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  • Maybe if it never saw the light of day it would be for the better. I'm not sure if Valve knows where it's going with the story, or if they have one. There, I said it.
  • See, it's very simple in the end; Apple offers a product at a certain price point, we make a value judgement on whether we believe it to be worth our time/money/whatever, a transaction between two parties occurs or does not occur. It would be no …
  • It's always neat to see what some of the costs for a product are.
  • UPSLynx wrote: Sin sold approximately 30 copies (numbers may be exaggerated to help support point). Seriously, Sin didn't sell, Sin didn't continue. The Half-Life games have no such issue. Episode 3 would never be canceled, as it would Doom V…
  • Koreish wrote: You're midi-chlorians are not reproducing fast enough. Must be all the HFCS.
  • Bobby1211 wrote: That is why you fail... -Bobby No, that's just because I'm weak in the Force.
  • Whatever, I eat what I want.
  • So I finally started playing Mass Effect 2 about a week ago and I have to say that they did a much better job with the characterization this time around.
  • UPSLynx wrote: Ah, so I see you also read that internet comic that used this gag, sans bar, replaced with casino. Really? No I'm asking seriously (not in the O'REALY way).
  • CB wrote: Actually, I've been hearing on NPR money-type shows, like Marketplace, that movie theaters, and movies in general have been doing great business in this downturn, and that that's normal, as people stop going on vacations and other more e…
  • UPSLynx wrote: What DID make me rage, however, was skipping Jim Cameron for best director and giving that award to Katheryn Bigelow for Hurt Locker. It was a mistake to give that award to Bigelow, and a politically safe move if I've ever seen one…
  • UPSLynx wrote: OP Delivers I never thanked you and I mean to rectify it. Thank you.
    in DuniganPCass Comment by Grimnoc Feb 2010
  • Snarkasm wrote: They're not selling the apps - they're (arbitrarily) preventing other people from selling their apps. And? It's their platform. Are you saying that Apple shouldn't have the right to sell what they want (or not sell) on their…
  • Winfrey wrote: I find most of this to be terribly not amusing. Don't worry, my anger is barely constrained. But then again, that's par for the course as soon as 'government' is in the picture.
  • mirage wrote: Apple can sell whatever they want, it is their freedom and decision. But, when they restrict the apps on their devices with the apps from their store, this becomes imposing their decisions on everyone. There is the problem. I don't a…
  • It's terribly amusing to me when governments feel justified in sticking their collective snouts where they don't belong (which is nearly anywhere).
  • Mr. Dapper, no, I will not quit my job and move to Richmond only so that I may stay up late eating ice cream and watching The Last Picture Show with you.
  • Koreish wrote: Grimnoc didn't say anything about My Little Pony or Barbie's Horse Adventure. How angry can Canti get. That's because the quality of writing in My Little Pony and Barbie's Horse Adventure are stellar. One could say out-of-thi…
  • Cliff_Forster wrote: Games as storytelling art? Half Life 2 is a good case, I think some Final Fantasy titles can make a good case, even to a certain more juvenile degree certain Zelda titles. Grim Fandango was a standout, Beyond Good and Evil is …
  • Snarkasm wrote: You are an elitist little man, aren't you, Grimnoc? Yes, and no. Cliff_Forster wrote: The medium's are so different. Literature tells a story a certain way, mostly relying on the minds eye of the reader, film tells it …
  • Natalie Portman.......*shudder* (in a bad way)
  • Cliff_Forster wrote: Christopher Lee is a damn fine actor, he deserved better. I 100% agree with this bit.
  • Let's be honest. Every villian, every villian, from the new trilogy is completely uninspired.
  • I agree with kryyst. Then again, I don't play games for their stories because no matter how 'great' the story is it still sucks in comparison to even mediocre literature.
  • UPSLynx wrote: I LOL'ed but that is not the original Foxy Pizza Ssa. When I get home, I shall procure this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you, because we really do need the original one.
    in DuniganPCass Comment by Grimnoc Feb 2010
  • Cliff_Forster wrote: Point being, they can case you the old fashioned way, or the new way. Lock your doors, get an alarm, and make a habit of cleaning your firearm while sitting in broad daylight on your front porch. Or take my advice, whic…
  • chrisWhite wrote: In other news, Grimnoc needs to learn how to use the edit buttons. He posts two or three posts in a row way too often. Mr Dapper too, for that matter. Not true!
  • chrisWhite wrote: In other news, Grimnoc needs to learn how to use the edit buttons. He posts two or three posts in a row way too often. Mr Dapper too, for that matter. False!
  • I think the lesson we all need to learn here is the need to dispossess ourselves of all electronic devices, drop off the grid, and go forth into the wilderness. There we will take up shelter in abandoned missile silos and mountainside caves. We w…

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