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  • Shift codes posted 01/01 - includes two PC codes for some reason. Both worked for me. PS3: KBKBT-WH6W3-T55C3-ZT5TJ-5J6ZT PC: 53W3T-WF3KK-5FBT3-33TTB-CF5K3 PC: CBCJJ-3RJ55-5XT3J-3T3T3-TRCTK X360: WBW3B-TXJBX-XZXJ6-56J3B-WXTHK
  • Codes posted 12/26, still active as of this posting. Good for 3 keys. Desktop: W3CTT-96CHC-WFBB3-B3BBT-XS66W Xbox: WT53J-RJBXZ-6Z636-56J3B-RJ39R PS3: WTWTJ-ZRHHW-JWWK3-9TKJB-ZKK53
  • Vishera still runs quite hot when hit with a lot of FP load as it's still being manufactured on the 32nm process. When doing the maximum heat test in prime95, my CPU gets to 69C on the 212 evo - 1 degree from TJmax. It peaks at 56C in games. Pretty…
  • Around $2200 CDN after tax - though it was mostly the fault of the graphics cards for bloating the budget. I didn't want to have to be upgrading it much though. Edit - more specific reasons for me going with AMD over intel are definitely budget rel…
  • Haha, yeah it was getting to the point where my old PC was really starting to feel dated. My faithful old Core 2 Quad just hasn't been keeping up lately.
  • Oh god what. 73% unplayed? Yeesh. I need to stop buying things when they go on sale just because they're only 5 bucks.
  • In a post apocalyptic world, one man returns from the microwave dimension to feast upon the remains of those who once lived... rated R. OHAI!!!! I see from my steam list that some of you are as addicted to BL2 as I am, if anyone wants a gameplay p…
  • Heh, parallelism has already just about taken over the consumer desktop, whether folks want to admit it or not. My gaming rig has 4 processing cores, 2 linked graphics cores, 4 sticks of RAM accessed in 2 channels, and 5 hard drives accessed as a si…
  • I have installed Windows 7 on an Asus 1000HE netbook, and honestly, it ran beautifully. I wouldn't even dare try that with Windows Vista.
  • I have a pretty heavy addiction to eve - I'm already pretty settled into a corp, but feel free to hit me up when you guys are online. Jettarina is my main toon.
  • Cliff_Forster wrote: Listen, main point I want to make is this, and this does not stem so much from Icrontic as it does the graphics enthusiast community in a whole. Fermi was perceived to be the Jesus card, it was going to come and save us all…
  • Curious to hear about all these issues people are having - I've used every catalyst version except 10.2 (which I somehow managed to skip) on my dual HD5850 configuration, and whether running crossfired or stand-alone for more monitors, synchronous o…
  • My core 2 quad CPU is the first processor I have ever skipped a CPU generation entirely with. Apart from a passing fancy, I never saw any real reason to upgrade to a core i7.
  • Added you to my address book.
  • Old SSI game called "The Summoning". I loved that game, thought it was fantastic - even today I think for its time it was an amazing game. I never actually made it entirely through.
  • Responding to original topic, not above posts - I had a look at some comparison numbers for the GTX 480 against the Radeon HD 5870 and 5970 (I considered the 480 vs 5870 to be the fair comparison as it is single GPU vs single GPU). Honestly, nvid…
  • The amusing thing is - I didn't even know there was a challenge running at all. I just left my GTX 285 in my second PC folding as a source of heat.
  • Good stuff... I hadn't had time to check that out yet today. I can never resist grabbing games for 2 bucks.
    in Steam Deals Comment by lordbean Jan 2010
  • If you exchanged the memory and you're still getting the problem, the issue is very likely with the motherboard. Try entering the BIOS (to do this, spam the Del key after the PC turns on), find the option that says "Load Performance Defaults", use i…
  • I find having the 2GB RAM drive with a small page file of its own significantly speeds up the feel of my system - like superfetch, only without all the extra hard drive reads. I believe Windows is actually intelligent enough to use the fastest avail…
  • My thoughts on my configuration were that the speed from having a RAM disk page file is good, but it still leaves the issue of the page file being on a non-expandable media in the event of high RAM usage - hence the dedicated HD partition added in.
  • Also check the page file settings and see if it's been messed with at all - if the page file is disabled or set manually to a very low amount of space (less than double the amount of RAM in the PC counts as low), the PC may eventually crash due to b…
  • Weekend Deal - Jan 21 - Jan 24 * Company of Heroes: Complete Pack1 - 75% off ($12.49, Genre: Action, Strategy, Metascore: 70|87|93) Notes: 1. Includes Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and Company of Heroes: …
    in Steam Deals Comment by lordbean Jan 2010
  • Since by the sound of it you're dealing with all new parts, the problem unfortunately may be almost anything in the computer. It sounds like your computer is failing to POST, which doesn't necessarily mean the graphics card is bad - any piece of the…
  • ardichoke wrote: qft qft2
  • Midweek Madness - Jan 19 - Jan 21 * Men of War: Gold Edition1 - 66% off ($11.89, Genre: Strategy, Metascore: 80/100) Notes: 1. Includes Men of War and Men of War: Red Tide. The games may also be purchased separately with the 66% …
    in Steam Deals Comment by lordbean Jan 2010
  • If the NVIDIA driver performs a GPU reset for any reason, the graphics card will lock into the lowest BIOS clock speed settings the card has. Before I modded my GTX 285 to increase the fan speed, it used to crash after about 20 minutes of gameplay i…

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