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June 19, 1983
Detroit, MI
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  • @primesuspect said: so much of the convoluted mess of a story revolves around their love, this is important. On this one point, we differ. I think their romance was a tack-on from the 70s comics it came from. They shoulda ditched it and t…
  • @AlexDeGruven said: I guess I'll wait for video. My position is: If you're gonna see it, do it in the theater where you at least get to watch the delicious spectacle of visual effects and world building they did. The plot, premise, and ef…
  • Ronin & Heat are indeed pillars of their styles. Dark City, Being John Malkovich, and Adaptation are the ones I keep in my back pocket when someone randomly says they want to watch a movie but they've seen "everything". Mad Max: Fury Road …
  • I also picked up a set of preconstructed Commander (100 cards, no duplicates) decks for the house if anyone wants to play those.
  • Soto and I had a great 5 hours of gaming on Saturday and won a few packs for our efforts. Hour of Devastation is a real challenging set for limited deck building - I didn't really understand how to best play my deck until the second match. I'm de…
  • @Creeperbane2 said: you have to be able to spot fakes. I don't think any scenario where you need to be equipped to spot fake cards is good advice for a beginner.
  • @TiberiusLazarus said: I live on the path of totality. So say we all.
  • Two weekends in a row with someone to play Magic with?
  • Those mini-reunions in the comment sections of this picture help keep the group together and caught up, long after it splintered and scattered to the wind. Some still try to get together, either online through modern games like League of Legends or …
  • @Thrax said: Pretty sure one of my tshirts still smells like jazz cabbage from the 24/7 blaze-a-thon going on next door. We count our blessings that the neighbor 8 feet from our 24/7 game-a-thon is so mellow.
  • @sazboom said: Do you have an Commander Decks you would recommend? Commander is all about picking your colors, then choosing a character that embodies those colors in the way you want to play them. I highly recommend Mark Rosewater's arti…
  • My schedule changed and I could actually do the Friday draft now or either event Saturday. Kyle's graduation party is that evening but I wasn't planning to stay the entire time anyway. I've never played Two-Headed Giant but hell, I'd do that …
  • @RyanMM said: Ouch. You're overestimating the gap. I had to zoom in on SurveyMonkey's bar chart to pick out the order. Only 5 events scored a lower average than 4 on a 5-point scale and Beer Tasting was not one.
  • This is a great site: http://whatsinstandard.com/
  • @RyanMM said: Was beer tasting not on the list? I was only showing the top 10. Beer tasting did well, it just didn't hit the top 10.
  • @CB said: Fun fact: I need practice being succinct when interviewed... This 45 minute interview was cut together from a two hour conversation. I've heard of TIME doing a 3-day interview for a 2-page article, so I don't think that's your r…
  • @Gargoyle said: @Linc said: * Game codes from the prize drawing will be organized & delivered this week. How does that work, do we pick our preferred games? That's the "organize" part...
  • A few followup items: * Game codes from the prize drawing will be organized & delivered this week. * Heroes will be getting their "flair" on the forum by next Sunday. * Refunds are still to be distributed for Pedal Pub since Nicole was ab…
  • Ran out of ragrets. Sadness.
  • Addendum: Returning Player / Deep-End Strategy / How I Started If I remember correctly, I started playing Magic by buying a Fourth Edition gift box (2 of the old starter decks, which was roughly equivalent to 6 booster packs + extra lands) and ma…
  • I forget who wrote "---------- RAGRETS" on the giant bottle of sangria to mark where they drank to, but Aaron and I have been offering each other glasses of "ragrets" for days now.
  • I've finished the laundry, now. That's always my milestone of when Expo season is well and truly over.
  • @Mt_Goat said: I am already seeing how people can really get into this and even get hooked. Seven months later, @Mt_Goat emerges from the computer room with crazed eyes, a gaunt face, and a SketchUp rendering of Alaska... all of it.
  • I also just scooped up the new multiplayer set, Archenemy: Nicol Bolas. Come at me.
  • @primesuspect said: in b4 the literal definition of gentrification Wouldn't a hat store moving in be gentrification?
  • "I was telling my company in chat about you drinking the entire bottle." "Not the whole bottle." "OK, there's a little left." "Well, not anymore."