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April 13, 1984
Hawthorne, CA
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  • I'm probably going to reveal my age here, but by pack do you mean booster pack or starter deck?
  • What if there were no bumping or jarring? Are you good with steadily-increasing loads of up to five times your body weight while lying on your back for several minutes at a time? Just curious.
    in Time for TKR Comment by drasnor 6:41AM
  • "No power" is pretty much the hardest problem to diagnose. We're going to need a lot of information: 1. How old is your computer? 2. Did you make it yourself or is it something you bought fully-assembled? 3. If you bought it, we need the make and…
  • @CrazyJoe said: @drasnor said: Who knew that was going to work?!? It did though, holy shit! Remember that time at Expo and we were playing your rocket building game and you talked about how the Falcon Heavies had never…
    in Falcon Heavy! Comment by drasnor 10 Feb
  • Who knew that was going to work?!? It did though, holy shit!
    in Falcon Heavy! Comment by drasnor 7 Feb
  • It's worth noting that the Ubiquiti UniFi stuff requires a computer of some sort to act as a controller. The router maintains its configuration without the controller but the controller is needed to update the configuration and/or manage the network…
  • I've been using an Ubiquiti USG to route my network and it's been a champ though admittedly I haven't run it with 50 clients at once. The USG Pro 4 looks like it might be more in line with your requirements. https://www.ubnt.com/unifi-routing/uni…
  • I once built a 12" x 3" x 3" hollow pillar out of 20 lb bond paper that weighed ~4 oz and supported an 80 lb compressive load. It was disqualified from the competition because the footprint was slightly too small; in which young drasnor learned abou…
  • Thanks @Myrmidon! In a follow-up question: imagining a point-of-sale transaction where I don't want to wait 15 minutes; is it possible to farm the transaction fee processing to a specific individual (e.g. my home system, the store's system) to speed…
  • How do you spend your cryptocurrency on goods and services?
  • @Cliff_Forster I wouldn't bank on motherboard manufacturers doing any better today than previously with regards to their analog sound. There's no way to be sure in advance that they've done a good job because reviewers don't review that aspect of mo…
  • HT Omega makes PCI-E hardware: http://www.htomega.com/pcie-sound-cards.html I have the eClaro and it was excellent back when I had an analog signal path. I personally find built in motherboard analog unsatisfactory but if you're using digital then …
  • My sole fountain pen is an A.G. Spalding: https://www.jetpens.com/A.G.-Spalding-Bros-BRFT253-Fountain-Pen-Silver-Medium-Nib/pd/1802 This mainly gets used for writing checks and signing things. I think I'm probably just bad at fountain pens becaus…
    in Fountain Pens Comment by drasnor 23 Jan
  • Rewinding to kid @drasnor, I would have been all about this. I would be even more about it if there were obvious ways to extend and expand it just by cutting my imagined thing out of cardboard without having to think about software. Or, maybe I have…
  • You can get an ESD wrist strap on Amazon for like six US dollars or like $6k Canadian: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E6VHBHS/ I'd like to double down on @Tushon's advice: be sure to have the PSU power switch turned OFF to prevent accidents.
  • I've only got one heat. Also, -40° F = -40° C
    in SEND US HEAT! Comment by drasnor 18 Jan
  • @GnomeQueen said: Dang, already got the PSU and have it installed. Crazy fast shipping, Newegg! Of course, the first thing my computer did after installation was freeze at the login screen. Hopefully that was a one-off. Run chkdsk on all …
  • I have had computers power on intermittently or abruptly power off with a marginal power supply. Peak system load is not at turn-on. I'd recommend getting a new power supply; especially because their components age and their capacity decays over tim…
  • Tell us about your power supply.
  • Check that all devices in your chain support at least HDCP version 2.2.
  • @aspieRommel said: How was the rocket able to “glowworm” like that? What conditions were just right for it to happen? (Spoiler) Axioms 1. The Earth is round. 2. The Earth rotates about its north-south axis once per day. 3. Other law…
  • FCC: "You can't tell me what to do! https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/11/why-the-fcc-ignored-public-opinion-in-its-push-to-kill-net-neutrality/ I do what I want!"
  • @Chakori said: My wife is concerned that I am going to get slaughtered when/if I come out there and stay in the house. What animal would you say that you taste most like? Just curious.
  • @GHoosdum said: “But if it matters to you, you'll be able to choose Hufflepuff over Slytherin." FTFY.
  • Can I send EPIC 2018 prize contributions early?
  • @BobbyDigi said: http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/pyro.php This... is a game changer. Interesting move to re-balance Pyro all-together. It will get people player me thinks. A couple of those flame thrower tweaks are brutal!…
  • I think that you're probably right that the attacker would become a man-in-the-middle under most circumstances and not a fully-fledged client on their own. I'm not certain that that makes a huge difference in impact though if you can fake being that…
  • @EMT said: @drasnor said: * WPA2 GCMP, WPA2/WPA TKIP: attackers can decrypt your packets, steal your network key, and spoof your clients to switch to their access point for other nefarious man-in-the-middle attacks …
  • @UPSLynx said: "I looked it up, I know what a queef is!" @drasnor Legendary night. PSA: It's perfectly natural. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a59062/is-it-normal-to-queef-during-sex/

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