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June 19, 1983
Detroit, MI
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  • @drasnor said: I'm probably going to reveal my age here, but by pack do you mean booster pack or starter deck? Booster pack. Starter decks (later "tournament pack") ended a long while back (they were basically 3 booster packs with extr…
  • @Tushon said: I'm not sure this has been noted, but I would guess that login is broken due to HTTPS issue until server cutover Clear your cookies. Vanilla gets angry about both http + https cookies together.
  • One. One Icrontian. Ah ah ah.
  • How one lapsed player eased back in after two decades Recommended reading - good tips!
  • @Kwitko said: Why don't you go run backwards, naked, through a field of dicks? Don’t threaten us with a good time.
  • I fixed the 'necro' addon and deployed it. I also updated "Latest Comment" on all discussions so any that were missed should be bumped now. The "Mark All Viewed" broken button is removed. As always, the option in the gear by your avatar works for…
  • I mounted the DO volume as /storage in a nod to our old Opteron system where we needed a separate drive mounted to handle our "massive" site. (Nowadays we have 30% more stuff but take up < 30% of the minimum drive size.) What's funny is I didn't …
  • The Curbed article has been updated extensively as well, with everyone from the Mayor to Council to the department enforcing saying, "whoa now, that's not what we meant to do".
  • @AlexDeGruven said: especially if you're not doing any funky httpd configs so it can work automagically. Guess what we're doing to the Nth degree? We support redirects and edge cases for half a dozen legacy platforms we used to use. W…
  • Whew. I'm still opposed to blocking AirBnB in primary residences. I think this R1/R2 vs R3 stuff is pretty silly. The rule should be: No single-family homes can be used for AirBnB unless its the rentee's primary residence. If you live there full …
  • Aaron and I are actually planning to AirBnB the extra bedroom when Brian & Nicole move out. While I am opposed to entire-house rentals (of properties dedicated to that) in R1/R2 districts, entirely banning it is horseshit.
  • @AlexDeGruven said: letsencrypt? I don't think you really need super-ultra-verified certs, and they make it stupid simple, even for multiple domains under the same httpd. That's my plan. Figuring all that out is a Very Big Deal for me and…
  • @MethoD said: If you need to do that, for sure. But you can also take snapshots or automated backups of the server so that if something happens, you can just spin up a droplet from that snapshot/backup. I guess it's up to what you think the site …
  • @MethoD said: And if 100GB is crazy overkill, then you may not even need to bother with a DO volume. You can almost certainly get by with the default droplet sizes: https://blog.digitalocean.com/new-droplet-plans/ I can, but that defeats …
  • @RyanMM said: Dumb question, but is this whole process the reason the SSL cert is AWOL right now? Yes. I spite-closed that ticket rather than continue talking to shitlord tech support.
  • @MethoD said: As for the FS, I believe you can do what you're describing with DO Spaces or Volumes (I believe these are just NFS mounts). I like the look of Spaces, but I'm keen to use the Toronto datacenter which lacks that, so Volumes i…
  • NFS, or Network File System, is a distributed filesystem protocol that allows you to mount remote directories on your server. This allows you to leverage storage space in a different location and to write to the same space from multiple servers easi…
  • @AlexDeGruven said: NFS mounts? There's a bit of humor when I have to Google your answer and the first thing that I find is a Digital Ocean tutorial, hehe.
  • Further on the "which hosting provider" topic: I think the critical component of that discussion is "what's your tech stack look like?" when recommending a provider. When I ask other PHP/MySQL devs, they always say Digital Ocean with conviction. …
  • One big wrinkle is that we have a file serving system that is a certifiable clusterfuck. Vanilla doesn't proxy files, so uploads need to be in a web-served directory. It has CDN support of course, but we haven't been using it and I'm a bit reticent …
  • Howdy, Wugs. Good to see you.
  • @primesuspect said: Nope. I think only Mondi, Kwitko, and maybe Lincoln have seen ICHQ 1.0. I could be mistaken about that, though. You can't retcon that as ICHQ 1.0 out of the blue. There are rules.
  • @MethoD said: Oh hey, I can contribute to this discussion. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.
  • That's definitely a conflict between our custom necro badge and how Vanilla's datetime handling has changed.

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