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  • I did try removing duplicate / erroring fonts through Font Book. Ah well, I have advised a fresh install of OS X 10.8 as it only happened since doing the Maverick update.
  • Hi Requit, Yes those symbols do appear every so often, for example when something requires admin credentials. I have made sure that the language settings are correct. I do want to roll back to 10.8 but as far as I'm aware the only ways to do thi…
  • Hi Ninja, Thank you for your suggestion, however I have already installed and run OnyX to no avail. I have also done a NVRAM reset and validated and removed erroring fonts in Font Book.
  • Thank you guys, downloaded and installed and appears to be pretty much what I am looking for!
  • Right so all is working after uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling nVidia drivers. Bit annoying as I have lost my profile settings but small price to pay I guess. Thank you all for your help.
  • No problem, thanks for your help. I'm about to completely uninstall nVidia and then try and change the settings through windows. I shall post my solution when I get it!
  • Oh and also when trying to make my monitor the 'main display' that tick box is grayed out...
  • Jumpstylerz I tried all that but got 'Could not save changes'. Attached is a screenshot " />
  • Yes they are SLI. I shall do this tomorrow as I am on the late shift tonight! I shall update when attempted...
  • Ok if I do this in nVidia Control Panel and click apply, nothing changes on the monitor or TV, the Control Panel thinks about it for about 10 seconds then reverts back to the old, bad settings. I'm normally pretty good with this stuff but this has g…
  • I have a 64Gb SSD but I only use is as my boot drive, I have 3 other HDD's for my prograns and games. I have to say that the speed difference was absolutely worth the money!
  • @ Thrax, thank you. The next upgrade I do I think will be 6 cores at a highly overclockable potential. ATM I think I'm ok, give it 12 months I will spend some money. So, the overall opinion is that my rig is ok, but on its last legs, so to speak. It…
  • Nice, but my C2D is on 4.25Ghz already... How many applications are designed for more than 2 cores now?
  • LOL well as I say I'm happy to stick with my current setup for 12 months, and we will see what the future holds! But back to the original question, how does my rig hold up for the current games out?
  • lol ok thrax I get ya. I think give it a 12 months I will get a new MB/CPU/DDR3 (DDR4 will probably be out soon) but atm I'm pretty happy with my C2D @ 4.25! Anything I am running atm is quick & smooth. I have installed Skyrim and although its n…
  • I get what you are saying Thrax. So I have 2 cores @ 2.125Ghz. Some i7's have 6 cores, so you can triple the bandwith with one of those. I guess it is down to the programs you use, whether they are designed to use 2 cores or 4 or 6?
  • Really? I looked on the FutureMark website and at stock speed my CPU is rated better than most i5's... I now have a 30%ish overclock so I would hope that it is still pretty quick?
  • just got my system stable @ 4.25Ghz...
  • I have Windows 7 64bit Ultimate on my 64Gb SSD as a boot drive, I have 2x 500Gb SATA and 1x 160Gb IDE for other purposes. The 160Gb IDE literally holds my music, 1 SATA holds my video files and the other holds my program files. You just need to make…
  • Just a little update, my previous stability problems were while running XP, since moving to Windows 7 I've had no problems getting it to 4Ghz and keeping it there!
    in Too much? Comment by djmonsta Dec 2009
  • Thank you YAGGA and i'm sorry for the misunderstanding!!! From what i could figure cloezilla was a Linux application.. Anyway, thank you all for your suggestions, I managed to do the job with EASEUS partition manager, completely free, and inst…
    in New HDD? Comment by djmonsta Nov 2009
  • thank you ardichoke. Ill give clonezilla a try. Windows 7 is able to shrink or extend a partition in the disk management console, so there's no issues there.
    in New HDD? Comment by djmonsta Nov 2009
  • Apologies, just seemed like an advert, didn't look at his stats. No I have never used Linux. So to sum up I need to clone the drive with something like Paragon. Will that then make the drive bootable? I i need to reinstall my stuff because it …
    in New HDD? Comment by djmonsta Nov 2009
  • is there anyone willing to help me without trying to sell me something?
    in New HDD? Comment by djmonsta Nov 2009
  • U on about the toshi? Aparently the power socket is a common problem within my model of laptop (satellite L300) and many people have resorted to opening up their laptops and putting in a properly working jack. I understand that they are a big player…
  • Also can I draw you away from Toshiba... Its my current laptop (last years xmas present, IBM replacement, no choice) and i've had to replace the screen and the power fitment due to poor build quality. Seems too mass produced.
  • Snarkasm wrote: Throwing a vote in for Lenovo. Build quality is incomparable, and that's always the first thing that degrades for me in my laptops. Agreed, I used to own an IBM Thinkpad T41, and until my girlfriend dropped it on a tiled flo…
  • Thank you lordbean. I appreciate your input. I understand that overclocking is down to fine tuning, i really just wanted to what it was that caused these error messages.
    in Too much? Comment by djmonsta Aug 2009

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