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Riddick Icrontian


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  • None of this is seen; the OS drive for the laptop has a "lock icon" but nothing on the external drive - i guess will end up formatting drive and see
  • hi, wei yang checking in chanced upon this thread when regoogling the my userid and team for my new folding rig - an i7 6700! will return in to the shadows..
  • i did double check the connections and so did the guy at the shop when i took the mobo to RMA it. still had the reboot loop nonsense when running out of the case barebones. they figured it was sth wrong with the mobo and are sending it back. i re…
  • im pretty sure the BIOS settings didnt, but i tried messing around with AHPI RAID IDE settings, ram timings and taking out the battery for 10 mins + resetting to default settings to no avail no error shown before the restart occurs, it just goes …
  • ahh the homeland!
  • memtest86 is supposed to run as a loop continuously; it wont stop till you tell it to.
  • ah that is an omnious sign indeed meaning that your RAM modules are most likely faulty. if you are using 2 sticks of RAM, try running memtest86 again using only a single stick of RAM to try to rule out which is faulty. if you only use one stick(or b…
  • the reason why you cant post links on the forum is because you havent posted enough as a regular member. think its a protection feature against spammers. anyway, if the computer was left on with the internet without any firewalls it could be a vi…
  • ensure that your power supply is connected to a power socket or extension that isnt faulty.. the leak in current when you turn your computer off may lead to some cmos errors. try swapping power sockets etc
  • took me 4 years+ to get here and it feels great. thanks guys =)
  • yeah according to speedfan :S so far i havent experienced anything else, like i said once its in windows its alright already. yeah award bios version F11 dated jan 06
  • nope.. well ill just put what speedfan tells me anyway 3.3v and 12v rails are relatively constant at 3.31v and 11.90v respectively. 5v rail fluctuates alot 3-5v
  • congrats cel3ula! keep folding on!
  • hey there, congrats! =)
  • is there a posting beep when you turn your computer on? you can only revert back to original BIOS without replacing the BIOS chip if your motherboard has the dual BIOS backup function
  • thanks so much pterocarpous for the information. looking at some of the references, i think your hunch may be right. during startups the cam appears as an unknown device under USB controllers in device manager which according to your references are …
    in webcam woes Comment by Riddick Jan 2007
  • its directly connected to the computer. tried several (but not all) USB ports but still doesnt detect during startup
    in webcam woes Comment by Riddick Jan 2007
  • hey there, this problem is a reminiscent of mine which i had recently @ http://short-media.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47981 the summary of my quirky solution was that the power extension my comp was sharing with several other appliances eg speake…
  • hey, good job mate!
  • uhhm.. http://www.securitywatch.co.uk/forum-spam/yahoo-ifriends-mafia-spam-alert-190.html
  • congraatzzzz =)
  • ok problem solved it seems as if the power extension that the pc was connected to may have been overloaded.. after connecting the pc directly to the main socket, cmos checksum errors dissapear. hope this helps someone.
  • good news: virus is gone bad news: the cmos checksum error is reoccuring again.. my pc is reinstalled inside the casing with the new 430w psu (it has a 24pin connector to the mobo as well) what the heck is going on???? im sick and tired of removing…
  • argh!! after the reformat i installed the 6.86 chipset drivers, 6.8 catalyst drivers and the audio drivers (not consecutively, in seperate boots) things were working fine (music video) but strangely IE stopped working after a msdos program called d…
  • tried starting the computer this morning but got the same blank screen problem where the windows load screen should have appeared (chipset drivers already installed btw). tried resetting cmos, removing battery and disconnecting psu to no avail. also…
  • ok scratch that.. i just figured out somehow the BIOS mustve gotten scratched somehow.. a cmos reset after reinstalling the chipset drivers seems to have cured the problem.. argh to think that i went thru all of that nonsense.. will keep what hap…
  • ok guys im really in a rut here.. i installed a new psu and things seemed to be working fine.. the bios did not reset itself over the past few days (still running outside the box). the only odd thing was i realised that everytime it booted up it ke…
  • voltages 3.3V - 3.34V avg 5.0V - 4.05V avg 5.61 high 2.xx low 12.0V - 11.76V avg the 5v rail doesnt look too good.. strange today the cmos didnt reset after being off for a night.. still running out of the case.
  • well it says +5vsb is 2.5 A and +5v is 37A and rated 420w, though i doubt that its the power because while the system is running everything is completely fine i just ran the mobo out of the case for like 2 days.. the symptoms are not dissapearing…
  • okay sorry for the late reply.. ive checked the rails under the mobo bios but there are no exact values, it just says they are "ok" ive removed the mobo from the case and am running them with just the graphic card and hdd, will see how it goes

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