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Ilriyas · The Syrupy Canadian · Icrontian


Toronto, Ontario
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December 14, 1993
Toronto, Ontario
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Tim 'Ilriyas' Gamey


  • Persona 5 waifu guesses, courtesy Ily Wily. If they're wrong feel free to yell at me but I feel fairly competent in (Most of) these. @UPSLynx - Ann Takamaki @cola - Futaba Sakura @Basil - Sadayo Kawakami @midga - Tae Takemi
    in Waifu thread Comment by Ilriyas 24 Sep
    in Waifu thread Comment by Ilriyas 22 Sep
  • Now I'm wondering if they'll ever remake Talespin, that show made me want to become a bush pilot.
  • I downloaded it, if anyone wants to play tonight shoot me a line over Discord or Steam
  • Cinderella Man is one of my favourite boxing films of all time, realized I forgot it on my list.
  • @Linc said: Hot Fuzz really is one of the great comedies. I'd turn it on for anyone. Hot Fuzz is an excellent comedy and an excellent cop film.
  • Ctrl+F "The African Queen" no results. Come on guys step up your classics game. Casablanca, as already mentioned is an amazing choice it was my grandfather's favourite movie of all time and one of mine too. The Big Sleep is based off my favou…
  • I'm down
  • I can never tell if @Thrax sneaking into pictures like that is an edit like the @UPSKingpin edits from last year or actually Thrax. Either way they're fantastic.
  • Apple Strudel
  • I just want to be a Midwestern Sheriff like Longmire (Watch the tv show it's really, really good) in a neo western with the ability to bring LAW to criminals. I'm excited for Farcry 5.
    in Far Cry 5 Comment by Ilriyas 26 May
  • It's bretty gud. Go watch it.
  • I've got the Corsair M65 Gaming Pro, it's a really solid mouse in my opinion. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826816054&cm_re=m65--26-816-054--Product Mine's the RGB version though only because the regular wasn't in st…
  • Play this game, do it right now if you have ever enjoyed a metroidvania game.
  • I can't play Nier because they've yet to issue an AMD fix and I refuse to roll back my drivers to two years ago because resetting them is a nightmare and it means I basically can't play anything else.
  • I purchased Prey on release and beat it a couple days ago on Hard. That game is incredible, people are saying it's a spiritual successor to Half-Life 2 and Bioshock and that's accurate though I'd go further back and say it's a successor to the origi…
  • This is one of the most depressing vidya related things I've ever seen. The mix of hope crossed with defeat when you see those gold drops is palpable. (I also never got Combat Medic Mercy though I'll be damned if I give Blizzard any more loot box…
    in Overwatch Comment by Ilriyas 9 May
  • Hisingen Blues - Graveyard Nucleus - Witchcraft Broadsword and the Beast - Jethro Tull Blues Pills - Blues Pills
  • Just finished Witcher 3 and all DLCs after about 130 hours of playtime. Absolutely loved every minute of it though I admit a good 5 hours or so was probably devoted wholly to playing GWENT (Which I shall continue playing now that I have access to th…
  • @primesuspect said: This is me as a 100% non-invested person who knows absolutely nothing about Mass Effect, has zero emotional investment in the IP or storyline, and hasn't read reviews or followed anything other than what I see my friends say a…
    in Andromeda Comment by Ilriyas 28 Mar
  • I have started having fun in this game by muting everyone except my buddies and playing Genji while blasting the Metal Gear Rising OST. Not all the time buy sometimes, it is also especially fun to ult as Genji right when RULES OF NATURE hits.
    in Overwatch Comment by Ilriyas 24 Mar
  • @Karma said: Also I dunno they got a lot of non original IPs Korra, TMNT, Transformers I could do without. I pretty much ignore any of their stuff that isn't an original IP myself. Love their own work.
  • Basically every Platinum game is a goddamn gem, I have Nier Automata but I'm trying to finish Witcher 3 before I get into it.
  • @Myrmidon said: Does this game suck now? I see very few of us playing it anymore. Logged on this weekend and the game is SO much more toxic than I remember. Not fun at all. The balance is completely shot to hell and the community has b…
    in Overwatch Comment by Ilriyas 12 Mar
  • @CB said: That character did not appear in that trailer I just watched. That's Commander Shepard from the original ME series. When the choice is between an emotionless robot and Jennifer Hale I'm going to choose Hale every single time.…
    in Andromeda Comment by Ilriyas 11 Mar
  • I've started playing Nioh and I'm still big into World of Warships but the only people who play that are my brother and father. My bro and I recently started a grand coop campaign in Total War Warhammer and we've modded it to a difficulty we enjo…
  • I think everyone knows what we need to do next. Bring bananas to the moon