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November 13, 1984
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  • Except you're conveniently ignoring the backup clause, in that it's legal to make a backup of media you own. There has been no legal precedent set which excludes video games from that.
  • @Thrax said: @BuddyJ said: Most important question. How is it pronounced? Rye-zen? Risen? Raisin RYE-zen. Might have to name my new gaming rig VenerableManhattan
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by ardichoke 24 Feb
  • @Linc said: @primesuspect said: It can't be adblocking. It's literally only your avatar. A lot of people use gravatars but it's only your icon that is messing up. On this site? Who? My latest theory is that Grav…
  • Don't rely on lists to determine what passwords you should change. Unless you know for a fact that the site doesn't use Cloudflare, just change your password (and add 2 factor auth, if it's available.... I know I've been beating that dead horse for …
  • Clearly I haven't kept up on my emulation legality reading. Illegal to download, gray area on making dumps of games you already own (it hasn't been tested because no one has bothered to take it to court, but it's supposed to be legal to make backup …
  • Same here, red-background green face.
  • From my understanding, it's only illegal if you don't own a legal copy of the game... but I am not a lawyer. Also, there are plenty of open source and/or freeware games out there for such systems which are perfectly legal to download and play.
  • @primesuspect said: TL; DR the NSA has access to your CPU. read: soon enough, anyone with the smarts will soon have access to your CPU.
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by ardichoke 23 Feb
  • My NES Classic looks like a raspberry pi with some bluetooth SNES controllers. It's also my Kodi box. It works really well and cost me a lot less than an actual NES Classic.
  • I look forward to rebuilding my aging gaming desktop again. It's been too long. That 1700 chip should do nicely, and the low TDP is sexy as fuck. I have the strangest boner right now.
    in AMD Ryzen Comment by ardichoke 22 Feb
  • @Cliff_Forster said: Let me say, while I appreciate the artsy fartsy early Genesis, I like Patrick Bateman prefer the slightly less challenging but catchy grooves of Phil Collins. This just in, Cliff will drop a chainsaw on your head …
  • @primesuspect said: I have zero resource issues with CrashPlan. It works flawlessly and having friends is not required (though it's nice). I pay for CrashPlan pro and have never regretted it. This may have to do with how new your computer…
  • Yeah, the few qualms I have with SpiderOak are shell integration and the fact that the CLI isn't great (you can run various SpiderOak commands from the CLI but for some reason on Windows the command ends up forking off to the background thus returni…
  • How did I miss this thread for so long? Sounds like people have covered most of my usual recommendations already, but I'll give my input on them anyway. SpiderOak is amazing (I'm pretty sure I did a write-up on using SpiderOak a few years ago tha…
  • Works for me. Fave must be racist against the Norse.
  • @primesuspect said: Nothing about this article shocks me. The nostalgia window has closed. The teenagers who cared are all 30 now and have moved on. I don't buy this argument... the nostalgia window hadn't closed when the Star Wars preque…
  • I'll take a gander, OpenHAB has a straight up prebuilt Pi image I believe... but I'm never thrilled about using Java for anything.
  • Wow.... seeing this again makes me glad I didn't buy a SmartThings hub, what with Samsung buying it and their propensity to ruin things. I think my plan now is Raspberry Pi + Razberry Z-wave HAT + OpenHAB = Home Automation Boner. Because I Raspb…
  • @Thrax said: Nobody is gonna long-term update anything anymore. Not even Google. It's not profitable. #LateStageCapitalism This is why projects like CyanogenMod are so import... AH FUCK.
    in Project Fi Comment by ardichoke Dec 2016
  • @Linc said: A leap second has been added to 2016, so we'll need to repeat '1' in our countdown. Oh good... so I can expect an on-call event as some piece of my infrastructure freaks out. Every damn leap second, I swear.
  • One of my coworkers has it, and loves it (aside from the fact that his Nexus 6 still hasn't gotten the Nougat upgrade). He's also a heavy data user, but he makes sure to use WiFi whenever possible and says he saves a toooon of money over what he use…
    in Project Fi Comment by ardichoke Dec 2016
  • @Linc said: I daresay I would've let Tarkin pass if I hadn't known Peter was dead. I just asked @Aaron and he didn't know or notice Tarkin was CGI. The only one he realized was CGI was Leia, because obviously it wasn't Carrie. I also was …
  • I've been saying it repeatedly since Sunday... I am SO GLAD that Lucas sold off Star Wars.