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November 13, 1984
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  • Works for me. Fave must be racist against the Norse.
  • @primesuspect said: Nothing about this article shocks me. The nostalgia window has closed. The teenagers who cared are all 30 now and have moved on. I don't buy this argument... the nostalgia window hadn't closed when the Star Wars preque…
  • I'll take a gander, OpenHAB has a straight up prebuilt Pi image I believe... but I'm never thrilled about using Java for anything.
  • Wow.... seeing this again makes me glad I didn't buy a SmartThings hub, what with Samsung buying it and their propensity to ruin things. I think my plan now is Raspberry Pi + Razberry Z-wave HAT + OpenHAB = Home Automation Boner. Because I Raspb…
  • @Thrax said: Nobody is gonna long-term update anything anymore. Not even Google. It's not profitable. #LateStageCapitalism This is why projects like CyanogenMod are so import... AH FUCK.
    in Project Fi Comment by ardichoke Dec 2016
  • @Linc said: A leap second has been added to 2016, so we'll need to repeat '1' in our countdown. Oh good... so I can expect an on-call event as some piece of my infrastructure freaks out. Every damn leap second, I swear.
  • One of my coworkers has it, and loves it (aside from the fact that his Nexus 6 still hasn't gotten the Nougat upgrade). He's also a heavy data user, but he makes sure to use WiFi whenever possible and says he saves a toooon of money over what he use…
    in Project Fi Comment by ardichoke Dec 2016
  • @Linc said: I daresay I would've let Tarkin pass if I hadn't known Peter was dead. I just asked @Aaron and he didn't know or notice Tarkin was CGI. The only one he realized was CGI was Leia, because obviously it wasn't Carrie. I also was …
  • I've been saying it repeatedly since Sunday... I am SO GLAD that Lucas sold off Star Wars.
  • @primesuspect said: * Retcon "bothans". Many.... something... died to bring us this information. They never mentioned Bothans once. RIP lore I had the same reaction, until one of my buddies pointed out to me that the Bothans li…
  • You want 32GB of DDR3L? How about for $133? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C51VYH0
  • I haven't updated the CPU/Mobo in my gaming rig since early 2010... This might be just the thing to finally refresh it and also finally implement my hybrid Linux/Windows workstation concept (lightweight Linux install base, virtual Windows w/ PCI pas…
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by ardichoke Dec 2016
  • Something I'm not familiar with called unRAID... he mentioned it a couple times in the video... https://lime-technology.com/ You could do this with Xen or KVM under Linux too, though it would probably be more complicated to set up. I've been w…
  • Don't worry, I won't be there anyway :P I'm hosting my own NYE thing so I can pass out in my own bed.
  • @Linc said: I feel like 2016 maybe didn't go so hot so let's get 2017 off to a proper start with some quality midnight hugs and kisses. Or maybe some quality mass suicide? I feel like 2016 is just the start of a string of at least 3 shitt…
  • @GHoosdum said: @ardichoke said: As for the original topic, unless you have the slowest burning fire of all time, it sounds like electrical problems to me... Probably need an electrician to look at the wiring in the house. Tha…
  • @Linc said: (while Rocky cowers because it terrifies him for some reason). Not really surprising, it's a strange high pitched sound and dogs have better hearing than we do. Probably is pretty painful, or at least downright scary, for him.…
  • https://www.discogs.com/user/ardichoke Horray for even more services mining my data. I'll have to start going through my collection tonight and adding it...
  • @BuddyJ said: For your use the Orbit Basic is probably everything you'd ever need. And if you decide to upgrade it to the Plus specs down the road you can easily upgrade the platter and cartridge down the road. The AT91B will be just fine I'm sur…
  • Yeah, the problem with both the Pro-Ject turntables and the Rega RP1 are that they're nearly 2x the price of the Orbit Basic. That's not just a little more expensive. I don't listen to my vinyl often enough to justify spending that much on a turntab…
  • @Linc said: @ardichoke said: My only concern is the controller. It looks hand cramp inducing tiny for my giant gorilla paws. Didn't they also feature a larger controller in the trailer? It's all wireless anyway, right?…