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  • I think you may still have a driver issue- have you installed the latest ones? linky Be sure to use the OS correct version.
    in smc + vista Comment by Oriane Oct 2007
  • Kwitko wrote: In spite of the firewall, virus scanner, and proxy server we have in place here at the office, my users will find a way to get it and run it. >sigh< Jump drives are turning out to be an Achilles heel.
  • As a third party looking in, I can see no folding banners etc. like I'm used too. For exmaple: Keebler I can only see this on your signature: -Matt Russell Developer, Editor Thrax- I can only see the first 2 lines: #Icrontic Real ... …
  • IndigoRed wrote: , if I partition my backup drive with the install disk, what does it do with the data already on there. ??? I think to replace a partition, Windows install must first delete the old partition and does not save the data. Bu…
  • OK- it sounds like a proprietary BIOS. I don’t know a lot about those but, you should still be able to check the system battery by checking the date and time in the BIOS. If it looks weird, the battery may be bad. You can check by putting in the …
  • It sounds like a pretty old motherboard- maybe the BIOS is getting reset. System battery dying? Check your settings.
  • I highly doubt that FAH is directly causing this issue- but you might try the mouse driver (uninstall/reinstall- possibly go to the manufacturer for theirs). Have you also possibly tried another mouse? Also try this Reference
  • Yes, I saw this video too. Among the other things already mentioned, you can imagine the impact it will have in the medical field.
    in Surface Comment by Oriane Jun 2007
  • djshowdown wrote: i wish i understood everything in this thread you guys must be on some serious salaries! I can't speak for everyone else- but I can tell you that I have to take every dollar of mine seriously-
  • Black Hawk wrote: Would you say it's worth waiting for those chips instead of upgrading to Core 2 Duo (currently have AM2 setup)? If you are willing to pay for it- probably. Personally, if I had the money, I'd wait a couple of more weeks …
  • danball1976 wrote: No, I'm just running one instance of the client. Then it is running properly like Leo said. If you run only one instance on a dual-core machine, only one core of resource is assigned. If you are using a Windows OS, by d…
  • I'm curious as to what you are going to do about your Folding@Home team name?
  • 2 pairs of memory. Both 2x1GB OCZ Platinums. First pair failed Memtest after about 3 months. The second they sent to replace them with had one board fail to even POST.
  • Technocrat- Are you allowed to build it yourself? Have you considered Clovertown X53xx series or are they too pricey? If you build it yourself, I'm pretty sure these would be a better bang+fold for your dollar.
  • ed, I don’t know if it’s related, but I can tell you what I’ve seen a lot of. Every time I start-up my PC, FAH is launched and set to run at 100% using advanced methods and has access to all memory (2GB). FAH runs best right after I do so. H…
  • Yes. And there are (were?) more down for maintenance . They should be back on-line very soon. I still have quite a backlog built up. I think edcentric's news is hopeful.
  • Yes, it is an improvement and yes, it is still better fold-for-the-dollar than most any other path I can think of. I think the upsides are evident: The PS3 has made an undeniable impact on the project. A 2-to-1+ jump in folding capability in …
  • I think you may be verifying this number: Stanford Folding@Home wrote: It seems that the PS3 is more than 10X powerful as an average PC. Why doesn't it get 10X PPD as well? We balance the points based on both speed and the flexibility of the…
  • Moved post to appropriate thread
  • First off, this almost makes me sorry for suggesting posting there. I certainly did not intend for you to be bushwhacked and I honestly thought that the issues and timing involved might have been related. But I also can’t think of a better place…
  • Well done, Gargoyle- this article just about covers what’s out there. The 23rd date I had also read- it is the European release date- but no one would explicitly tie the two together. Set aside the gaming aspect of the PS3 for a moment. The P…
  • Sony Computer Entertainment has also released a little more information concerning the Folding@Home client: About Folding@home .pdf release While a little more informative than previous announcements, the client is still not released and a…
  • I think you are not alone and there are some other funny, possibly related, things going on. I would keep my eye on this thread. You may even want to post for your team. I have a suspicion as to what has happened- but I'll let Vijay respond to …
  • While I can’t help how Dell models their business, it doesn’t mean that an optional OS can’t be done and put into a business model. I just kind of like the idea of an optional OS and think that it is both doable and reasonable. Hardware gener…
  • BlueDragon wrote: In the midst of everyone else's farm shutting down my little garden that was really starting to bloom is being distroyed by a major hurricane name system restore:eek3: . by the evil school board while i am haplessly locked out d…
  • I think we may be more ready for machines without an OS. With the waters muddied by Vista, perhaps vendors may make the OS and their various flavors and editions optional or selectable with “none” being an option with a commensurate discount. I kn…
  • Using Vista Ultimate Edition with AMD X2 4400+ OC'd to 2.6GHz 2x1GB Kingston DDR 500 WD 250GB/16MB cache ATI X1950PRO 256MB
  • FAH can also be greedy and stingy about memory. I don’t know a lot about video and audio editing, but I am quite familiar with how much resource it can consume. Think about it if there may still be complaints and issues.
  • Actually, I’ll be interested in seeing what the performance difference is between the Linux and PS3 clients. Unfortunately, we may have to wait until April before some decent comparisons can be made . Donation of a Bladecenter for Folding would…
  • You know that someone is going to think that the conduit-radiator is a handle to take the memory in and out with. Hopefully OCZ thought of that.

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