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  • I have dropped down to a Size 0/2 dress size from being a Size 20. I did my weight loss mostly by long-distance running which isn't for everyone. I enjoy getting out and letting my mind go where it will. I eat three meals per day; no fast-food and n…
  • Burning River Ale is my new fave.
  • I am quite partial to Virginia Gentleman which is from A.Smith Bowman Distillery outside Fredericksburg, VA. Since I am a Virginian, it's only natural that I enjoy the bourbon of my Commonwealth. I do enjoy Jim Beam and Old Granddad too. A sip of b…
  • Cliff_Forster wrote: This is interesting that a little craft brewery found its niche nestled in wine country. I find wine to be an insignificant experence when pitted against a truely great glass of brew. Good to know a few Californians are passio…
  • Hi there, My Mom's cat, whose name was Boris, had a mother that was pure Siamese but the father was whatever hopped the fence. Boris lived for 20 years, and weighed in at about 22 pounds. He was the best cat that we ever owned. He was smart and fun…
  • TheBaron wrote: so due to my extreme lack of forward planning, it has just come to my attention that I will be graduating at the end of this summer. I know where I'm going to apply, and I am (or can be) on the ball for the LSATs, but the real que…
  • Hey there, Extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee with six shots of cream; I carry the cup on rounds and park it outside the patient's room while I am inside. Tea: only when I am sick like now; nasty bronchitis with no voice; Steve is enjoying the peace…
    in Mmm Coffeee Comment by njbmd Oct 2005
  • primesuspect wrote: Dude, it felt great, honestly. I felt a lot better after that. Fiber isn't really absorbed by the body, it just kinda bulks up (you have to take a lot of water with it or it will actually constipate you), and acts like a sponge…
    in Fast Comment by njbmd Oct 2005
  • RWB wrote: She seemed perfectly fine when we went to see her today, it's so nice to watch her get up and out of bed even though she is still in the hospitol. She seemed a little different, but that could be a lot of things. She has a scheduled h…
  • Hi there, I drive a Toyota Corolla but I have owned two Buicks (LeSabres) and I love them. My father would never drive anything other than a Buick. When I am done with surgical residency and fellowship, I am headed for the Buick dealership if they …
  • My favorite: " Just a walk in the park, Kusanski" from "Top Gun" njbmd
  • Hi there, If your Grandmother pulled out her IABP (Intra-aortic balloon pump) she is pretty feisty and should do very well. Glad to hear that everything worked out. njbmd (Chief resident on Cardiothoracic Surgery for the next month)
  • Hi Guys, I thought you might appreciate this story. When Steve came out of the operating room to recovery room, he was doing a double bird flip with each hand. (He was really charming then!) They had a very difficult time getting him under anesthes…
  • Hey All, Steve really appreciates the good wishes from everyone. He is still in a tremendous amount of pain and getting pretty depressed that he is not significantly better. I am printing out your greetings for him. Thanks everyone! njbmd (Nat)
  • Hey folks, The pics are great; keep them coming. Profdlp found you I see. Lot's computing power in one tent! njbmd
  • Hey General Keebler and Mondi, Prof wants you to check your private messages!! Emergency! njbmd ( prof's fiance)
  • Hey OPM-Clay, Welcome to the team! Happy folding! njbmd
  • Hey Folks, The is so awesome! The folks at OPM (as I have always known) are just the best! njbmd

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