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  • Here is a comparison i made between 3466 cl14 and 3200 cl12 in the latest bios. cl12 @ 3200 was a lot faster with the previous bios. I just wish i had a better cpu with a better EC. This cpu refuses to do 3600 @Thrax , got any binned cpu's ar…
  • Cliff, there are very few occasions where ram works directly out of a XMP at 3200 or more. If you have a USB stick, can you take some screenshots of all memory subsettings in your bios?
  • Bit of a one step forward, two steps back with the first iteration of 1006 for Crosshair enthusiasts at least. Quite a bit higher memory throughput on the previous bios. It's quite obvious that higher memory frequency have been priority on this bios…
  • Have you produced a awhole linup now @Kwitko?
  • @Ryder Wow, has it been 11 years already. Man.
  • The game isn't even released yet. A "sale" might be a bit into the future :P
  • That was the one who got me into Ron Zacapa and rum generally actually. If you like the taste of that, you can't wait until you try the XO.
  • Totally understanded now that ram prices are what they are. I scored a "cheap" 3600 kit that i will recieve on friday. I ordered it when it was a lot cheaper so it isn't that bad.
  • 4 sticks will most probably not do 3200, at least not straight out of the box. Not yet anyway. Samsung B isn't available in 16GB sticks either. Playerunkown's Battleground was an eyeopener for me with Ryzen. Still not anywhere near proper balance…
  • Rum and a Cigar is like heaven for my part. When i am in Florida, me and the husband in the house are hanging in his bar watching either baseball or football.
  • Indeed that must be the case. Is this at auto vdimm voltage? What board? FAW seems to be vastky different. Sorry Prime for hijacking.
  • Do you mean theese Thrax? That's the same IC's as the Corsair 3000. They do not boot at 3200 stable on the Crosshair (not on my cpuat least). Not because of the IC's, but because of memory controller, bios and cpu. The difference between two 1700's …
  • Been testing RAM for a better part of 7 days 24/7 with a Ryzen 1700 and a Crosshair, the same board as Brian have. So far, Samsung B-Die based ram is second to none if you go 8GB per stick. They easily do 3200 @ 14-14-14-14 latency and 12-12-12-12 l…
  • This game is amazing and is the next e-sport game for shure.
  • Betsy, which cpu do you have in your current laptop? Chances are fairly big that the cpu in the surface is slower than what you have now. From what you describe, more cores that are substantionally slower will not make a laptop faster. Higher freque…
  • If cpu is that important, i would definitely get a 5820k system with a R9 380 4GB for $830. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bYPYjX
  • With the 390x i think i would agree(dont have it, only have the gtx 980) except for the fact that it draws about 50% more power in many games. The 390x will save you another $100.
  • Hey Pigflipper, A couple of questions: Is this rig for anything else than gaming? What resolution is your current screen and do you plan on adding another screen with more resolution anytime soon? Would buying used be an option? The only …
  • Your doing Mr. Hallock?
  • As one that have him on hc farm now and we always one-shot him unless ONE stays in a mine and explode it. There is no way to recover from that. Yes, you will see healers ( i am a healer) heal you up most of the time, but the mana drain doing so is t…
  • I have been following this whole debacle since it started. The whole thing actually made me start looking for a 290, but the strong $ have taken things to new heights here.
  • Adds on Imperator is just as important as the weapon om Garrosh. People doesn't die from it, it can be healed through most of the time, but it costs so much mana for the healers that when you REALLY need the mana in the last phase, there isn't any j…
  • @Celsh said: Hi I'm Celsh! If Brian doesn't I will! I need a minipet from raf. Edit: I also have the first couple expansion in a battle chest if you need them. The battlechest is $10 with 30 days, is that the same as…
  • For those of you that are interested in Hi-Fi quality oin the cheap might have a loot at theese: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERLUX-professional-stage-headphone-HD681-with-free-shipping-to-worldwide-/161186304620? Those phones are a hidden gem and m…
  • Not very hard to see what i am drinking mostly. I love this beer.
  • Then it defeats the whole purpose. I still haven't seen any benchmarks from it.
  • Thanks! Any tests available?

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