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  • Harudath wrote: I hear modding cases is really easy, YAD would be able to tell you about that. What do you mean by it won't work? Won't install? Installs but doesn't display anything? "This is not an Intel "CORE" Processor Architecture b…
  • Hmmm, Core Temp doesn't work for me. Also, The problem is that the front only have one slot available.
  • FelixDeSouze wrote: NOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ROTFL XD
  • That was really interesting
  • Repair using XP CD? will that thing erase my files? and i dont have anyother HDD lying around. and i dont have a UPS but i do have a Voltage regulator (is that enough?)
  • Ohh...Thanks for telling
    in Two CPU's? Comment by Yayo01 Jul 2006
  • maybe i'll just give up? since i know GF4 is crap....
  • What ever i do...i dont see the Heat Haze on my pc with the GF4card >_> even updated the drivers and stuff...on the GF2 (updated drivers and stuff) I can see the effects...yes it lags but i can see it.. "wonders"
  • Ok... Have you ever played C&C Generals ZeroHour Expansion pack of C&C Generals..? EA added a neat Heat Haze effects for ONE single unit...the Microwave tank....when i play it on my pc that has the "Tornado" Geforce MX 4000 128MB /64bit GFX …
  • Gargoyle wrote: This place has a whole bunch of used monster 120mm fans for sale, and many are 120V AC. If anyone is freaking insane, let me know, and I'll find out how much they want for them. Do they sell 80MM fans with four pin connect…
  • back, just removed the fan...seems my pc runs 'somewhat' cooler without the fan....i just sticked the fan on my "new" pc instead because the CPU reaches at a burning 55'C! anyway.....Thanks guys for the help
  • Vista sucks to the bone.....i will never buy the damn thing....ill stick with WinXP
  • Download Speed: 3.0 KB/sec transfer rate Upload Speed: 2.9 KB/sec transfer rate beat that >_>
  • ok just found out.....SanAndreas is running at high resolution >.< with no apparent reason....ok thnx guys got the thing to run smooth
    in hmmmm Comment by Yayo01 Jun 2006
  • Hmmm...i think my processor cant handle San Andreas.....i played it on a internet cafe on high (at 800*600 reso) and no lag.. I checked there pc for fun :P there GFX Card (IIRC) is same as mine and there memory is 256MB but the processor is a AMD…
    in hmmmm Comment by Yayo01 Jun 2006
  • curse that GeForce 4 >.< btw, Is there a new release of NVidia's Forceware? i have the v.77
    in hmmmm Comment by Yayo01 Jun 2006
  • heres what speedfan say: Win9x:NO 64Bit:NO GiveIO:YES SpeedFan:YES I/O properly initialized Linked ISA BUS at $0290 Linked VIA VT8235 SMBUS at $0500 Found nVidia GeForce2 MX / MX 400 Linked nVidiaI2C0 SMBUS at $3D403E3F Linked nVidiaI2C1…
  • heres my readings the one on the left is your reading.
  • maybe your right, seems Speedfan dont detect my CPU or Fans...hmmm
  • If im right, Speedfan is reading the CPU at 22'C (the Temp1) or...atleast i think its reading it.. Sorry, Just new too this Temp Reading thingy
  • Back, I've made my sidefan as an Intake and my Rear fan as a Exhaust fan... reading from Speedfan: HD0: 40C Temp1: 22C The Hardrive has risen 4'C (IIRC) and my whole CPU temp hadn't changed
  • Zuntar wrote: Cut out the "grid" blocking the fans just remember to get a fan grill so as to keep fingers intact. Ditto on what profdlp said, dust will come in no mater which way the fans blows.;) but my mom wont allow me to buy a "fan g…
  • profdlp wrote: The inside of your computer is going to get dusty anyway. The question is, do you want it to be dusty and hot, or dusty and somewhat cooler? Go with the configuration that gives you the coolest temps and just remember to clean it …
  • Zuntar wrote: You should try making your side fan blow in at the hardware(intake) and the new one blow out (exhaust). Any other fans in the case? What about bottom front? I have only Three fans. The "stock" motherboard fan,the sidefan and…
  • profdlp wrote: You might try seeing what the Belarc Advisor has to say about your MB. If you still have no luck with MBM5, see if SpeedFan works. Seems Speedfan doesnt detect my fans (hmmm maybe theres no sensor) and yeah "from…
  • neives wrote: Hello, I'm from Portugal and i'm a network administrator. I'm sorry about my bad english. I note in my company network that when i go to taskmgr in server (win2000 server) some services are in "caps lock", such as: CRSS.EXE, DLLHOS…
    in Services.exe Comment by Yayo01 Jun 2006
  • Ohh Thanks for the tip Btw..odd..the program u suggested gaved me a warning o_O it says my pc temp thingy dropped at 0"C Odd...
  • oh ic, btw how can i know what MoBo do i have? since the Program GHoosdum suggested needs the exact mobo..
  • Thanks for the Link Dont Know what is the brand of my MoBo tho, without the fan (like it used too) 1: The "side" fan blows cool and somewhat hot air out 2: Don't Know. 3: Don't Know.
  • meh, ill stick to the old "trusty" Windows XP Pro

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