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August 27, 1980
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  • It's not just "New Game +", then? I'm never able to get into that...
  • If they had kept making games as nice as the Walking Dead, but maybe with some more palatable themes, then they would have done better, but most of their catalog was garbage. I was particularly disappointed by the Back to the Future game.
  • @GnomeQueen said: @MAGIC said: Yeah, I didnt drink for nearly two months while I was getting back in shape. Definitely put into perspective that my "craft beer hobby" was really just an excuse to drink fancy beers all the damn time.…
  • I also know this song, but my epiphany was a lot longer ago. I over-drank myself a few times as a teen, and hated it. I didn't like being drunk, and I didn't like my friends when they were drunk. I didn't drink at all in my 20s, and I didn't allow d…
  • Last DQ I played was VIII, and I really enjoyed it, but for some reason, didn't hear anything about IX or X. Did they not make much splash? Based on this thread, I've put XI on my list. (Though with as many games are on my list, I have time to wait …
    in Dragon Quest XI Comment by CB 10 Sep
  • Look at the coding: White skin means normal person. Brown skin means thug or exotic. All men are buff and stoic, and if they are not, they are mockery. All women are either sex objects or in need of rescuing, or both. The opening scene is full of de…
  • It's nothing to do with the actual gender and color of the protag, it's that the story was clearly written for white dudes. It's not the swearing that makes it bad and immature. It's just not very good. It's not compelling or interesting. It feels l…
  • This additional information has done nothing to change my sarcastically phrased opinion @CB said: Because what our gaming landscape really needs right now is another gruff white dude protagonist in a dystopian society with a fetish for the …
  • My son (MartyTyger) and my girlfriend (TessTH1990) are both looking for a few more friends, so if you get a friend request from one of them, don't be suprised. :-D
  • To counter that, I can get a nice bottle of port at the grocery store for 4€.
  • Wow. It's not even trying to hide the fact that it's a Smash Bros. rip off. The music, the moves, the style, the particle effects, the UI. It's all so derivative. Does it come in a 4-pack?
    in Slap City Comment by CB 17 Jul
  • I tried making a pokemon Trainers account, but the log in just wouldn't ever work, so I ended up making him a Facebook account just to log into Pokemon Go with. So, he lost his progress and his username, but it's not too bad, and this time, when he …
    in Pokemon GO Comment by CB 15 Jul
  • Well, it's easy to get a new email address to use, but it means he won't be able to log in my just pushing the log-in with Google button, and he'll lose his cool username. :/ But if it's the only way, it's the only way. A shame there is no user frie…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by CB 15 Jul
  • @CrazyJoe said: Apparently that form says you can't reuse the email address again for a new account Yeah, that's less than ideal.
    in Pokemon GO Comment by CB 14 Jul
  • That's sad. Then, how can he start over?
    in Pokemon GO Comment by CB 13 Jul
  • Martin wants to be on Team Blue with Betsy and Me, but he clicked too fast, and got on Team Red. Does he have to start over from scratch, or is there something that can be done to change team?
    in Pokemon GO Comment by CB 12 Jul
  • Back in Cincinnati safely, though I accidentally half a box of Lucky Charms on the way. :embarrassed smiley:
  • 5017 2989 2931
  • Carcassonne tourney enters the final round.
  • boop
    in Expo 2018: Wed Chat Comment by CB 20 Jun
  • Example of a viotation: I slap @CB's ass. He doesn't like that (at least not from me) and that's cool! You never know if you don't ask, though. Consent is sexy.
  • I said "stagnant" not "overdone". What I mean is that no one is doing anything new with it. It's the dystopian world of the future viewed from the 1980s instead of from today, and it's lost much of what makes it meaningful (like the focus on anti-co…
  • Okay. I didn't watch the trailer frame by frame to analyse the potential protagonists. I left the trailer with the impression that the protag is a gruff white dude. He'll probably be default, at least, like in Mass Effect, we'll see and hear this wh…
  • Because what our gaming landscape really needs right now is another gruff white dude protagonist in a dystopian society with a fetish for the pseudo-exotic.
  • I'm planning to drive up from Cinci on Tuesday morning-ish, and leave Detroit on Monday morning-ish. I would like to request a place to sleep in the house on Tuesday night and Sunday night. I will be in the same AirBnB I usually stay in for the eve…

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