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  • The computer started restarting for no reason and then it wouldn't restart at all. So I gave up and I whipped the disk with seagate tools and reinstalled windows. With the porn and the viruses I just wanted it all off my computer. It goes to Micr…
  • Ok I get it, put in type. Sorry I was a numb skull. Here it is. I can see someone has been on some bad sites. I am not the only one to use this computer. I hope I can get rid of them. Again thanks for the help so far. xjupiter.…
  • I did it again typing it in and it keeps saying the same thing. I tried it several times. I don't think I am doing anything wrong. If I leave a space at the beginning it says it doesn't recognize the command or invalid command. Microsoft Windo…
  • This is what it came up with. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Keith>c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 'c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts' is not recognized …
  • Ok here are the results. Thanks again for the help so far. lMicrosoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Keith>ipconfig /all Windows IP Configuration Host Name . . . . .…
  • Ok I used the command prompt and copy and pasted the ping microsoft.com It said ping request could not find www.microsoft.com please check the name and try again. Did I do something wrong? I don't have any other computers running at this time …
  • I ran cc cleaner on the registry. I did the scan and repair . Still no joy. I have also cleaned out the history on IE and Firefox. I also restored IE to default everything. There was a line that said something about reg cure. Which is what allo…
  • Ok I downloaded that program today. I will put it on my computer and run it. I am out of the area and wont be able to do it until tomorrow night. Thanks for the help so far I will post back with the results.
  • Hi Ok I did that and it said I have successfully reset winsock. I restarted the computer and it still wont go to Microsoft update.
  • I always said I wont pay more than 100.00 for a cpu. I did pay 114.00 for my 170 though. I dont need to upgrade but this one is pretty tempting.
  • Does spyware blaster do scans and removal? I have tried to get this guy off of aol but that is all he knows and he is resistant to change. Aol is what caused problems with spybot search and destroy.
  • I had that problem with my speakers it ended up being my cell phone causing it. Intermittently clicking from the speakers no rhyme or reason. The speakers were not magnetically shielded speakers. I got magnetically shielded speakers and no more…
  • Ok I will just try the winamp download. Thanks again.
  • Ok Thanks for the replys. I see winamp is windows media player 5.5. The one I am using is 7.0. I wonder if that plug in would work with medial player 7.0. I guess I will try it and if it dose not work I will download the 5.5 version
  • Go dual core. I dont see how anyone with a single core 939 can resist with the prices of them so low. I went with a opty 170. This rig will be good for years to come.Unless I give in to the urge to upgrade.
  • I did that on my first computer. I didnt know any better. I ran it like that for about a year and a half. Never had any problems with viruses or anything. Now I have a user account with administrator privileges.
  • I don't like that. Another reason to not get vista.
  • But no comment on the heatsink pulling up the processor? Before you pull up on the Heat sinc rotate it to break loose the compound.
  • Wow that is weird.. I wonder what the use for that is. Some one had to write the software program for that.
  • This is the one I have a problem with because I like to leave my computer on 24/7. And I don't let anything power down or anything because I dont like the lag when I go to use it. There was some study done recenty that said heat didnt cause hard dr…
  • Generally intake low exhaust high. I would say you are ok but the upper side fan would probably be better as an intake. A blow hole and cut out the fan grilles would be some other cooling things you could do that would help. Check out this a…
  • Seagate-- Great warranty ---I have a 7200.7 in my socket A computer-dosent make any noise -- and a 7200.9 in my 939 computer-I can hear it seeking sometimes. I plan on sticking with seagate but I see western digital as a close second.---Maxtor--I h…
  • I did it by puting the old hard drive in the new computer and doing it the way RyderOCZ said. It was real easy and put all of the files in at once it only took less than a minute to do it. Thanks RyderOCZ and short media for the great help.
  • OK I should be able to do that. I have the cable that connects two computers together. Thanks for the info. That is all I have to do to get the new computer ready to be the main computer. A64 SD3700 A8N-E
  • I have had good luck with asus. For my new computer I wanted to go DFI but I ended up with a A8N-E. This computer in this sig has been totally stable with the A7N8X. Over a year on this windows install and it hasent slowed down or goten glitchey.
  • Nevermind....It was avast causing the problem. I had just downloaded it before I did sygate. There is am option for updates ---one for dialup and another for cable or somthing. None were checked and I checked the one for dial up and no more proble…
  • Remember I have a Tripp Lite Line Stabilizer / Conditioner LC 1800 already. I will probally get one of the 30.00-to 40.00 dollar surge supressor with the phone line/modem pretection. Is there somthing that just protects the phone line though thats…
  • Would this be a good one? Or what would you reccommend? http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102621&cp=2032056.2032151&pg=3&allCount=145&fbn=Type%2FSurge+protector&f=PAD%2FProduct+Type%2FSurge+protector&…
  • It is dialup with a phone line.
  • I had that problem with myl desktop pc and it was my cell phone. I dont know if that would do that on your laptop though.

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