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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD


  • I've read some good things about KLEVV RAM actually hitting almost 3K holding at 1.2 volts on certain Ryzen boards but you can't seem to buy it anywhere in the US right now.
  • How did I leave off "Stop Making Sense"! It is so funny how a discussion like this makes you think about the music you love on the drive to and from work. I hear all this stuff on the radio and it's like, I LOVE THAT!!! But I don't always activel…
  • MicroCenter currently has the Ryzen 1700X for $369 with an extra $50 credit for an AM4 motherboard. You can score a killer sixteen thread CPU and board for less than the flagship CPU alone right now.
  • Man, Dream Theater, Tool, Genesis, Yes... Smart people dig Prog.
  • It is the "Unforgiven" of the super hero genre. Of the films in this genre that take themselves a bit more seriously, I think Logan is even better than The Dark Knight. That whole argument about humanity, nature vs. nurture, what parts make you, you…
    in Logan Comment by Cliff_Forster 21 Mar
  • Thanks guys! I promise should you need to spam me a little sometime, I'm good for a vote, or even reasonable donations for stuff. I'd not ask if I didn't welcome it myself. Thanks again.
  • Also, like @Linc how do you pick one Floyd or Who album? I went with "The Wall" because it has some of my favorite moments. David Gilmour may be my favorite guitarist and the solo's on "The Wall", so brilliant, but "Wish you Were Here" may be the be…
  • http://icrontic.com/article/digital_killing_albums I am 100% with you. That front to back experience is important. It is an art that is less appreciated today, and thus, less effort is going into crafting great albums from front to back. And s…
  • Just in case anyone is looking to buy a gently used gaming PC. - https://baltimore.craigslist.org/sys/6046329676.html Gotta prep for Ryzen! Need $$$
  • https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ycby3F I'm hijacking Prime's thread because my dreams of Ryzen ownership are just as important. It's so odd, last few days as I have been dreaming up my new build I've actually gotten away from the limits of mATX and…
  • I'm thinking about shrinking and doing a stock R 1700 and getting off the H100 AIO. @Thrax if a guy wants to buy the higher end Wrath cooler as an add on, can it be done? Know of a source?
  • Another thing I could think of looking at that case and motherboard combo. If you go with a sound card, your side window may look a little cluttered with the sound card cutting off your graphics. May or may not matter to you. Personally, I don't lov…
  • @ardichoke it is probably less about performance than @Thrax being able to tell you what AMD has tested extensively on the new memory controller.
  • My #1 gripe with the launch is that the Micro boards are all kind of lame. I'll gladly pay $130-150 or so for a Micro ATX offering with the best electronic components, build and top line integrated audio. Newer boards are doing a great job at isolat…
  • I have read that Windows is not handleing the AMD SMT quite right. In simple terms the OS sees it as more physical cores and thinks it can utilize it as such. So its like, where is the L2 cache and there isn't and it is making things less efficent r…
  • If the only thing biased reviewers could find to pick on is 1080p gaming where the results will just as likely be bottle necked at the GPU for most people (when they enable AA, AF, and other visual goodies).. and if they are not GPU limited, still r…
  • Ahhhhh, is there enough of a performance boost to justify it vs. The $329 1700? From reviews I have read the advertised 3.0 on the 1700 is actually stock clocking at 3.2 in CPUz, seems like it is just as easy getting it to 3.9 or so at 1.3 volts jus…
  • On the 1800X isn't stock 4.0 Ghz?
  • So Ryzen is capable of Icrontic?
  • I had the same reaction as some when I looked at the benchmarks. I wanted them to punch Intel in the face in every single aspect, especially on a $500 chip which to me is beyond what I'm wiling to pay for any single PC component. All that said, look…
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Cliff_Forster 3 Mar
  • Efficiency of the platform. They can offer a sixteen thread chip inside a 65 watt envelope. Intel is nowhere near that right now. I think if you are just straight gaming, the future parts are going to be a better deal. I think the Ryzen 5 six cor…
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by Cliff_Forster 3 Mar
  • @primesuspect said: RYZEN hype train gooooi Where is the "so sexy" button?
  • I'm a Nerf Mega Mastodon kinda guy. It's the firearm that says "I ain't got time to bleed" without actually making anything bleed.
  • I got around to seeing it last night. These are without a doubt the best Western Gun Fu movies. They get it. I love how they have crafted a unique world where this kind of violence almost feels common. Two guys on a transit train trying to kill one …
  • AaronLincsUp
  • @Linc - Thread hijack badge with GTA style graphics? Guys, I did not mean to force a debate on legality of someone's emulation hobby box. I think they are cool and all, but I still, really, really, really want the NES Classic. Now, sorta, ki…
  • Been a long time since I did one for somebody's home theater rack. At that time I used an Antec case that I don't believe is in production any longer. Silverstone quality is usually pretty good, I know the Fractal stuff is all built amazing. What GP…
  • I have a 27" freesync display. The experience is so much better for everything I do, but gaming, it blows your mind how turning VSync off improves the look and feel of everything. I swear I track a bit better in FPS games because I never get any fra…
  • It looks like the primo chipset is reserved for full ATX just like the last platform? In fact, I can only find two mini boards? Am I missing something?
  • http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/node-series/node-202-integra-sfx-450w-psu The Node 202 has it's own GPU chamber for up to 310 mm long cards.