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July 8, 1977
goin' postal


  • @Ryder said: @Chakori said: @Chakori said: I am really considering coming to the Epic this year! My wife is concerned that I am going to get slaughtered when/if I come out there and stay in th…
  • Switching to Mesmer
    in Hashtag Newmain Comment by fatcat 9 Jun
  • @primesuspect said: WHERE MAH GUILDIES AT @Swift @Lalaina @Plottie Impatient Kirkfranklin Tom @Ava_tresdin @Mytch Wade @fatcat @Sazbean @sazboom @Angaliki we'll be raiding that new raid cause raiding is srs bzns
  • yup, will get
    in Far Cry 5 Comment by fatcat 26 May
  • Finished Ghost Recon: Wildlands (enjoyed the squad banter and huge world) Finished Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (Jack the Ripper DLC was very good. Evie is bestest) Finished Mass Effect: Andromeda (Everyone bashed the shit out of this game, ignore …
  • I finished the game last night. Two thumbs up from this guy. As I thought back more on the Andromeda story, I decided it was unfair to compare it to ME2 and ME3 because two completely different teams did the games. What I mean by that is, ME2 bui…
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 2 Apr
  • 97 hours in on first play-through and still haven't finished the game. What a shitty game, consuming all my free time with fun shit to do. And the sad part is, that I'm already looking forward to my next play-through! Man, I expected some bashing…
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 1 Apr
  • @CB just wanted to update you. The more I play Andromeda, the more I am enjoying it. The story is a slow burn, and is finally gaining weight at about 10 hours in (maybe less, I'm exploring everything). I'm just now understanding how huge the game wi…
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 23 Mar
  • @CB said: I know it'll sound like heresy to @fatcat superfan but I'm seeing a lot of 'meh' opinions coming from people I usually trust the opinions of for games. I think I'll wait til this one's on sale. not a bad idea. it's a mixed bag …
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 22 Mar
  • @Zanthian said: hmm... https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/03/14/mass-effect-andromeda-review-opening-hours/ hmm... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-03-14-mass-effect-andromeda-gets-off-to-a-promising-start
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 15 Mar
  • @CB said: Neat! No non-humans, though. Basically yes. While the original trilogy took the Star Wars approach (the chosen one) it looks as if Andromeda is going more of a Star Trek similarity. Also a key note, when asked if this is the …
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 12 Mar
  • Regardless if you choose male or female, your twin doesn't instantly become obsolete and is part of the story. You can also customize the look of both twins, along with the father from the default.
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 12 Mar
  • also, memories
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 11 Mar
  • Bioware dropped the female trailer first this time around here:
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 11 Mar
  • Andromeda soon. Single and MP
  • so....while I am hyped for the game, I'm disappointed there wasn't original music in this trailer
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 10 Mar
  • I'm waiting for Nvidia's "we'll be talking Andromeda" session as well
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 5 Jan
  • some of us already knew this, but here it is: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/01/04/mass-effect-andromeda-release-date-announced
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat 4 Jan
  • Still need normal ToV clear but I'll be around all day to whack it
  • in Andromeda Comment by fatcat Dec 2016
  • wut is pve score? Cause either Rexxar is amazing or total shit
  • Swift in his ilvl858 melting face (all 3 fights)
  • http://www.gameinformer.com/p/andromeda.aspx
    in Andromeda Comment by fatcat Nov 2016
  • Side note: I haven't look at the most recent changelogs for Discord, but unless it has changed; to be able to use the push-to-talk option with the chat you will need the Discord app, as it won't work within your browser. https://discordapp.com/
  • I watched the first episode. While good, I think this time around I will wait until all of it is out and watch it more as a movie than episodic.
    in RWBY Volume 4 Comment by fatcat Oct 2016
  • went back to ICC and solo'd it to get this

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