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CB · Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ · Icrontian


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August 27, 1980
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Writer. Voice actor.
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  • For some reason, all those MOBA games attract the worst communities.
  • My friend is offering resume reviewing. I was thinking it might be a way to trade technical writing, editing or voice acting for the occasional bit of visual art that I might need. It seems cool, but it's prolly better to just get paid for doing …
  • Mini Metro is one of my favorites to play on my Surface Pro, since I can play with just the pen and screen (unlike Stardew, which is okay otherwise, if you're into that sort of thing). I also like FTL and Puzzle Quest for this.
  • This time I'm the guy who has not seen any of these films. I don't get to be that guy very often.
  • I'm pretty well protected with the mountains to my southeast. If I leave a Spearman at home, and keep enough money on hand to buy one more archer, I should be good against anything that sneks around the mountains.
  • @AlexDeGruven said: Pokemon: The Card Game Online. Okay wait.... Is this a video game based on a card game based on a video game based on an anime?
  • I would LOVE if Spotify would have an 'album shuffle' mode to randomly play whole albums at a time from my collection because I also prefer to listen that way, but I'm too indecisive/easily distracted to be trusted to actually pick which albums to p…
  • I know it'll sound like heresy to @fatcat superfan but I'm seeing a lot of 'meh' opinions coming from people I usually trust the opinions of for games. I think I'll wait til this one's on sale.
    in Andromeda Comment by CB 21 Mar
  • @PirateNinja said: @TiberiusLazarus said: @PirateNinja said: @TiberiusLazarus got me playing the Enderal mod for Skyrim, which is really damn good. Good. Goooood. For reference: htt…
  • I do not own a car, for the first time in 20 years, and it's the best. I trains.
  • Neat! No non-humans, though.
    in Andromeda Comment by CB 12 Mar
  • That character did not appear in that trailer I just watched.
    in Andromeda Comment by CB 11 Mar
  • I'm disappointed that the default/canon protagonist is a white cis dude again.
    in Andromeda Comment by CB 11 Mar
  • Currently making my way through all the games I got from the Freedom Bundle. There was a lot, but so far 80% of it is garbage.
  • The hype is getting me excited, but I also can't justify a 400$ system when I've barely used the WiiU I bought. I just really hope that there is nothing that's disabled or sub-par about the WiiU version. I feel like they were probably developing …
  • Mostly goofing off. I had a fantasy of using one as a side-arm weapon for paintball matches. I got a nice one with a steel body, and leather brace and pouch. I don't remember the brand or anything anymore, but I got it in the hunting department a…
  • yes
  • @Linc said: * Do something you enjoy that happens to be exercise. If unsure, try a bunch of things. This was a big one for me. I was utterly unable to 'workout' with only 'getting fit' as motivation. it just doesn't work for me…
    in Trying to be healthy Comment by CB 1 Mar
  • Cliff has made a post which reflects also my opinion in its entirety on this issue.
  • I've been checking amazon.de every few days waiting for it to be in stock from a non-scalper source.
  • What a coincidence, I happen to be a voice actor. I'll shoot you an e-mail, I guess?
  • @AlexDeGruven said: My CrashPlan Pro app keeps crashing randomly, and I get the emails that my desktop isn't backed up. Can't see any rhyme or reason to it. That's why I'm switching to my home-rolled solution of Macrium + Amazon. Also $5/m…
    in Cloud Storage 2017 Comment by CB 13 Feb
  • Really, it should just support the use of all the WiiMotes we all already have.
  • Some of my audio project files are rather gigantic, but I would have expected the software would be setup to accommodate this without requiring me to mod ini files by hand. Perhaps the Pro client is.
    in Cloud Storage 2017 Comment by CB 3 Feb
  • @Cyclonite said: @CB said: I think I need a new back-up solution too. Crashplan's client won't stay up for more than a few minutes without crashing for the last few weeks. Anyone else having trouble with it? I normally re…
    in Cloud Storage 2017 Comment by CB 3 Feb
  • I think I need a new back-up solution too. Crashplan's client won't stay up for more than a few minutes without crashing for the last few weeks. Anyone else having trouble with it? I normally recommend CrashPlan to people, but maybe not right now?
    in Cloud Storage 2017 Comment by CB 2 Feb
  • This has gotten harder to do now that flickr is a bit pickier about downloading.