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PinkInDetroit · Brian's (actual) Waifu · Icrontian


Detroit, MI
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July 22, 1982
Detroit, MI
ICHQ housewife/baker


  • EDIT: 10 pedalers, 5 non pedalers, 1 bartender. There are 2 non pedaling seats on the side, above the wheel well.
  • I log in to find this? Hum. I can't really argue with your color assignment.
  • Wow. Well, if any of the 2 of you all coming want to be voyageurs I could use some people in my canoe besides me and evonne. I have some accoutrements, and some shitty instruments! Wear brown or khaki pants, and long sleeved plain red/dark blue/w…
  • PEDAL PUB. Yes, I see there has been some confusion. Allow me to blab about it. I picked up a side gig this summer driving one of these 16 seater crazy bike pub contraptions downtown. USUALLY we take party people to bars, pedal around, hit anothe…
  • BTW Evonne and Mark will need pass out spots. Arrivals seem to be the 24th and 25th. Scrubs. ON A COSTUME NOTE. If anyone wants to dress up as a Voyageur, you are welcome to join my Land Canoe Krewe. Crappy instruments, shitty french, and shen…
  • @Tushon said: If you're feeling saucy, I'm also going to do this. Woohoo last minute and out of shape! https://my.cupids.org/tushon YEAH. GET IT. PICS OR GTFO. whistles
  • THANK YOU to those that have donated! Next time I see you, I will personally give you a creepy hug and probably grab your butt. Possibly even at the same time.
  • @Jokke said: As much as i do enjoy half-naked women, I wouldn't want you to get pneumonia. I really doubt a mile out in the cold will result in pnemonia, but thank you for your contributions to ensure that doesnt happen!
  • Oh hai everyone, I guess this is a friendly Bompz? I just realized yesterday that in a WEEK we'd be doing this. And yes, if you want to go....drink in MODERATION THE NIGHT BEFORE. And maybe get some sleep. Just sayin. Foos.
  • Think I have a newbie coming in. Not on the forums yet. Will need attic space. Am I gonna have to put "reserved" signs on beds?
  • I know Evonne and Mark are coming (possibly others?) and I know they will need crash space. I'm posting here on their behalf since they're never in the forums. ;P
  • @AlexDeGruven said: @Karma said: I am like 95% sure I am still sterile from the last time I road the Mantis. Mantis has been reconfigured as a sit-down (as a person of above-average height, it was always a pain to ride…
  • @FettBacon said: I'm also now half sure @PinkInDetroit leads a secret second life hunting ghosts in NY. ...I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • @primesuspect said: If only there were some... way... to put a "hyperlink" to some content for people to "click" on... I just wanted to rub it into jackie's face and not make it easy on her. Darn you for foiling my plans!
  • @GnomeQueen said: Is she putting those on Redbubble? They'd make great stickers or phone cases. Oh, yeah, done. Did that before we left on vacation. Sold quite a few! YOU JUST GOT HOLTZMANN'D BABY!
  • I am super impressed with @bells tenacity
  • ALSO. For whoever is driving there! Apparently it's Riverwalk Bullshit Fest so here is the closest cheapest parking lot available. https://google.com/maps/place/River+East+Parking+Garage/@42.330886,-83.0339629,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x883b2cd7078baf…
  • Once @Massalinie pays I have room for TWO MORE BIKE RENTALS. I wasn't aware two people were bringing bikes, and I cannot un-rent those two bikes so I have two spots available. (ie: I'm eating the cost of two bikes unless two of ya'll step up) pay…
  • @FettBacon said: @TroubleBaker this is @Massalinie on Fett's phone because mine is dead lol Strikes, Farge and I are all renting and we will be there in about three hours. Is it okay if we pay you with cash when we arrive? And also for the kayak …
  • Goddammit. who in the list is RENTING a bike?
  • I have not received payment from these fine folks. please pay ASAP. 20.00 via paypal to Misstroublebaker@gmail.com I also have room for one more! @QCH @Tushon @Strikes @TiberiusLazarus @Farge @MAGIC @DigiKid @BobbyDigi @Massali…
  • THIS IS MY LIST OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IN. If your name isn't on here and you think it should be, say something now! Or if your name is on here and it shouldn't be, also speak up! @TiberiusLazarus @malia @mertesn @RyanFodder @QCH @Jokke @…
  • Ok, yes, looks like we're at 20.00 even for everyone. I bumped up our rental time to 3 hours just to give us some cushion.
  • @AlexDeGruven said: BTW, team lead is interested in the Kayak tour thing. Do they have a website? http://www.detroitriversports.com/
  • @GHoosdum said: I already PayPal'd ya 20 bucks because that's what Linc told us the cost would be! Yes, yes you did!
  • @TroubleBaker said: @FettBacon @bells @Farge I JUST saw your names on the other OTHER kayak list. I have room for all but one of you. the first two that send 40 to Misstroublebaker@gmail.com are in. @AlexDeGruven said: I'm perfectly w…
  • @FettBacon @bells @Farge I JUST saw your names on the other OTHER kayak list. I have room for all but one of you. the first two that send 40 to Misstroublebaker@gmail.com are in.

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