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MiracleManS Icrontian


Chambersburg, PA
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January 16, 1985
Chambersburg, PA
I work at a PA State University.
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  • I play almost every night. The game is growing on me more and more. Most games are less than 15min and an organized group can make a big difference. I'll probably play tonight if anyone is interested in joining in!
  • Played with @Ilriyas and his brother last night and had a blast. Outside of one game where we got totally trounced it was relatively clean. Can't wait to play again.
  • @RahnalH102 said: I got to play in the alpha and it was pretty fun at the time (about a year and a half ago I think). I'm interested in seeing how it's changed since and improved since then. I wasn't in the alpha, but its definitely the m…
  • Just had a few folks donate from work where I posted in our Slack. Go Go!
  • @Soda said: @MiracleManS said: I played my first competitive game. No one wanted to play Reinhardt. I played Reinhardt. We proceeded to win because the other team didn't have him I mean, Orisa is good...but I got the f…
    in Overwatch Comment by MiracleManS 7 Jun
  • I played my first competitive game. No one wanted to play Reinhardt. I played Reinhardt. We proceeded to win because the other team didn't have him
    in Overwatch Comment by MiracleManS 7 Jun
  • @Linc said: @GnomeQueen said: If the person who owns the switch goes on a trip and takes the switch with them, everyone else in the house doesn't have a console to use? Isn't this how every console ever works? …
  • We found one in our local Target. Purchased immediately. I can't help but feel like Zelda and the form factor transitions alone have entirely changed the way I consume the games.
  • I'm sorry you had that experience @Zanthian. We should try and get a couple folks together to play. I'm actually digging the new stuff. It feels way less gated than it did before. LoL is now the worst as far as that goes for a new player.
  • Since I was 13. So about 19 years or so. I didn't get "serious" into it until I was in high school and running track/playing football. I took a pretty serious break after the kids were born. Its been about 3 years or so since I did anything even …
  • @RyanMM dude that is great stuff man!
  • Since we're going nuts and sharing things, today was a good day for me. I can 100% say the following: I've done 405lbs for Squat I've done 225lbs bench I've done 205lbs power clean I've done 485lbs dead lift (for a set of 5. I've not done m…
  • I'll be honest. I set this up a long time ago and set it to just run in the background. Glad it is helping out.
  • I could totally be in for this. I miss a bit of demon slaying in my life.
  • The fact that the 1976 version is even included in this poll makes me sad. It was a shade of the original.
  • There will likely be some recency bias here, but my favorite albums tend to be: Relationship of Command - At the Drive-In The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Lawrence Arms (the liner notes and story are fucking awesome and it includes tons of cul…
  • I'm resubbing + buying the expansion and was probably going to use my free boost on a Shaman. Depending on how things go I'd be interested.
  • The only reason we didn't rent was because we could get a mortgage + assumed maintenance on a house that was cheaper than renting. About the only time I can imagine its a good idea.
  • His point is interesting and he comments about 2 pairs that can be found for relatively cheap that he encourages folks to buy.
  • For my own fun, can you try in and out of incognito mode?