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  • He's Ashe's Ult
    in Overwatch Comment by BobbyDigi 7 Nov
  • Unfortunately not. It's a pool industry show and my company runs a tight schedule so I don't get free time or would be awesome to meet up
  • Oooo... That week of Halloween is bad for me. I'll be in Vegas most of the week for a trade show and probably can't take time off after that for a few weeks then we are getting to holidays. Welp. I'll step back with the "Post pics!" crowd.
  • I have interest. You got a date range in mind? I presume there is a schedule of when they would be training. Sounds pretty awesome. My stepfather worked on the F-22 and is now retired and likes to travel so I'll have to see if he and my mom would…
  • @Linc A couple questions.... Is there a way to check if we are on the list? I think I remember signing up but don't remember if I finished or got distracted and didn't. For those of us with multiple members in the same household, any pros or c…
  • @Kwitko said: Had to catch 5 electric-type Pokemon for a field research. Just realized that Plusle and Minun are plus and minus. mind_blown.gif When shiny Plusle and Minun came out, there were research tasks to Battle in a Gym (ie: sub…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 16 Aug
  • September Community Day is Chikorita, Sep 22, 2018 https://pokemongolive.com/events/community-day/ And a very credible source (Serebii) has posted future CD dates: October 21st 2018 November 10th 2018
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 14 Aug
  • @QCH said: nothing much to show from it Except... 110 eevee... 4 shiny Eevees... over 1,000 Eevee candies... 150,000 star dust Easy Level 40 Shiny Espeon! I am not sure I like charged attack "Last Resort" since it is a…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 13 Aug
  • @Gargoyle said: @BobbyDigi said: I only open them when I have room for eggs. This is what I don't understand, though. I get way more gifts per day than I hatch eggs. I can safely open lots of gifts and still save some …
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 31 Jul
  • I send gifts whenever I can, 20-30 a day on average. I only open them when I have room for eggs. Even then, to be honest, I prioritize non-California Icrontic Fam because of Distance. I'm 3/4 of the way to my Pilot badge and once that is done I can …
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 30 Jul
  • @CrazyJoe said: You are correct. I thought I did put him in there, but I guess I just put one of my 20 or so Heracross. I have so many of those, the entire raid battle for me was actually just two waves of 6 Heracross each. LOL. Related q…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 23 Jul
  • Awesome Joe! 98%! Nice catch! Side Note: You can not put Legendary Pokemon in a gym so if you were actually able to put that Registeel in a gym, take copious screenshots because you would be the first.
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 23 Jul
  • @BobbyDigi said: I can not express how much fun I have been having over the last week going out raiding with a local Facebook group. Coordinating meeting up with dozens of local trainers (sometimes >100) and raiding gyms. We share highs, somet…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 14 Jul
  • Unfortunately he'll have to start over. While there is a one time granted in-game name change for each trainer, I don't believe I've ever seen someone successfully change teams.
    in Pokemon GO Comment by BobbyDigi 12 Jul
  • I started brainstorming this in early June and worked on it up to the point I stayed up 'til 3am the night before finishing it. There is a 3:17am Eastern edit time on the OP. I have a Google Doc I would mess with a few times a week. Exerts throughou…
  • @CrazyJoe said: So we landed in Orlando, there was a medical emergency and a plane had to take our gate, then storms rolled in and the lightning caused all the ground crews to be unable to work so at spent 2+ hours on the plane. Finally off the p…
  • @drasnor said: Mission = Chooch 12/12 ! Great job guys. I'll clean up my notes and share them.
  • @GHoosdum said: Intricate stone Lion statues? Gargoyle? @DontCallMeKelso said: Is... is @Gargoyle Lion? 11/12
  • @GnomeQueen said: Coyote is @UPSLynx 10/12 @GnomeQueen said: YOU'RE Lion, obvi. I can see how you would think that but I am not any of the references.
  • @primesuspect said: Brooded Wig = Woodbridge anagram @Massalinie said: Guessing Ralia and Docc are malia and RyanFodder 9/12 Who could Mission, Coyote, and Lion be?
  • @BobbyDigi said: Imagine pure joy. Imagine the joy of your life's pure joy. Imagine both of these at once. Imagine it was beans.
  • @Massalinie said: @primesuspect said: That moment when @Digikid and @bobbydigi threw their arms up in unison and shouted "YES" simultaneously is cemented as one of my all-time favorite Icrontic memories, ever. It was perfect. I…
  • @Massalinie said: Aw I just saw a tweet that lunatone was here yesterday for the solstice, did anybody get one? @QCH said: I "DID" get one... and then transferred it, not knowing it was special. He's still around. Sugar and I c…
  • @cola said: Sassafras @Kwitko said: Jack the Troll = @GnomeQueen 7/12
  • @Massalinie said: MostWanted = PrimeSuspect :-P Too easy eh? 5/12

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