities. I have a 3400 sqft home and the highest utility bill we've had is $240. That was during a -30F cold spell. We have gas heat and keep it around 68F when we're home. Our average bill is probably $175.
  • I've been thinking about doing that, but I don't think I could come even close to that quality. I don't think my wife would let me spend $1200 on it either.
  • This time of year: skiing, woodworking and more skiing. Summer: backpacking, boating, fishing
  • Thanks, but it kinda sucked. I caught a nasty cold and spent all day in bed. It was the first weekend I haven't gone skiing all season.
  • Price is probably the biggest reason.
    in Wii or PS3 Comment by Madball Jan 2009
  • Ok, I'll agree that sales lag behind LCD's, but how can you say they are more expensive? They aren't. Go to almost any AV forum and ask which is better and I guarantee the vast majority of answers will be for plasma.
    in New TV Help Comment by Madball Jan 2009
  • Thrax wrote: Plasma is a dying standard that offers deeper black levels than LCD. It's more expensive than LCD, more expensive to produce, and requires a multi-hundred dollar recharge service every 3-5 years. I think you need to check your …
    in New TV Help Comment by Madball Jan 2009
  • airbornflght wrote: I thought the hard disk camcorders would store the raw stream at the expense of storage time. Is that not so? I think some can, but most don't. I have a Canon HG10, which has a hdd. It can only record in AVC format. …
  • http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BX4R03SL
  • sunrise
  • RyderOCZ wrote: If you can scan it bigger, but file size is issue.. we can always get you space to upload bigger files. If you have a place for me to upload it, I have the original scan. It's about 30mb.
  • Go here to get the photo. Not original size, but as high as they'll let me upload. Show me what you guys can do!
  • how large of file can I post? It's high res and about 7mb. He want's a print around 8X10.
  • Sorry - off topic, but... Your website says you use conversion varnish for topcoats. That's not a DIY product. It must be properly catalyzed and sprayed. It is good stuff though. I use it in my shop when I need an ultra durable topcoat. Fo…
  • I like Onkyo. I love my 605. That being said I also like Denon, and Amazon has the AVR-1908 for a great price right now. Almost too good to be true. If you've ever used the Audyssey features that Denon and Onkyo have, you won't know how you liv…
  • I worked with a guy that had his removed and his jaw swelled up huge on one side. Like baseball sized. He just assumed it was swelling from the surgery, but it didn't go away. After about a week he went back to get it checked out. They did some …
  • I'm an early filer. I got my return in Feb. I always get a return so I like to get my return over and done with asap. I used to fill out the 1040 forms, but now TurboTax takes all the pain out of it. I don't know why any average Joe would pay so…
  • Gosh, I don't know how I got through high school with out a cell phone. Kids these days don't know how easy they have it. They banned cell phone at the local high school here, mostly over camera phones and locker room incidents.
  • I have a LG dual format player, which plays both Blu-ray and HDDVD and I honestly can't see any difference between the two formats. HDDVD's menus and features a little nicer, but I'm not a special feature guy. I just want to see the movie. Pictur…
  • I went 1080p for Xmas, but just got it installed a couple weeks ago. I still have to add my media PC and a back to the cabinet.
  • I can't really recomend a good monitor because I don't love the one I have, but I can recomend a place to get your monitor mount. I build a lot of office furniture and entertainment centers for customers. And I always get my mounts from Lee Vall…
  • What kind of wood? Usually a dense wood like Teak is preferable to outdoor furniture. It doesn't absorb moisture as easily as most woods. I've used it with very good luck. I oiled it with several coats of teak oil, allowing to dry 24 hours betwe…
  • Having installed and maintained many pocket doors myself, I wouldn't dream of installing them everywhere in my house. Like Keebler said, there's too many things to go wrong. Pocket doors do have their place and purpose, though. In the house we're…
  • I used to frequent Alberta when I was in high school. But I swear it had nothing to do with the lower drinking age Labatt Blue was a favorite of mine.
    in A simple man Comment by Madball Sep 2007
  • What I don't like about Vista is its poor wireless performance. The connection is frequenly dropped and slower than other computers on my wireless lan. Its very annoying, especially when that's about all I use my laptop for. Besides that, I hav…
  • I'll see if I can round up some more people.
  • Basic is very, well, basic. It is a very stripped down version of Vista. Microsoft's website list's the differences. It doesn't have the Aero interface, which does nothing for functionality, but looks cool. And I think networking is very limited…
  • I have Vista on my laptop. I haven't had a single problem with it. It's very stable and no software conflicts as of yet. I had to upgrade to 2gigs of ram though. And I turned off all the annoying user alerts that it throws at you for EVERYTHING …

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