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UPSLynx · Top EA shill, The Dean of Computer Graphics · Icrontian

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Redwood City, CA
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June 21, 1985
Redwood City, CA
Community Strategist - EA
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  • @Gargoyle said: Made it home after trying to outsmart Indiana traffic and failing. May Poseidon claim I-94 for Lake Michigan. Classic Indiana. I, too am back home in Indiana. Staying with my folks for a week before heading back to the…
  • If you are near the house gtf outside now for picture
  • "You mad bro?" "Yeah, he mad"
  • I heard Fett's mom likes sucking on eggs.
  • Steam Sale has begun. Site is dead. RIP
  • Pranks
  • NoContext
  • smoke weed every day.
  • @primesuspect said: I think you're literally the only person to use the Google Calendar. Real talk. Oh! Oh! Me! I use it!
  • I am in for Malty Pass, Gus's, and Hygrade.
  • @primesuspect said: If you've never had southern hot fried chicken, this is your chance. Ask Bobby, he'll tell you. REAL. TALK. Gus's blew my mind when I had it with Prime and @UPSKingpin during ICNY. I've been frothing at the mouth eve…
  • Y'all are the true MVPs.
  • Saw it tonight. Movie was dope. I was particularly impressed with the fight choreography, it was really clean and spectacular looking. I could have used much less slow-mo in the fight scenes, but that's DC's/Zack Snyder's influence for ya. Char…
    in Wonder Woman Comment by UPSLynx 14 Jun
  • I'm so hyped for Metroid: Samus Returns. That's a day one buy for me. Can't wait. Prime 4 will also be awesome, but I bet we're lucky if we're playing that before late 2018. Maybe even early 2019. It's got to be a long ways out. The rest o…
  • Whoa. I missed this part because I was freaking out over that trailer reveal, but apparently BGE2 is going to be a prequel? hrm. “Welcome to System 3,” said Gabrielle Shrager, narrative director at Ubisoft Montpellier, where the game is being…
  • This sounds super interesting. Sounds like this game is going to go really deep into the animal-human type people in the game's world and the politics and injustices that go with it. Instead of just having animal/human characters in the world alon…
  • Now this is interesting. Ubisoft also uploaded this scene by scene breakdown with Michel Ancel. I haven't watched it yet, but I bet there's going to be a LOT to dissect here:
  • Crying. I'm so happy.
  • I'll really only need a loaner for two moments - TF2 and Overwatch (since I'm helping run Overwatch). Other than that I won't need a PC at all.
  • @Linc said: Our attendance numbers could use some inflation so I hope you'll all rise to the challenge and buoy the event by inviting some new folks before we close the valve on tickets next week. I got u fam: http://icrontic.com/discussi…
  • All bout dat cookie life.
  • @primesuspect said: That's the part that got me too Bobby. I saw the glasses and I was like, this is incredible. I thought of you! Seriously it's nuts! Look at the dirt on the glasses! The translucency on his beard hairs! The eyelashes! …
    in Far Cry 5 Comment by UPSLynx 27 May
  • On a side note, can we talk about how incredible rendered CG has gotten? Obviously this isn't gameplay, but holy cow.
    in Far Cry 5 Comment by UPSLynx 27 May
  • I don't know how to feel about this one. Modern Farcry hasn't interested my in a long time (Farcry 2 was the last one I cared about). Farcry 3, 4, and Primal all felt too cookie-cutter and tryhard. Modern Ubisoft doesn't really do it for me. I w…
    in Far Cry 5 Comment by UPSLynx 27 May
  • @RyanMM said: Beer sold out in 2 hours. And here's why: https://twitter.com/dontdrinkbeer/status/867500550086049792
  • Man, it really hurts visually seeing the amount of sprays/voice lines/player icons next to the skins and emotes. Ouch. I'm not super thrilled about this even, which is a nice change of pace. Won't need to grind myself to tears trying to get cert…
    in Overwatch Comment by UPSLynx 24 May
  • @primesuspect said: scumbag site owner changes the logo, leaves the old one on the site header Never leave reveal beats to the engineers!
  • I love it. Great representation of what Icrontic means in 2017. Side note: I will never forgive the internet for ruining hats and fedoras. I'm still mad, and I'll always be mad.