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March 16, 1982
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  • @Linc said: Chrome has decided to complain loudly about this issue after a recent update. Not much I can do about that; it's a browser-level design choice, and I agree with little that Chrome does these days. At least Firefox lets users a…
  • Arrive Tue 19th at 1:42 PM, AA 3421 Depart Mon 25th at 2:09 PM, AA 3421 Will probably rent a car, staying at Chateau Tushon.
  • All these folks with Mewtwo, and I'm just sitting here with my regular Mew. I guess I've only recently started trying to raid things I can't solo, though, so I probably won't get an invite for awhile.
    in Pokemon GO Comment by Gargoyle 8 May
  • This is the first time I've opened this thread, but for good reason. I call it, "Stupid, Sexy Lincoln" https://twitter.com/malgorzatar/status/992031977787273216
  • I was working on getting my first Gyarados when double candy was dropping, and then I didn't bother to switch my buddy out afterwards. Could always use another. Plus, Magikarp is best buddy.
  • It's interesting, but it soon becomes too many dimensions for me to thoroughly evaluate. First, what does personality mean? Is it the same as someone's essence, or central goal? And is it about motivations or actions? Are those essential, or is i…
  • Just missed it. I'll remember next time.
  • @Linc said: One person is Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon. He was also 1/2 of Pomplamoose back in the day, which is part of where he got the idea for Patreon. whaaaaaaat I did not know that.
  • I kept seeing that the events weren't on there, remembered that Prime gave me access to add them, thought "I'll add them when I get home," and then kept forgetting. Oops.
  • Ahhh maaaan Since I don't know anyone around here that plays, I hardly every raid unless I solo a Magikarp. On the way to work today, there was a Rayquaza raid I gambled on, and it turned out there was already a dozen people in the lobby, so I ta…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by Gargoyle 14 Mar
  • Woo, finally made it! I haven't been able to fold with my home computers due to heat in the small room they're in, so it's taken me a while to hit this milestone. I've been relying on the web client on my work computer lately. Hopefully one day …
  • I can't make it this year. Pullin' a Bobby 2017.
  • I've only been in Europe for two days, but the trip is basically complete now. @BobbyDigi said: Next Pokemon Go Community day is February 24th https://pokemongolive.com/events/community-day/ Dratini!!!! Holy Dragonites! if…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by Gargoyle 26 Feb
  • I really wish there was an 8-core version with graphics. I wanted two GPUs in my latest build so I could give VFIO a shot, and had to get a micro-ATX board to get a second slot. If there was a beefier CPU APU, I could have done it with mini-ITX and …
  • Well, after discovering you can no longer contact Steam for support, I stumble across this thread with people having similar issues. @PirateNinja if you could post on the game chat to tell them that I can't log in to take turn/surrender, I would …
  • Can anyone else log into GMR? It's telling me incorrect login, but it's not a problem with my login or password, since I can navigate Steam in the browser just fine. Feels more like GMR is messing up their side of the authorization.
  • I finally made it home a couple days late. I was supposed to leave on Wednesday, but that was canceled. On Thursday, they gave me a new flight, but connecting through Charlotte, NC. Surprise - I get stuck there overnight because they cancel my conne…
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle 5 Jan
  • in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle 2 Jan
  • Would you like to tag Nicole in this photo?
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle 2 Jan
  • Looks like they reverted. It's your turn @PirateNinja, in case you don't get a notification. I'm not sure I did when it reverted to me.
  • So comfy
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle Dec 2017
  • I'm bringing 2x ea. of Great Lakes Christmas Ale 2012, '13, '15, & '16. Assuming the TSA doesn't take their cut. @RyanMM, do you know of any place still selling the 2017? It would be nice to have fresh ones to compare to.
  • @Linc said: Reminder that we should consider cooking & eating in on New Years' Day given that most establishments will be closed. Happy to help with cooking. And eating, obs. @Linc said: Brian is working. Aaron's car battery …
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle Dec 2017
  • Someone asked about reverting turns. That's fine with me if whoever holds it reverts, but fixing the AI's goofs won't change anything for us. I do find it darkly humorous that the AI firmly believes we should have made peace a long time ago.
  • Is anyone available to pick up a Gargoyle around 10:45 AM tomorrow (Friday)?
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle Dec 2017
  • And then there were two.
  • I keep checking their site, and they're always sold out of stouts and barleywines. Icrontic sez: "hey they've got more stuff" Gargoyle checks All gone. I'm considering getting an Eisbock, though.
  • Potluck beer tasting? I can bring a Great Lakes Christmas Ale vertical. I have at least three years, I think 2013-2015 or 16.
  • Oh hey can I join? Landing Friday the 29th at 10:35 AM on AA 4548 Departing Wednesday the 3rd at 6:35 PM on AA 3443 Attic space please.
    in ICNY 2017 Comment by Gargoyle Dec 2017

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