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RyanMM Icrontian


Ferndale, MI
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October 18, 1981
Ferndale, MI
President, C! Tech Solutions


  • Beer sold out in 2 hours.
  • @Thrax said: The clipped letters and squeezed glyphs have shades of the Austin Powers logo. I'm not sure how to feel about that in 2017, but I appreciate the thirst for evolving our tired logo. I like the clipped letters on the IC, but I …
  • @Gargoyle said: Actually, I'll be in CBus this weekend for a wedding. I don't know anything about this beer, but what is the likelihood it will still be around Friday? Signs point to it being an insta-whale and selling out today, but if i…
  • @Ryder said: We used to have an @Gargoyle there, maybe he still has beer loving connections. Yeah, I know he's further west now. Ugh. Big release tomorrow and I am hoping I can find someone in the vicinity to hook a brother up. How far is…
  • Who does Icrontic have in the vicinity of Columbus? Appervation releases tomorrow at Jackie O's, and I would love to get some bottles of that.
  • Featured beer #2 comes to us from 2010, when Schmaltz Brewing Company was celebrating its 14th anniversary. Among the ways they celebrated were releasing their Jewbelation 14, and this beer: He'Brew Vertical Jewbelation To make this they b…
  • @LeahVoice said: @RyanMM Got any of those vacuums still laying around? No, but I may have some beer and other goodies.
  • Because I actually have my shit together this year, and because we're not doing a blind horizontal or vertical as a core part of this year's tasting (I will not rule out some mini-blinds, because that's how I roll), I have the unique opportunity to …
  • The guy had a voice that was silky and razor sharp at the same time. For me this is one of his underappreciated cuts. RIP man.
  • @UPSLynx said: End of an era. http://icrontic.com/discussion/comment/944224/#Comment_944224 Dat beer tasting tether yo
  • @Thrax said: The more you know. 🌈 TIL. Thanks!
  • Does Detroit have open container laws that I'm not in the loop on, or does the pedal pub license allow BYOB? I'm only asking because of reasons.
  • @primesuspect said: @Linc said: (yes, you can stand in the ICHQ crows nest - NEWLY REBUILT in 2016!) Well.... not everybody can. New Detroit strikes again!
  • This website needs more red carpet.
  • @Linc said: If the craft brewers' association wanted to put together a strategic plan to, say, buy 11% of Heineken so as to vote against their current board and install friendly directors, I'd be like, "hell yeah, kick 'em in the nuts". Or hell, …
  • @Linc said: leveraging their competitive advantages Whereas I assert they are "exerting undue influence on the market with their monopoly power." Wherefore art thou, Teddy Roosevelt, with your stick of righteous anti-trust destruction?
  • @Linc said: First, I agree that's amazingly shitty (and I'll highlight Boston Beer doing the opposite in 2008 & 2012 as an example of a larger company not sucking). But let's state this a different way: You're sourcing your hops solely…
  • Here's another byproduct of these megabiz - the ability to lock down crops for use by their subsidiaries and shut out craft brewers from access to the same ingredients. This is why your beer dollars matter. This is why craft brewers have an O…
  • I may be able to procure something from Batch if so desired.
  • @primesuspect said: Let's please remember that 10+ really drunk people kind of drag down the sober people in terms of fun, especially when people pay to be here. It's why we instituted the no-liquor rule years ago. The intent wasn't to single out…
  • As a consumer, of any stuff, I try when I can to buy local and from small businesses. That's not always possible, but with craft beer, you really can. You can support the neighborhood brewpub or pubs, you can buy beer made in your state by small bus…
  • My powerball tickets are ready.
    in Be our neighbor! Comment by RyanMM 9 May
  • Also, it allows you to crowd out legit craft from shelves and tap handles using brands you profit from, rather than doing the impossible task of filling the shelf with more macro beer nobody is asking for.
  • If I won the lotto, that place would be LAN party nanobrewery beer cellar coworking space heaven.
    in Be our neighbor! Comment by RyanMM 9 May
  • @primesuspect said: Goddamnit I just love your tender fish meat, Brian.
  • 7,000 square feet over two stories, with an auditorium in the basement, reading rooms, and a club room So wait, it's ICHQ 3.0?
    in Be our neighbor! Comment by RyanMM 8 May
  • If there is such huge demand that a not insignificant number of folks cannot be seated at the tasting, I will find out from Lincoln if a second seating can be done - looking at the schedule right now, there's 9 hours from the start of the first tast…
  • Requesting fish ahead of time, because Brian's fish game is on fleek. lol
  • @Linc said: a new ICHQ tap system