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keto Icrontian


Occupied. Or is it preoccupied?
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April 8, 1963
Occupied. Or is it preoccupied?
Occupied. Or is it preoccupied..?


  • Yeah, nice GMT. I'm kinda sorta in the market for one. Would love a BNLR, and might actually be able to make it happen in the spring. Most recent acquisition, Tudor Black Bay, with in house mvmnt. About a month ago, still in love.
  • Ahahahahaha that's the worst thing I ever recorded, at least that got released anwhere public, and I had totally mind wiped it from my consciousness. You should see the smile on my face right now. Thanks for remembering, I didn't think any of my o…
  • Pete Thorn, who is a well respected session guy and internet gear promoter and who originated from here in Edmonton, toured with Cornell 2007-2010 and continued to be his friend. This is not for everyone, but he shares some of his memories. Nothin…
  • MT, there's a shot somewhere where Kong's finger pulls her top down a little :P wtf, I never even heard of King Kong Lives (1986) before. Musta been a real award winner.
  • I've been only very sporadically interested in watches the last couple of years, my interests do change rather frequently. So I hadn't been very excited about any of the new releases until I came across the Bulova Moonwatch. Aaaaand Mrs keto put o…
  • Turns out it's not quite as original as I thought. I all along suspected the seats weren't, but was told first they were. Definitely recovered, but a pretty nice job. Headliner and dash probably at the same time, not as nicely. But I'll leave in…
    in A New Old Car Comment by keto Sep 2016
  • hmmm don't know why the pics are showing as uhhh broken links. EDIT - Or I could just fix them so they work
    in A New Old Car Comment by keto Sep 2016
  • I thought the first wing and cards were meh. Then again, I primarily like playing priest. YAY WE GOT HOSED AGAINZORS!
    in Hearthstone Comment by keto Aug 2016
  • @UPSLynx said: 2016 has been an absolutely awful year, ESPECIALLY for music. We've lost Prince, Bowie, and Lemmy. Also, Alan Rickman, and pro wrestler Chyna just 12 hours ago. WTF is going on And many others, Lonnie Mack was in the pa…
  • If you need inspiration, there's a F@H site song around here somewhere Maybe. OK it was for s-m. And I haven't seen or heard it for years.
  • (spaghetti shovel dot gif) I have the wierdest bonrar right now.
  • ^ dirty old man mode....ENGAGE
  • S-M long sleeved crew hit the 'donate' bin this week. Maybe it too will be an artifact some day.
  • Half Life, the original. Note, I haven't played any cosole-only games. Civ5 gets the value per dollar award, I'm approaching 2k hours :X
  • @ardichoke said: I just picked up a new pair of winter everyday wear boots... I've not tried this brand before, so I'm interested to see how they will wear over time. They have a more sneaker like rubber sole, which I'm hoping will give me better…
    in these shoes Comment by keto Nov 2015
  • At 52, I have developed a shoe/boot addiction. This is really strange to me, but doesn't stop me buying. 2 weeks ago, a Red Wing 8146. Last week, a Timberland West Haven chukka in black. Last night, another Red Wing, this time a Beckman in dark …
    in these shoes Comment by keto Nov 2015
  • F4F4F4F4F4F4F4(deeeep gasping breath)F4F4F4F4F4F4F4!!@!
    in Fallout 4 Comment by keto Nov 2015
  • Man I do not like his style. I've watched a couple this week, and he seems really stiff/stilted and wayyy more OBVIOUSLY reliant on cue cards and notes than I think is apropriate. Like, he had John Irving on a couple nights ago and seemed to know …
  • Under Harper, Canada fared probably best of any of the G7 countries economically through the tough times of the past 7 years....he is, after all, an economist. The Duffy scandal, meh...every party goes through similar at one time or another....spon…
  • 2b) buy a box of wine, draw a heart on it and drink it. As suggested on local radio yesterday.
  • @Mt_Goat said: I have been watching this thread since the beginning and it has been growing on me as I do like nice time pieces. Recently I decided to get a new dress watch and this thread has inspired me to dig deeper for what I would like. It n…
  • Congrats. I still think of you as a geeky (brilliant, but geeky) teenager however
  • I'm crazy addicted to this game the expansion's pretty good, the Goblins n Gnomes stuff added some very interesting new dynamics.
    in Hearthstone Comment by keto Dec 2014
  • Didn't read it, too disappointed Marshall would name a pair of headphones the same name as a monster 200W guitar amp from their golden era :P
  • On T1 I'm getting 3-4 legendaries (including plans) per run solo during this bonus week. My mains are Wiz an WDoc, so what can't be used on either gets sharded, never have enough lost souls for crafting/enchanting.
  • 60% of my box is Seiko And I believe the blue AKA is a Seiko subsidiary (my recollection is not crystal clear on that though)
  • The Ibanez stuff is not bad. Yamaha also make pretty good stuff for beginners. The entry level & Squier Fender stuff I don't have experience with, but the reputation (especially on Squier) is good for what it is. I have owned a couple of Squi…

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