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  • Standard Pirate outfit, because I'm always hunting for booty..
  • I can definitely see how people could be distracted by music during raiding. I usually will put on some non-lyric house/chillout music or even some orchestral/instrumental movie scores while raiding just as a filler, I usually have it on pretty quie…
  • I do not yet have a character on KT (waiting to see whether the guild raids for real) but I'm available if it is a flex raid. I have a 510 Mage and a 501 Disc Priest I can go on. I'm most comfortable on my mage.
  • I have 2 90 mages, a 90 priest, and a level 88 pally, I'm willing to transfer one for raiding. I'll heal or dps, depending on which is lacking the most. I'm most comfortable on mage/priest (specifically disc), but I can probably learn holy/shadow fo…
  • Well I mean if some of the WotLK raiders are coming back to raid I can't pass up that opportunity.
  • I would like to join the guild to raid again if that is something people are planning on doing. I would probably be leveling a character from scratch though.
  • I've been thinking about the good times in WotLK recently and how i missed that time in wow, I have 2 90s but I haven't been playing much recently but I would be down to get into the game again. I can start a new character or transfer one to KT.
  • i didn't even know people played on Tortheldrin still, seemed so dead when i transferred off of it. I actually currently have 85s on like 4 different battlegroups for arenas and to play with friends.
  • the only thing that keeps me interested in the game anymore is arena and trying to push rating, but i would raid if i ever found a guild i liked and that would stay active, i miss raiding icc with Icrontic (even though i was god awful back then). GW…
  • quick question, i know 0 about this game but gonna play it anyways.... are there servers that dont allow stuff like world pvp and are just pve servers like in WoW? or are all servers pvp?
  • MVP too strong, still don't know a lot about the game but watching his macro in the late game is insane. his tournament wins in 2011 and so far in 2012 definitely reflect how good he is.
  • I can't believe i forgot to put what race i play.... fail. I play Terran. Was inspired by players like MMA, Mvp and MKP after watching some tourneys. thank you for the tips, since i haven't really even tried to micro so i've been just trying to stre…
  • I must disagree. The only 2 CoDs that I consider good are Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Modern Warfare 2 has something that gives it a special touch, and the graphics are... Tough not realistic, and very virtual, I like it a lot. About Black Ops…
  • Fatcat said this earlier and it happened to me as well, but i still don't understand why i wiped to Belial (2 man normal) like 4-5 times and one shot every other final boss.
  • Perkins#1324 never thought i would like a dungeon crawler game as much as i like Diablo 3 so far.
  • is the official twitter of gw2 the best place to find out when the next beta weekend will happen? also, ill be sure to make a character on Blazeridge Mountains. I had a lot of fun with the first beta weekend, i have been waiting for a mmo i can have…
  • yea buddy, been waiting for this game since WoW died with Cataclysm release.... that expansion was sooo awful.
  • 2012 is going to be a big year for Hollywood Blockbusters and especially on the Superhero end with Spiderman reboot, The Avengers, and the last of the Dark Knight Trilogy, not to mention other big films like Skyfall (next bond film), Bourne Legacy, …
  • @Tushon Yes! i really think Renner is a great actor after watching Hurt Locker when it came out, i think renner is going to be a good Bourne. yeah that would be interesting to see Damon in it.
  • He's the Martin Luther King Jr. of Study Technology if you will. still don't know what it is though....
  • a couple weeks ago i went and saw Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol and i was pleasantly surprised. although the action was over the top just like all the other MI movies i really liked that it had another big name actor in it, Jeremy Renner. I tho…
  • Brohammad_Ali
  • just started playing this game last night and holy Sh*t is it a good game, can't stop playing it for a second. still haven't gotten a hang of aerial vehicles yet =/. add me on origin if you want to play, Brohammad_Ali
  • this helicopter video is awesome! nice.
  • http://youtu.be/_AlH-POYd9o This is not me, but Sgt. Enigma is the best sniper i have seen in any of to be honest, hes BF:BC2 montages are insane. this is a Beta-Tage
  • If i didnt have a 360 already and all my friends didnt play on the xbox alone it would be a hard choice purely based on the console exclusives: 360: Halo, GoW, Fable, Forza Ps3: God of War, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted.
  • Anyone know if Titan Quest is good? it's on sale for $3.74 and it looks kind of entertaining.
  • Brohammad_Ali Haven't gotten to play much with midterms and all but what would you guys rate the game so far? i know its only beta and theres a lot more coming with the full release, i like the game and it's very addictive, but i still like the ori…
  • Has anyone had problems with the Caspian Border map? i lag a little bit like every 5-10 seconds, if it were playable for me i could see how fun that map would be with the vehicles and all, a real BF sandbox map.

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