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UPSLynx · Top EA shill, The Dean of Computer Graphics · Icrontian

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Redwood City, CA
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June 21, 1985
Redwood City, CA
Community Strategist - EA
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  • Henry McKenna time! Finally got around to trying the Henry McKenna 10 year Bottled in Bond. For a 10 year 100 proof whiskey, this is an amazing purchase for the price. I found this bottle for $26 bucks, and man, it tastes like a $40+ whiskey. …
  • @doabarrellroll said: @UPSLynx I didn't know you were a Bourbon guy! We have a lot to talk about. I've been a whiskey fan for a long time, but only over the last 3 or 4 years have I really started digging into bourbon. I used to be hardco…
  • I've kind of pumped the brakes on Overwatch after the last seasonal event, mainly because I had played WAY too much and wasn't super happy about the balance. Haven't played since Orissa was added, either. Gonna try and get some matches in later …
    in Overwatch Comment by UPSLynx 12 Apr
  • Summoning demons.
  • When you miss an IC event but still get to dlunk out karaoke with your family
  • Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
  • I'm also all about albums (though I do sometimes shuffle because YOLO). When I buy new music, I always make sure my first listen is either on a long drive, or with headphones sitting alone beginning to end. I still buy physical CDs because I wan…
  • Can I get to Gus's Chicken from there, because I'm sure Atomic Chicken is good, but goddam Gus's....
  • Butterfields is still a thing for sure, but mostly on hold for now while we wait for the first expansion pack, launching soonish. Golf with your Friends is absolutely the best "We've been drinking all night, lets screw around in the vidya" type g…
  • Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond bourbon will likely be my next BiB purchase to explore. It's a 10 year whiskey, so aged much longer than the base 4 year requirement for the BiB program. I've heard is much more rich and oaky as a result, which should …
  • Love seeing so many people interested in BiB whiskey! @GHoosdum that Rittenhouse Rye BiB is one of my favorite go-to rye whiskies. I had been buying it to make Sazeracs for years before I even knew what BiB whiskey was. I purchased it just last …
  • Goddam that video gives me feels. The early days of feuding with Perry in fighting games, an effing minikeg of Bell's Hopslam (seriously!), @SpencerForHire , and vintage ICHQ in Warren. Thanks for digging that up!
  • Probably going to have to miss this year's ICSP Between Jackie moving out here the week of ICSP, and now having to travel home to Indiana tomorrow for my Grandmother's funeral, I really don't think it's going to happen. If I can find a way to…
  • @ardichoke said: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/1/14778316/nintendo-switch-cartridge-taste-test-dont-lick-it I'm calling it, the Switch will be a failure. No console with bad tasting cartridges can survive in the modern era. Breaks immersi…
  • @DontCallMeKelso just now on Discord: "I guess I'll need to get to Sam Adams and stock up on special beers for the wedding" Me- "Have you seen @linc's cellar of Sam? He's been preparing for this moment for his entire life." Huge congrats you…
    in Got engaged Comment by UPSLynx 1 Mar
  • @drasnor I need a video clip of Elon shouting BEEEYYYYYEETTTTCCHHHH!
  • Product packaging for VIII leaked today. DAT REY. DAT HAIR. DAT LIGHTSABER.
  • Yeah don't get me wrong - I've seen HDR TVs and they're dope AF. I'm just saying the general consumer has yet to be convinced that it's something worth investing into. Just because it's awesome doesn't mean it's successful and/or the future. I'…
  • 3D - Dead 4K/8K - ??? HDR - lololol The cycle continues. Every time this thread gets bumped I re-read the article because I love it. Still a top 5 favorite Icrontic article for me.
  • @aspieRommel said: @UPSLynx , Evan Williams is also a "bonded" Bourbon. They do! It's on my list to try (have yet to find it out here, though). I also want to try Old Forester 1897 BiB and Henry McKenna BiB, which is a 10 year bourbon t…
  • @Linc said: Two James tells you as much on their tours, it's not a state secret. The rye is produced in-house. I'm unclear on their other variants since they came out since the last time I took a tour. Yeah, I remember them saying that, s…
  • Symmetra needs a nerf right now. Real bad. Especially in the capture the flag mode. Her turrets are just too dang strong and fast to be put up. And her primary weapon is basically garbage. Other than that? Pretty happy with the current balanc…
    in Overwatch Comment by UPSLynx 26 Jan
  • @HumerusMeg that Mercy skin is her 2nd best skin yet (behind the Witch skin, ofc). I have the coins to get it - if the RNG gods do not favor me, then I will definitely buy it. So far, I've played 7 hours in 2 days of the new update. I've gotten…
    in Overwatch Comment by UPSLynx 26 Jan
  • Price is going to be key with their online service. I'm not convinced Nintendo knows how to give a solid value proposition with their online services, and nothing they've revealed about it thus far convinces me it'll be worth it. The Voice Chat …
  • I completely agree, @CB . I don't feel like I need a game at this point, but I truly care about the story and the characters. The setup at the end of Episode 2 was just... man. It kept me on the edge of my seat for YEARS. I'd read a script, or…
  • You're getting gameplay footage tonight too from CES
    in Andromeda Comment by UPSLynx 5 Jan
  • Really good look into the CGI Tarkin/Leia in Rogue One. Touches on how it was done, as well as the controversy around bringing back characters after death.
  • To a certain degree, it kinda makes sense to me that they kept the character development as limited as they did. This ragged crew are more or less unsung heroes in the war against the Empire. They fought and died for the rebellion, but the results …
  • Saw it with @UPSHitman tonight and man, what an absolute blast. Blew me away and exceeded my expectations. I want to say I place it in the top 5, maybe top 3 Star Wars films for myself, I liked it that much. I loved the darker, gritty, realistic ton…