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  • I'm planning to bring Machine of Death and Pint Craft, so I can add those to the official set if desired. Those would be great for new boardgames night (assuming I arrive in time), since hardly anybody has played them.
  • Anybody need a roommate at a hotel or airbnb for Epic? I'm ok with the IC attic, but air conditioning would be extra fancy.
  • Am I last? Thought about holding out for the last minute, but too risky.
  • Dickbots down! Congrats everybody! You can also see the start of some sweet artifacting in my screenshot as my GPUs are evidently mourning the dickbots.
  • I'm a maybe. If I'm in, I'll bring my bike. I just don't want to miss the distillery tour. In & bringing bike
  • It's a pirate shanty kind of day. Now I kind of want to play AC4.
  • Thanks for reminding me to get one before they sold out! Best use of Ð56k ever.
  • Idea: My Town Showdown - Blind Taste Test Is there a distillery in your hometown that's as good as Two James? A brewery as good as Kuhnhenn's? Bring it, and we'll have a blind taste test and see how your fair city's finest holds up to the rest.…
  • @Basil said: Same setup, one leveI harder AI and half the city states? Different map, though.
  • Not much longer now!
  • @Basil can you take care of the sub near Izumo? I'm afraid my carrier is about to get ganked. I totes shouldn't have landed my tank yet. My bombers are hitting Izumo for half of what it predicts every time. Laaaame.
  • Liars - Mess on a Mission also Hot Chip - Dark and Stormy
  • Late to thread, but you're still 40, so Happy birthday, Q!
  • Wasn't working for me this morning when I tried to play my GMR turn, but I'm not sure if it was me or them.
  • Made it home about 30 minutes ago. Thanks again to Aaron for the ride to the station this morning! Miss you guys already. Beer doesn't taste as sweet in Illinois.
  • Can somebody stay sober enough to pick me up at 12:18am tonight at the Amtrak station? PM me a cell number and I'll text you updates if the train is delayed.
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 21 Mar
  • @Lincoln do I need to pack a sleeping bag or pad? Arriving 12AM Sat, so a couple more sleeping spots will be gone by then. Edit: Welp, turns out I don't really have room for a sleeping bag, so I hope not.
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 21 Mar
  • Search isn't working for me at all right now.
  • Kagoshima down! I am Garg, destroyer of Dickbots. Who's next? @Basil‌, if you could buy a Carrier and send it over to my one hex of ocean to gift it to me, I can pay you for it. Now that most of the action is far away from Beijing, I could be of…
  • @Annes said: Just compiled an attendance list. This event is going to be downright intimate. Oh. I guess I'd better bring my intimate attire.
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 18 Mar
  • I'm sure this works with paint, though:
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 14 Mar
  • I haven't used Cryptsy, but don't plan to after hearing about the possible shadyness (that admittedly I don't fully understand). The one time I bought Doge, I first bought BTC on Coinbase, transferred it to Vault of Satoshi, sold it back to USD, and…
  • @Thrax said: Now mining dogecoins at a stable 730kH/s. [...] After flashing a modified BIOS that puts them in line with the equivalent chips from Elpida, I jumped from 480 to over 700 reliably. Such wow! That's a whole 'nother world compa…
  • I'm gonna build so many moai.
  • @CB said: In Civ V, apparently, it only enables them once you also have Nuclear Fission tech, which is not, for some reason, required for building the Manhattan Project, You only need Atomic Theory for that. In order to get Nulclear Fission, I n…
  • @Lincoln said: You folks leaving on the 23rd are either going to be missing a very good Marche or wishing you'd spent the night afterward. ;D It's a drinkin' event. I realized this just in time and switched my vacation from Thu/Fri to Fri/M…
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 11 Mar
  • I played one more turn after everybody resigned. The AI was hilarious. Russia offered all 3300+ gold for peace, and Aztec actually started using planes (although my notifications of who and what damaged my units were always either vague or missing, …
  • I keep mis-attributing features of previous Civ games to Civ V. I don't remember which ones they were, but you used to be able to build air bases, and put allied units on carriers. That'd give a lot more flexibility for air units. But then I would…
  • @PirateNinja said: In :) Thanks CB, I'm excited to see what Civ the rand() Gods appoint to me. NSA compromised it. Everybody gets America, now.
  • Thanks Ardi! Making backups to a new HD now. I think I'll start keeping a copy out on the network, in case the new one dies, too.
  • If anyone wants to answer the above, feel free, but I've got an alternative figured out now. I'm going to borrow another external drive from IT to make a fresh backup, bid farewell to the old backups, and try to RMA this thing.
  • Thanks guys! I'd like to try using ddrescue, but the external drive is bigger than any internal drive partitions. Do you know if there's a way to get it to write a file smaller than the drive size? From my searches so far, it looks like no, since …
  • I noticed that this old one from you doesn't have your byline. If other old articles are missing authors, that could be a factor in making the search fruitless.
  • @Lincoln: what's up with that second block that's keeping it from being formatted as code?
  • Taking Westport ended up being not such a great idea. The manufacturing was indeed impressive, but there were two issues that kept me from benefiting from it until the very end. One was that it was in resistance forever. 14 turns I think. Then I was…
  • GG everyone. Having joined so late, I had no idea of the history of the game or what most of the map looked like. I've never seen the new world (or knew there was one until late game), but hopefully I'll get a glimpse of it from spaaaaaace. It was…
  • I was confused. And then I learned how to Google. New search is great! My standard index for that is how easily I can find ye olde Icrontic Web Garage.
  • Sorry I'm late. If there's still room @GHoosdum, I'm in!
  • Neat! We can still use a few permitted HTML tags though, right? Every once in a while I'll go through the unreasonable effort of putting in a table, or specifying the dimensions of an image.
  • I had to cancel, very sorry. Too much going on with all of the things. :( Dang. Will have to save Civ victory space-beers until Expo. Sorry, I am out for this one folks. I will be out of town. =( Also dang. :(
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 8 Mar
  • It's funny because the sort of off-the-cuff, silly way its used is likely to be the catalyst. People are actually using it and not hording it. For real. I've ordered Japanese Kit-Kats with it, donated to charities, and tipped Redditors with it. Mi…
  • I'll read through the other 120 posts later, but is anybody else mining Dogecoin? The community for Dogecoin is the best. Such wow. Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator Is Said to Be Identified It's pretty shitty the way reporters have been swarming a law-…
  • Ugh. 40 minutes on the phone later it's all booked with the Internet sale price and everything. Friday 3/21 390 SALUKI CHAMPAIGN-URBANA -> CHICAGO 10:14 AM -> 1:00 PM 354 WOLVERINE CHICAGO -> DETROIT 6:00 PM -> Arriving in Detroit 12:18…
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 7 Mar
  • I'm trying to buy train tickets, but Amtrak's site took a dump right when I got my vacation approved this afternoon. Assuming that the cheaper fares are still available, I should be getting in around midnight Saturday morning, and leaving around 6am…
    in ICSP 2014 Comment by Gargoyle 6 Mar
  • Victory against the Nagoya orangemen! Here's a screenshot of the old world (best world)(sorry PirateNinja) as I see it. I can send 2 artillery and an infantry across the Mediterranean to pound on Satsuma. My remaining two artillery and a bomber w…