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August 28, 1976
Yukon, OK
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  • @Linc said: Yeah, we can sort it out, nbd. I thought it was a bike tour as well. I'd like to be added
  • My Battlecruiser is ready.
  • @CB said: My flight from Munich comes into DTW on Saturday at 130pm. If someone happens to be making that trip or like really wants to go get me, I'll take it, but I have no problem just getting a cab or an Uber or a DriveNow if Detroit has those…
  • I'll be in Nashville :/
  • @DontCallMeKelso said: @Linc its May 8th, why no able to purchase? It's open now inandpaid
  • @BobbyDigi said: I request DTW Pickup at Midnight Tuesday (6/20) night and Drop off 4PMish Monday (6/26) Digi Arrival: TUE, 20 JUN 2017 11:54 PM Delta DL 2828 Digi Departure: MON, 26 JUN 2017 5:47 PM Delta DL 1269 I …
  • Once again, I will have a room at the Courtyard Detroit Dearborn from June 18 (Sun) - 26 (Mon). It's about a 15 minute drive to ICHQ. The room will accommodate up to four comfortably. @DeathJester already has one spot reserved. If you're interested …
  • @ardichoke said: @primesuspect said: Just out of curiosity: If you want to keep the price down, the motherboard has a perfectly good sound controller on-board. Any super-compelling reason you would get a discreet sound card? …
  • Random thoughts... It's great that you've started. That was actually the hardest part for me. The other hard part was sticking to it. The quick version of what has worked for me: My journey to being healthy started with martial arts, but for t…
  • @Ryder said: Damn, it had to be Corsair? #nope.jpg Well, where's the OCZ RAM?
  • @Thrax said: So, like, can one of these things play 2p games? What happens for 4p? Can you even do 4p? According to this article, it looks like eight units can be networked and each unit can handle up to eight players. Nobody knows whethe…
  • Bought it this morning. Played for 10 minutes and stopped because it wasn't fun... I strongly dislike the glory kill system and the hyper-gotta-go-fast gameplay. crankyoldgamerproblems
  • I'm currently set up to do three simultaneous users Watched this a couple of times and don't recall hearing what he used for a hypervisor though... any ideas?
  • Wish I could be there
  • Problem crept back up, only worse. Did some more troubleshooting and managed to completely kill the LAN connection (the router could get out to the internet, but nothing internal could). Long story short, it was the LAN cable running from the ZBox i…
    in DIY router Comment by mertesn Nov 2016
  • This must be what it feels like when I try and explain computers to my mom ...except I can google...
  • @aspieRommel said: @primesuspect said: Thank you, Working Stiff. You might want to get that checked out..... No, it's fine. He's a porn star. He just tells everyone he works for Shinola.
  • @Thrax said: The switch just feels like it is going head to head agaisnt Sony and MS, How? Sony and MS have nothing like it. Kidding aside, why do you think their handhelds have done so well? Becau…
  • @ardichoke said: My only concern is the controller. It looks hand cramp inducing tiny for my giant gorilla paws. Otherwise, I'm intrigued and this may be the first Nintendo console I buy since the N64 (which I sold for credit toward a Playstation…
  • @CB said: @Linc said: I am sold. This is brilliant. Let me offer myself as the near-ideal Nintendo anecdote: * I don't get that much play out of Wii U because it takes over the TV in a fixed spot. * …
  • I'm choosing to view this as the new handheld system that I can finally play through the TV if desired. The Zelda demo was enough to convince me to buy it.
  • @malia said: @mertesn said: @Thrax said: Mixed grip is essential. RDLs and good mornings help with deadlifts. Deload can be useful. Farmer walk for grip strength. You may also be at the limits of w…
    in Swoliversary Comment by mertesn Oct 2016
  • @Thrax said: Mixed grip is essential. RDLs and good mornings help with deadlifts. Deload can be useful. Farmer walk for grip strength. You may also be at the limits of what strength you can gain on a calorie deficit. Also: Learn hoo…
    in Swoliversary Comment by mertesn Oct 2016