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  • Found it. Got it. Installed it. It worked. Thank you.
  • Verizon MiFi (May not be fast, but a huge upgrade from dial-up).
  • @PirateNinja said: What's the error message in your browser after it fails to load? I'm not sure. Now it is loading fine, with or without the VPN, on all the browsers. Maybe I'm not smart enough to own a computer?
  • I followed the instructions and it is still way over my head. I did this on my office computer where I have no problem loading the website. Might as well be written in Greek. click the image for a full size view
  • Tushon, thanks for the response. It was just me, the site was not dead. The next part is way over my head. The last is I should have said registry. I ran "regedit" and then "Find..." under "Edit" and entered "imagevenue". I thought I might fin…
  • I thought I should be able to edit my original post, but I do not see how to do so. UPDATE: I was able to access the website using a VPN. Why would that make a difference? This is my home computer and I have not knowingly installed any type of co…
  • Some great thoughts. A little more information: I liked the idea about the screen size and resolution as my monitors are different. BUT, I just checked and at home, on the same monitor and resolution, I get the top screen with the Firefox browser …
  • Well, I thought I had uploaded the image, but I guess not. Here is the image from photobucket. If it makes any difference, the top is home and the bottom work.
  • Does your wife's laptop have any sort of automated remote backup through carbonite, Norton, anything like that? None that she is aware of. I guess we'll find out with NetLimiter
  • I thought I had this under control, but apparently not. I installed NetLimiter on my desktop on November 4, but did not enable any "limiter" options. I simply wanted to track and view my usage. There had not been any data spikes since October 27.…
  • Aranyic--Net limiter sounds like exactly what I am looking for. I have downloaded it and will install it soon (leaving early for a long weekend and my son's wedding, so it may have to wait til next week). Tushon--My WI-FI is a Wireless Verizon Jet…
  • The good news is that all is well. I’m still not sure what happened to make the password screen appear. However, Mom is in her 70's (would you believe she was over 50 when I was born? . . . . . . . would you believe over 40?) and does not have a f…
  • Wow, fast helpful answers. I knew I liked this place. I will report back tomorrow with the results. (My only problem this evening is that I will note have access to another computer while at my mother's house attempting to fix hers. I am still i…
  • Thank you for the advice
  • I did not know the WiFi was also a router. Works great. Thanks.
  • Thanks Gravite2090, the is exactly the type of recommendation I am looking for. How do I use the Newegg link? Does it matter that I already have an account? Do I need to erase cookies if I have previously visited the site without using the link…
  • Thrax, No need to worry any more. Another computer at the office was able to read the disc with no problem, so I now have the photos on a flash drive.
  • Thrax, I tried but it did not help. I followed the directions on the linked page so I assume the driver installed. But, when I insert the photo CD, the computer still reads it as a blank CD. On the other hand, if I try to write something onto …
  • Live just south of Indianapolis, IN
  • OK, but did the photo answer your questions regarding sticks of memory? What next?
  • My friend, that is an excellent question; and one I would love to answer. If I knew what it is, a motherboard, stick of memory, or even a hard drive I would provide the answer. Took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to remove the side panel. …
  • Unfortunately, no and no.
  • I tried to restart with a Windows XP cd inserted and I still get the blue screen of death (and same error message as in the original post). There is some effort to read the cd in the drive. Any other suggestions?
  • I'M GETTING VERY CLOSE. I actually have sound from my speakers, and it is the correct sound from the Windows Media Player for example. HOWEVER, the sound is very weak. I have to turn the volume all the way up to max on both my monitor speakers …
    in NO SOUND Comment by vanagon40 Nov 2008
  • According to the Order detail, the "sound card" is "Integrated Audio." I take it this means that my "sound card" is not loose . . . .
    in NO SOUND Comment by vanagon40 Nov 2008
  • Ok, so how do I check to see if it is disabled or broken? Could it have simply come loose when the computer was moved? Not sure where to go from here. The computer definitely came with a sound card and it was working when the computer was u…
    in NO SOUND Comment by vanagon40 Nov 2008
  • Here is what I have so far. I downloaded the “motherboard” from Thrax’s first link. It put a folder labeled “MSHDQFE” on my desktop. In that folder were two folders labeled “Win2K3" and “Win2K_XP”. I opened Win2K_XP and in that…
    in NO SOUND Comment by vanagon40 Nov 2008
  • Thanks for the response Leonardo. I have the DELL XP (Home) CD that came with the computer. Not exactly sure what I need to do other than put it in and restart?
  • I am not a computer illiterate, but I am close. Your hard drive is dead. I take it that means hopeless.

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