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July 5, 1991


  • @Cliff_Forster said: EA has lost over 3 Billion in stock value since the release of the game, down about 10%. I take no pleasure in relaying that, but it does show the power of public perception when a passionate group is unified. Gamers a…
  • @Massalinie said: Got another one of these lined up Ah yes the generic hipster logo beer.
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 22 Nov
  • The best are those artisan videos of Japanese Carpenters just silently working with hand tools the sound of of planers and the like are awesome. But alas see my previous complaint about ASMR.
  • I tried getting into it a few years back. My god though it just felt like it was 80% girls whispering about nothing. IT felt so weird. It was weird.
  • Hmmmm an Erie diving watch. Looks out window .... interesting indeed.
  • I tried playing around a bit. Unfortunately I have been nerfed by stupidly unsteady internet. Constant 40 to 200 spikes like every 2 seconds is amazingly terrible.
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 19 Oct
  • Oh my god if they made it so the airblast doesn't just fucking stop you no matter how you get hit by it I will cry tears of joy. nothing worse than being a scout running get hit by some random puff from behind and getting stopped entirely and then …
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 19 Oct
  • I looked at tf2 and thought, hey this game needs more cosmetic choices!
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 18 Oct
  • Well @UPSLynx Will come on say a couple things and go afk for at least 2 hours.
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 10 Oct
  • Fuck it you know I'll be there
    in 10 Years Of TF2 Comment by Karma 9 Oct
  • Xps13 I lube mine
  • @Cliff_Forster said: Played some Quake Champions Beta the last few days. There is a part of me that loves the old school fast as blazes get to the Quad as soon as it spawns gameplay, but another part of me where my reflexes are obviously a touch …
  • @PirateNinja said: Showing your age, wired vibrators You clearly don't watch a lot of Japanese porn.
  • I like Arch a lot, but it's not for everyone and I don't even use it any longer just not worth it. I use both Ubuntu and Fedora depending on what I am trying to do, both have a lot of support. Anyways for your command line learning here is a book…
  • @CB said: @Gattsu said: The shooting mechanics are perplexing under certain circumstances. @shwaip said: except for some of the shooting mechanics. @Karma said: I think the gun mechs will probably ke…
  • From what I've seen of streams it looks pretty fun, except for some of the shooting mechanics. I also think if get pretty frustrated by a 3rd person shooter rather than an FPS. I think the gun mechs will probably keep from buying the game at…
  • Wait Are we going to do a what are we playing in April thread?
  • So NieR:Automata is a game with a really attractive main character. It's also a game with a pretty good somewhat culty following. This Leads to a lot of really awesome Cosplay. Different cosplayer Helly Von Valentine Diff…
  • @MiracleManS said: There will likely be some recency bias here, but my favorite albums tend to be: Relationship of Command - At the Drive-In The Greatest Story Ever Told - The Lawrence Arms (the liner notes and story are fucking awesome…
  • @Ilriyas said: Basically every Platinum game is a goddamn gem, I have Nier Automata but I'm trying to finish Witcher 3 before I get into it. por que no dos? Also I dunno they got a lot of non original IPs Korra, TMNT, Transformers I co…
  • Then I guess you can really on get NieR! at least it narrows your choices
  • @primesuspect said: I'm into it. The more I hear about NieR:Automata the more I get hyped. I want Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, and NieR:Automata like, right now. Do you have a switch (or wiiu i guess) or PS4?
  • SO I finished my first play through of NieR:Automata, holy shit this game is amazing. I was literally left jaw agape a couple times during. I highly recommend. The music is some of the best I've heard in a game, and the art style is top notch. On…
  • @BobbyDigi said: @edcentric said: Does that tell you what the odds are? Nope, but this did. 1:9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chance The odds are a bit better than that. That's the odds of getting eve…
    in March madness Comment by Karma 17 Mar
  • @Gargoyle said: @Karma said: Ncase best case Here's a video review. Looks good, and while it's not cheap, it's competitive with the higher-end Lian Li cases (and Lian Li is the OEM). Yup I own one. And ye…
  • @BobbyDigi said: * @primesuspect is absolutely shit-tastically failing at Poly Bridge I love that it shows me your scores. #rekt I have one goal in that game. To beat your score.
  • @drasnor said: I believe that mini ITX is the future. Micro ATX to ATX? Go small or go home. The siren song beckons; join us! I live in a Lian Li PC-Q08B. Ncase best case
  • @Myrmidon said: Does this game suck now? I see very few of us playing it anymore. Logged on this weekend and the game is SO much more toxic than I remember. Not fun at all. Lol. I am on the game always kinda sucked train. You can see m…
    in Overwatch Comment by Karma 13 Mar
  • I plowed Lara's ass through the Siberian forest earlier. Titanfall 2. Nier: Automata FFXV Metric shit ton of Indie games.

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