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I am the hatchet man, look over your shoulder
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July 11, 1900
I am the hatchet man, look over your shoulder
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  • Just watch romantic comedies aka "Chic Flicks" with him. They are modern, totally timeless and really put a good spin on reality. It's certainly better than The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.
  • @Thrax said: Dell XPS13. It's widely regarded as one of the world's best notebooks. It's a total knockout. I approve of this recommendation as well. They are solid as he'll and the infinity screen reduces the overall size thus making it m…
  • So far great suggestions. I would add the original King Kong. And I would like to throw in a personal cult classic; Galaxina.
  • @aspieRommel said: @primesuspect said: TECATE IS AWESOME IT'S MY FAVORITE CHEAP BEER YOU TAKE THAT BACK The problem I find with most of the Mexican beers I've had is that they are really salty for my taste, and the lim…
  • @Cyclonite said: @Zanthian said: Direct waze integration is there for Android Auto, if you sign up for the beta version of waze. I applied, but never received a response. Also, I think Sync3 is running Blackerr…
  • @GHoosdum said: Am I reading that map wrong or did Metropolis Illinois move down to Kentucky? It might just look like that. I thought I placed it north of the river.
  • Here is why I was selecting Metropolis. The grey band is the path of totality and the circle is the prime area.
  • @Thrax said: I recently got to use Android Auto on @HumerusMeg's new car, and wow is it nice. It makes my ICE, which is still pretty good, feel like a relic from another era. I really love AA in conjunction with Sync 3 (also Android). Oh,…
  • @Snarkasm said: Yeah, I love AA. It works, it's creepy, it charges my phone while displaying on my dash screen... it's swank. (The 2017 CR-V has a fucking baller tech package and I love it to death.) And @Cyclonite , I think Spotify has Wa…
  • I had to share as I not only found it entertaining but it really represented my feelings and experiences. Android just works like it's supposed to and Apple just bamboozles you with pretty. Have you ever noticed the ads for new iPhone's on TV and th…
  • @elyxandra said: If you have a Skillshare account, this class about garden design using Sketchup might be useful. Thank you, As a matter of fact I do have an account through work that I use.
  • Thank you @MAGIC and @Ryder. Once I got past the initial fish out of water part Sketchup is going well. As a matter of fact, Once I started getting the hang of the basics I am already seeing how people can really get into this and even get hooked.
  • Trying Sketchup first as it looks the easiest.
  • Help Free or a usable trial would be good too.
  • I use Google calendar also. And I also forgot everything. But it's OK, because I'm not going. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/c546afcc-e7f2-4c86-add5-933663281d68
  • Saw Wonder Woman and Alien Covenant back to back the opening weekend. I really enjoyed both films and liked Wonder Woman a bit more. Really enjoyed the development of the characters. Hopefully the follow ups live up to the opener.
    in Wonder Woman Comment by Mt_Goat 15 Jun
  • @Linc said: @Mt_Goat said: How much does the new valuation increase the taxes? Or is there a break on that for being a historical property? Thankfully the city's valuation is separate, but Detroit has had an issue with…
  • How much does the new valuation increase the taxes? Or is there a break on that for being a historical property?
  • Good things are worth the wait.
  • Need to add; * Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf * Abba by Abba
  • @Winga said: I feel very old!! M8, how can you say that? I'm sitting here with my hands on fire and my assignment in diapers. Good to see you pop in! I just reread this entire thread including links and had great memories.
  • @MiracleManS said: The fact that the 1976 version is even included in this poll makes me sad. It was a shade of the original. I only remember it because of Jessica Lange. The whole time Kong is running with her you keep waiting for a ward…
  • @Cliff_Forster said: I think the first film is a master class in imagination. They were so limited yet figured out a way to tell this huge story. Honestly without it, where would modern film be? I dig the Peter Jackson take as well, even J…
  • @Sonorous said: @Cliff_Forster said: Man, Dream Theater, Tool, Genesis, Yes... Smart people dig Prog. Throw on In The Court of The Crimson King by King Crimson as well and we have a party. Can we add Bridge of …
  • I am album driven and only listen to vinyl at home. In the car it's mp3 albums. On the topic of Pink Floyd I have been listening to them for 45 years now and like all of it. From Meddle, Obscured by Clouds and on is certainly the best . I also feel …
  • I'm back to Quake 3. It's been my relax after work routine for the past few weeks. As always I'm Sarge getting my BFG on!
  • @Thrax said: I was wondering when this thread would get bumped. ......and just so no one forgets.