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Casstown, OH
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October 19, 1984
Casstown, OH
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  • I figured it out last last night. My configuration issue was that I had the PC port tagged instead of untagged. I made that change early on but it took me about another 2 hours to get it working correctly. A fiber link was added between these…
  • I'll be working with it a little more tomorrow morning and then report back. I think my issue is that I need to make the PC ports untagged and that'll resolve me. I tried the uplink ports untagged with the PC ports tagged but not vice versa.
  • //edit found something else I think I may need to try. Tagging my trunk ports that connect to routers/other switches. Then untag all the PC ports that I set specific PVID membership to the appropriate VLAN's. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Sm…
  • We'll see on raiding I need to spend a little more time looking at mechanics I think first. Otherwise I can pretty much guarantee to be the person who standings in the healers as the bomb.
  • Does your wife's laptop have any sort of automated remote backup through carbonite, Norton, anything like that?
  • It won't help with the phones but with respect to your desktop and wife's laptop I have always used netlimiter. I have not used it in probably 5 or 6 years but it would track and log what programs accessed the internet and how much they transferred…
  • Some of the stuff I agree with but a lot of it was bad examples. I married a woman from outside the major cities of Kentucky and I'm fairly sure that biscuits and gravy are two primary food groups. A true breakfast or dinner has meat and potatoes …
  • Most of these are pretty cool. The massive comment number indicator things on the right look really really gross. For me I think the orange block is a little distracting. I imagine in a week or two I'll adjust fine and won't notice it any longer.…
  • Ten years ago I was graduating high school and headed off to college to room with norge and mmonnin (plus 1 more who was never really involved in iIrontic). My life has taken a lot of twists and turns since that point. Icrontic played a large part…
  • That brings back some memories. I missed this thread the first time around glad it got brought back again.
  • He's going into engineering, He'll be getting into Autocad type programs, 3d modeling, etc. The above specs are from his program's admission info. Has anyone purchased from powernotebooks.com recently? I got a laptop in 20003 from there and had a…
  • Congratulations, I can't imagine the number of coding hours that had to go into this. Gotta feel good to see it actually come to life.
  • I joined sometime in early 2001. Would have been right around the Apu's Hardware to Icrontic change. I was getting an Abit KT7 for my first computer build while I was in high school. It was THE place for info at the time.
  • It has been a trip down memory lane when I saw this achievement pop up. I just went to work about a month ago putting my PC's back online at work and home. It's kinda sad but it was just a convienence thing that I stopped. With the new beta cli…
  • Time completely flies by doesn't it. I guess it's good that it seems to keep getting better the farther you get though. Graduating to soccer/basketball games and practices all week, then tinkering around the house on the weekends isn’t a bad dea…
  • Could I snag an invite to the icrontic steam group? Username Aranyic.
  • I'm looking forward to Ohio State kicking off tomorrow. It's been a long, rough off season. I'm hopeful this will be one of those special seasons you get every once in a while. Cut out some of the big names and get a bunch of kids who want to g…
  • I've got it taken care of, this thread can be cleared out/moved if need be.
  • It's for my 14 yr old starting high school. I have a TI86 which will do all the same things as a TI84 I assume. But it'll make my life easier if he can use all the same keystrokes as the teachers show.
  • I spent a year driving from Piqua, OH to Winchester, KY every weekend. I still giggle every time I pass the Big Bone Lick State Park sign.
  • I just recently installed it on a couple of computers again. Question though I've got 3 units completed but none of them have uploaded yet. Did that add something different to it recently where it stores them up then uploads multiple?
  • I'm with the people who can't get over not having a hardware keyboard yet.
  • I'm just ready for Verizon to get the bold 9650 announced / released. I'm still working off my curve 8330 which has been a great phone, (almost 3 years I've had it now) but I'm ready for something new. I skipped the first version of the tour and t…

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