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March 16, 1982
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  • Leaving Chambana now, be there around 5!
  • My inner transportation planner is so excited. Can't wait to give this a try during Epic!
  • @Karma said: Ncase best case Here's a video review. Looks good, and while it's not cheap, it's competitive with the higher-end Lian Li cases (and Lian Li is the OEM).
  • @GHoosdum said: I can hit the infantry on my turn, but I doubt I can take out their battleships. I didn't realize they had the range upgrade, but that explains how they managed to take out all of my artillery without me being able to inflict even…
  • Damn, those jerkwad battleships have the upgrade for 4 range. Picked off both my artillery. @GHoosdum unfortunately I left the Korean GWInfantry with like one point of health, so I think you'll have to finish it off before it pillages.
  • @PirateNinja said: I guess I could also destroy my bomber and send the oil it frees up to Gargoyle? Nah, probably not worth it. I might blow up my own because its range is so short it's unlikely to hit anything. I don't have any screen…
  • @Cliff_Forster said: Another thing I could think of looking at that case and motherboard combo. If you go with a sound card, your side window may look a little cluttered with the sound card cutting off your graphics. May or may not matter to you.…
  • Welcome to the team! What kind of GPU are you folding with? Your production isn't bad at all, and every WU folded is important! Once you show up in a stats refresh, you'll be on the team stats here. You'll be out-producing 8 or 9 other people on …
  • My onboard audio has been good most of the time, but I've definitely had some janky boards. The Raspberry PI has terrible onboard audio, but that's not a fair comparison. But I ended up getting one of these, anyway. It's good for headphones, as a…
  • @Thrax said: Testing Opteron Folding: Prime: "Let's see how fast it folds." Launches the 3.25 client and begins entering 'Primesuspect' into the user name field Thrax: "Set it under its own name so we can see how many points it does in 3…
  • * If you want to sync a folder to another device, create an empty folder on the destination device and back it up. Then select the backup folder on the target device and sync it to the empty folder you just created. I normally would use "…
  • @primesuspect said: Got my Swiftech in today; spent the evening re-building my system. Temps dropped from 55c idle to 37c idle and now I'm running F@H and topping out at 59c. Nice! I've been looking at kits to get back into water cooling …
  • @AlexDeGruven said: An SMT core is not a core. A lot of workloads are ok with waiting for different sides of the SMT boundary, but others behave badly, as you have now seen. In my experience SMT has yielded pretty good performance for Fol…
  • Unrelated to crashes, but I've also heard that the Windows kernel hasn't been updated to keep threads from bouncing between the core modules (groups of 4 cores), and when it does, performance should improve.
  • Saw a post on Reddit saying basically the same as you, Cliff. I guess what's left is interpretation. To me, that's not enough of a difference to justify the price, but it's also not totally extravagant, so I'd hardly fault someone for getting an 180…
  • This one looks interesting. Where's our oil being spent? I see 11 resources, but only 5 planes. Did I miss a carrier somewhere?
  • Congrats guys! @GnomeQueen said: Hmmm... so Linron? Aarlin? Ronlinc? Roncoln? How about Aarcon. Pronounced air-con, or just A/C
    in Got engaged Comment by Gargoyle 28 Feb
  • @Karma said: EDIT: For actual advice. Maybe a Lian-Li something like this http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-q19/ Ooo, that's nice. I have a PC-A05FN, and I wouldn't mind another Lian-Li when I downsize to micro-ATX. The build qual…
  • I go to post "We require more vespene gas helium" But my mine is depleted
  • @Cliff_Forster said: I know the Fractal stuff is all built amazing. I like the look of many of their designs, but unfortunately the mATX tower I bought was a disappointment (hard drives don't fit properly with cables attached, 2/3 fans d…
  • The gaudy printing? It's got the cheaper chipset, but I don't recall the differences other than the audio codec. It does have VRM heatsinks, which will help with OCing.
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Gargoyle 27 Feb
  • I'm thinking about getting a 1600X or 1500. The 1600X is a 95W part, and the 1500 is 65W. If I don't OC the 1600X, would it actually use much more power than the 1500? Would it likely get close to the 95W rating? My main interest is switching to…
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Gargoyle 25 Feb
  • Pfft. Emulate while you wait for it to be in stock. Life is short, and waiting on the Nintendo-blessed gray box is time spent not playing Mega Man 2. If our dystopian future is now and prosecutors want to raid houses for DMCA violations, well, we've…
  • Just needed 6 more pins...
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Gargoyle 23 Feb
  • Dang, everybody was on top of the avatar situation, but nobody made the important fix: @Sonorous said: I'm sure someone will rise to the occasion and solve the mystery. Kneadless to say, it's hilarious dough.
  • @Linc said: @Ryder said: Why did @Linc 's avatar change only in the forum posts? ...what? You only have the tildemouth avatar in the non-mobile view:
  • @Thrax said: @Gargoyle said: I'm mad I forgot to buy AMD stock when it was like $3. AyyMD. If only Ryzen didn't have a PSP, I would be soooo happy. By this do you mean platform security processor, or am I mi…
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Gargoyle 23 Feb
  • I'm mad I forgot to buy AMD stock when it was like $3. AyyMD. If only Ryzen didn't have a PSP, I would be soooo happy.
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Gargoyle 22 Feb
  • @GHoosdum said: Looks like @Basil resigned. We'll miss you, my friend. @Gargoyle still interested? If so I can send an invite. Sure, I need another game now that Iniquitous Impulses is done.
  • @GHoosdum said: I started with infrastructure building before military, maybe that was dumb? I don't know about anyone else though. You're right though, we do need to start cleaning up these Dickbots. Not just you, we all got comfy. We're…