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  • I'd just try it again (maybe not seated correctly?)... I haven't heard of video cards being temperamental.
  • 4.38's I found to be good on my older Via PIII board. Going to the new Hyperion's stuffed it up quite a bit so I don't bother stuffing around with the new drivers now that my setup is stable. The earlier revisions (pre 4.35's) were trouble too.
  • In Austrailia, a hurricane is called a willy-willy. Errr... never heard that one Might be a northern states thing...
  • Something that I liked about the site was the updates of news (including bios updates, drivers, general tidbits of tech info). I didn't mind the OT stuff but that wasn't what I specifically was looking for when I came to Icrontic.
  • Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse (when they just start working for no reason). Good to see it's working tho
  • Whoa... how can they... move?
  • Originally posted by Aranyic hmm, I've never gotten one. Are you using windowblinds (or something like that, I think I remember hearing of issues with syntax errors and a skin/theme program) Not running any of those sort of things. Just IE6…
  • Yeah there are plenty of options. Some mobos come with 4 SATA connectors so you could hook up 4 HDD's to them (can only hook 1 device to each connector in SATA but as Trekky said, you'll also have the standard 2 IDE connectors as well for 4 more dev…
  • If you ever have problems with the latest nVidia drivers, a lot of people like the 30.82's to fall back on. So far the only game I've had any problems with is NWN:SoU but it looks pretty likely that it is a glitch introduced by a patch.
  • Nononono sorry I don't mean the core is 0.8V. Just the card is supplied 0.8V through the 8x AGP slot.
  • Yeap I'm sure. Someone asked a little while ago so I looked it up. 0.8V -> AGP 8x 1.5V -> AGP 4x Not sure about the rest but one of them is 3.3V... just can't remember how it goes. And with the transistor counts of vid cards nowadays I w…
  • Originally posted by Geeky1 Now, the guy in question isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (he's also convinced that a Radeon 9800 Pro draws 60a of power... nevermind the fact that most PSes couldn't handle it if it did, but I'll deal with that p…
  • Yeah that would be great. Not sure who'd be good to grab for that though.
  • Heh... good ol' tech support
    in Help Comment by Shivian Aug 2003
  • Mobo faqs. Lots of them. It looks like Sudhian Media doesn't actively maintain Paul's old faqs all that much from when I last checked (just the odd bios mod update here or there), so I'd be keen on seeing something a little more active in that area.
  • Get him to ring his ISP and get them to block incoming port 80? If not block it on firewall?
    in Help Comment by Shivian Aug 2003
  • I ran a 3DMark2001 test run with the executive paging tweak and the scores/framerates etc were practically identical. Thinking about it, I wouldn't expect it to benefit 3DMark. I'll run some Sandra benchies later
  • lol...um ok danball... I'll post what changes I find on my rig when I get time to test it.
  • I run more hardware than that at and at peak it takes about 220-240W (via power consumption readings from my UPS). AMD recommends a min 300W PSU too. But I agree that the quality of the PSU is a big factor.
  • LOL... damnit I had hope for a second there Tex!
    in Welfare Comment by Shivian Jul 2003
  • 320W is plenty for his rig... unless the PSU is dodgy then it isn't the problem.
  • Ahh ok thanks (wasn't sure how much of the install cd you needed)
    in Win 98 SE Comment by Shivian Jul 2003
  • How do you install from HDD? Bootdisk and have the whole cd copied on HDD? (I've generally used a bootable CD)
    in Win 98 SE Comment by Shivian Jul 2003
  • Your drive firmware may not support say 80min cds? When you say you've tried burning anything, have you tried burning say 10MB of stuff (to a RW just so you don't waste a cd)?
  • I'm still waiting on a "do it" key
  • Originally posted by stoopid ...might I suggest finding a copy of XP Pro on eBay. XP Pro runs unbearably slow on older rigs... (sure statement of the obvious but I'm just saying it ain't worth it).
    in Win 98 SE Comment by Shivian Jul 2003
  • Gotta love blondes
  • Tried it in another rig?
  • Just sounds like the hardware is broken. CD drives in my experience are pretty unreliable compared to most other parts.
  • Well if you set one to use ICS it will be assigned the ip on your local network. On the other computer, tell it to use the gateway and that should do the trick.

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