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IndigoRed Icrontian


Perth Western Australia
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July 10, 1957
Perth Western Australia
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  • in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Apr 2018
  • I must have been dropped off the notification list because I haven't seen you guys in ages. I'm glad I'm back on it and good to see this community is as awesome as ever! Welcome back into my life!
  • in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Aug 2015
  • I snark in this general vicinity.
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Sep 2014
  • @pigflipper it took me all of about 5 minutes to download and set it up. A lot easier than it used to be.
  • When I took my pants off the other day I found ___________________
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed May 2012
  • It tastes like burnies!!!
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Jun 2011
  • I gave up this post for lint.
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Mar 2010
  • Thanks for the kudos folks. Whoa, 2 mil. Considering this is on a farm I created at my last job that I left over 2 years ago, I'm pretty happy. And checking the stats, it looks like some of them are still cranking along. Considering I work at a majo…
  • I feel humbled. I'm glad the pc's at my last job are still chugging away for a good cause. I whispered about the F@H programs running on the rigs to my replacement. Looks like he's keeping it up under my name
  • primesuspect wrote: Delete everybody Ha! Ye shant be rid of me that easily Prime!11!!1!1 Returns to silent trolling...
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Jan 2009
  • Having been through US economic crisis in the past, there's one thing that always happened... they ended. Life went on and got back to normal. Chin up mate. And hey, look to other fields. Take it from someone who's whole career has absolutely nothin…
  • I see unbroken bottles... no fail It's Grolsch anyways...
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Apr 2008
  • Except for tri, it's all gon. And I think that's only because the Japanese used Trigon in one of their horror monster movies... :bigggrin:
  • Ok, ok. Since none of you seem to have the furries to say it... Maybe you should Kwit while you're ahead!!! tyvm
  • Losing theater is a small price to pay for leaving Philly... :bigggrin:
  • It's simple. They want you to go out and fu the ocean ecosystem by touching all the marine life you can get your hands on... just wants me to run out and buy a Wii... or scuba gear.
  • Ok, all well and good, but what exactly is a "small rat"? To my knowledge (limited) in Cape York, they'd come in one size; "RUN!!!" :bigggrin:
  • I want nay I need now
  • You didn't mention if it stops working at any other time, such as during normal activity or after a normal start-up when you haven't loaded anything, but assuming you haven't had these problems, I would suggest going to the Toshi website. If you're …
  • Buddy Jesus wrote: Good to see you're still quite disturbed Buddy J.
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Jan 2008
  • fatcat wrote: my 1800th post! Beer is cheaper than gas. Don't drive. Just drink. Did I ever mention you're my hero FC? Now if they could just get cars to run on pure alcohol...
    in Delete Me Comment by IndigoRed Jan 2008
  • As one would... :bigggrin: kidding Lin, kidding...
  • Went on there last night after reading this. Plenty of folks logged on... but tumbleweeds... Ah well, life at the other end of the timescale. I'm ok, btw, just real life intruding. Steep learning curve with the new job. And no internet... bmmr. N…
  • Happy Thanksgiving all you US-ians. *sigh* Forgotten what it's like... somebody send me a drumstick! Preferrably on of the ones in FC's picture! (ANY one of the one's in FC's picture!!!) :bigggrin: Enjoy, but enjoy safely.
  • It's the "What if...", "If only...", "Wish that wou happen to me..." factor. Watched it again and again myself. Crappy yet fascinating. AND I WANT THAT CAR!!!
  • 1. They infer "imported" but you need a magnifying glass to read the fine print. Even the ads show their foreign roots. 2. The "Imports" are $4-$5 more expensive than the locals. 3. Fosters take up one line one the supermarket/bottle shop shel…
  • Hey T, I may just create a noob to look you up! I wonder if that qualifies for a "real person" achievement...:bigggrin:
  • Welcome to Icrontic, mediumraah. We'll help if we can. Need more info from you. Are we talking Macromedia? Did you download it from there? If not, where? Also give us some detail on your system. Are you running a 3rd party firewall? What did it d…

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