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RahnalH102 · the Green Devout, Veteran Monster Hunter, Creature Enthusiast · Icrontian


New Mexico
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January 28, 1993
New Mexico
Graphic Designer, Freelance Artist


  • I've got another review for one of my finished games almost done, but I have my doubts about it. I know it's something along the lines of "I'm not conveying what I feel I should be conveying.", but why I'm getting that feeling I'm not sure.
  • A Hat In Time A Hat In Time is a 3D platformer collect-a-thon game in the vain of Super Mario series, Banjo & Kazooie series, etc, and justly marketed as "cute-as-heck". You play as "Hat Kid" a time/space traveling little girl on her way b…
  • My bro and I have been anticipating it and remembered it was added to the calendar. Could not find it. Only the raid calendar. Totally forgot it was posted in here too. Figured I'd just wait for people to log on to the server on the right Tuesday c…
  • Alright, since I don't have any official Blizzard word on it, this is purely conjecture, somewhat backed by "data" I've noticed on my end. I first noticed shortly after the Doomfist update that I felt I was getting a lot fo Doomfist items in Loot…
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 16 Nov
  • I wonder, if they have a faction system in this one likely using the Hogwarts houses, will they do a Sorting Hat method to assign you a house or will you just choose it yourself? Maybe both available? When it comes to their development and mainte…
  • Aside from analyzing your stats like I mentioned before, another method I've heard of for trying to improve is to record your matches and then go back and watch them, especially with a friend or two/a coach, to analyze playstyle and stuff that's not…
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 4 Nov
  • I understand that the question might be rhetorical and you're just venting, but I wanna take a crack at it for the sake of what I think might be an interesting discussion. Disclaimer: I don't actually know how the mechanics of the MMR system work…
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 3 Nov
  • Would you look at that, a new official video and update! After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Tea…
  • Some of my favorites:
  • Well, a bit more then a year later and I got Digi's done. And here is an imgur album of it and it's smartphone counterpart, per Digi's request. Working on this one really got me wanting to play TF2 again. After putting a ton of time into playing…
  • I got to play in the alpha and it was pretty fun at the time (about a year and a half ago I think). I'm interested in seeing how it's changed and improved since then.
  • What some people can do with this drawing feature man. Edit: For reference, the only functions in the drawing feature are 3 sizes of pixel perfect pencil and eraser, an undo/redo button, and a zoom function,.
  • While I don't have Funko Pop problem (1 total), I may have a statue/figure problem in general (30). I originally had one of Arthas (Lich King), Kerrigan, and Tyrael from a Blizzcon goodiebag, but gave two to my friend and his brother who are bigger …
  • I had been wondering what I might need to do to play Magic next time I visited ICHQ so this is very helpful. Thanks Linc! What's your favorite strategy for introducing new folks to the game? I haven't developed a strat around it but this happene…
  • Good job guys and gals!
  • Yesterday Nintendo recently revealed a bit more about the online service for the Switch. The full release has been pushed back from later this year to sometime in 2018. Still will have the free trial run this Summer. The enhanced classic games…
  • Currently on the PTR, the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skin have been added to the regular loot box loot table. So if you missed out/skipped the HotS crossovers, then you can still get those skins eventually once this patch goes live. Assuming they do…
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 1 Jun
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • They've announced another type event. This time it's the grass event and it lasts from tomorrow afternoon sometime to May 8th.
    in Pokemon GO Comment by RahnalH102 5 May
  • Don't stop feeling good and having fun!
  • I got my copy of Mario kart 8D today. Something I noted right off was that almost everything was unlocked from the start. All the characters including the new ones, all the cups, 200cc and mirrored. Not sure about the vehicle parts, but I noticed th…
  • IDK any actual numbers, but I feel as though my time in HotS has been a better one then most other MOBAs. Probably has something to do with it's smaller population, shorter games, and the fact that I had regular chat turned off for quite a long time…
  • The Transformers one is supposed to be pretty good if a bit redundant/short.
  • @Myrmidon said: @RahnalH102 said: For the sake of discussion, do you think the increase in toxicity you've noticed is a result of the rank and pro scene growing and evolving for the game? Someone else is gonna have to …
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 13 Mar
  • Busy and sick and then distracted over the last couple weeks are the reasons I haven't been ingame over the last week or so. I personally have stuck to arcade mode recently cause I tend to have the most fun in the game modes in there. Playing wit…
    in Overwatch Comment by RahnalH102 12 Mar
  • Console LoZ: Breath of the Wild, Smash 4 Mobile: Fire Emblem Heroes, Burrito Bison PC: Heroes of the Storm, A little bit of League of Legends, some Overwatch, a bit of Diablo 3. School picked up a good bit a couple weeks ago and some gam…
  • Went to the store a bit ago. I get there and the video game section has some conspicuously empty sections. The labels all have NSW on 'em. My first worried thought is that it flew off the shelves already. A true feat for my backwater town. Nah, t…

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