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RyanMM Icrontian


Ferndale, MI
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October 18, 1981
Ferndale, MI
President, C! Tech Solutions


  • Yeah, quick is a pro and a con. I have way too many days where my work schedule necessitates my accessory work be of the "I ain't doing jack shit" variety, so I'm getting my main lift in but a little extra time spent on that would be good on the day…
    in Swoliversary Comment by RyanMM 12:09AM
  • 3x8 or 3x5? Rippetoe SS is 3x5; 3x8 is entering hypertrophy rep range.
    in Swoliversary Comment by RyanMM 16 Oct
  • I was on SS (minus power clean, plus pendlay row) before going to 531. Felt like squats every fucking training session was killing my other gains. Upper body started to actually catch up once I was down to squats once a week. The difference between …
    in Swoliversary Comment by RyanMM 16 Oct
  • @Thrax said: Probably food. I think it's training volume primarily. I feel like I'm eating enough, easily hitting well over 1g of protein per lb bodyweight on lifting days. Without some sort of specific caloric and macro numbers to hit I'…
    in Swoliversary Comment by RyanMM 16 Oct
  • It's been 6 months since I did some 1RM testing. Previous numbers: Deadlift 1RM @ 240lbs Overhead press 1RM @ 100lbs Squat 1RM @ 220lbs Bench 1RM @ 130lbs As of this last week: Deadlift 1RM @ 270lbs Overhead press 1RM @ 110lbs Squat 1RM…
    in Swoliversary Comment by RyanMM 16 Oct
  • @Cyclonite said: Is that going to be a signup too? Yup, thread coming shortly.
  • Anytime between noon-3pm on Saturday would probably be ideal for beer tasting. I do want to allow enough time afterward for costume prep and whatnot. That will also allow folks to hit the fall beer fest friday night. I haven't been to it since 20…
  • @AlexDeGruven said: BA Imperial vertical pls The thought had crossed my mind. We haven't done BA Stouts in a while...
  • Totally down to run a beer tasting. Or is someone already planning one?
  • Another interesting article - this time on the link between keto and epilepsy and migraines. http://bloomsmag.com/less-carbs-more-fat-ketogenic-diet-makes-migraine-patients-headaches-disappear/
    in The Keto diet Comment by RyanMM 28 Sep
  • Some interesting science on keto in mice was recently published. Decent summary here: http://bigthink.com/21st-century-spirituality/ketogenic-diets-promote-longevity-and-memory
    in The Keto diet Comment by RyanMM 20 Sep
  • Oh, hey, Brian, 2008 called, they want their theory back. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/gamesblog/2008/feb/14/cloverfieldishalflife
  • If anyone is looking to move to Ferndale, the house that was $850 a month a few years ago is now merely up to $1200 a month to rent. People were streaming in and out of it today. Please be our across-the-street neighbor. I will give you beer.
  • There's a cash mob event at the end of July before they close, if anyone is so inclined. https://www.facebook.com/events/185196498681605/
  • Was beer tasting not on the list?
  • Rent wouldn't be an issue if their sales hadn't been cratering for years. Hopefully they can find a location that supports their sales levels and they can stay in business.
  • Malty Pass, Beany Pass, Starchy Pass...
  • Jokke, you're a goddamned legend.
  • Cheesecake ftw. Great job @Stack!
  • So, just so folks know - the "Ryan beer prize" on the table is your choice of one of the following: A) A visit to Meray Cellars at a future Expo event for you and one friend during which we'll browse through my bottles and you can pick (with few …
  • So, just so folks know - the "Ryan beer prize" on the table is your choice of one of the following: A) A visit to Meray Cellars at a future Expo event for you and one friend during which we'll browse through my bottles and you can pick (with few re…
  • "Hey Ryan, you should what would be fun?" "No, what, Ryan?" "Putting your car key inside of a computer and then wasting 45 minutes trying to find it."
  • It doesn't matter, I can't find my car key at my office. I'm stuck here and will probably eat my arm while looking for the thing. Hopefully some late joiners will eat my share.
  • I'm just getting out of work. Is there enough Gus's left or should I eat before I head down?
  • So glad I finally got tot try Trizest - I had read about sichaun peppers in an interesting article in 2012 and had been excited to try some food made with that but never got around to seeking it out. Some really unique and new flavors at that pla…
  • Okay, so I'll have 2 more working systems to bring down today - both 1st gen i7s with 6-12GB of RAM, 30GB of free space on their boot SSDs, and one with a 5770 and the other with an R9 290x (video card 1 of 3 tested good @primesuspect). I may be …
  • Is a 5770 enough for most of the games people are playing? I have a system tested and ready but due to PSU limitations on that one that's the beefiest GPU I have on hand that it'll handle.
  • @Sonorous said: @RyanMM said: @Sonorous said: @RyanMM said: @Sonorous said: @Linc said: If one more person tells me …
  • I have one PC in the basement thus far, it's loading some Windows updates. Running a Radeon R9 285 or something along those lines, i7-950, 6GB DDR, SSD. I've created useraccounts for @UPSLynx @Sonorous @GnomeQueen and @BobbyDigi - it's running so…