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victoria, BC
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May 21, 1968
victoria, BC
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  • I'll begin searching for a good PSP deal. I've played Freedom on my brother's PSP but he won't let me have it since he's gonna drop it for the Vita despite the lack of playback. He doesn't even use the dang thing anymore I think, but that's another …
  • This is kind of like a emotional rollercoaster, except with videogames. shit, forgot to add Pikmin 2 and Sonic adventure 2
  • I've got Portable 3rd on PsP. anyone want to go hunting on Adhoc party?
  • is Icrontic going to make thier own guild here like in WOW and etc.? or are you guys just not MANLY enough?
  • ...she took the midnight train goin' AN-Y-WHEEERREEE!...
  • Disgaea 4 pokemon black patapon 3 skyrim 2: revengence sonic generations man, I ("almost") feel alienated from everyone else.
  • Merry birthmas to 1 and yall my digital bros & sisters out dere oh japan, you and your holiday spirit
  • OH I'm sure you two will love it here, so much you will "never" want to leave! *plays with hands maliciously*
  • fatcat wrote: you mean the one I posted pics of a few weeks back... hey.. I know you pros already know this, but try Unrelenting Force on that thing up there... lol
  • whoa, letting just these 2 "people" in on this site is starting to make this place seem more crowded, it's getting more... stifling in here all of a sudden... well anyway, welcome Oni & hunteroffun why dontcha wipe your feet and crack open a …
  • ardichoke wrote: Sounds like someone needs to make a new tabletop game.... Vans & Pedobears so vans replace dungens eh? well that kinda cuts the suspense out of exploring. Unless there's somethin like I dunno.... Pedo-Narnia behind thos…
  • Basil wrote: That would make for an interesting game; the real question is, would YOU play as an underage child in a D&D game?
  • I used Blingie, cause it's SO bad. also,why can't I use gifs as my avatar or signiture like csimon or BobbyDigi up there
  • LazarusXero wrote: And, for God's sake people, keep your kids away from Dungeons & Dragons!! never played D&D before, but are you saying that pedobear is some sort of random encounter in D&D? well, seems like I need to get my…
  • I wonder if there is a shout we could use here using the words LOT, FUNT, NAH I mean, if I were obama and was dealing with much more pressing issues, I would just shout this at my computer screen
  • primesuspect wrote: I have finally traded in Lydia for Aranea (the priestess of Azura) for my companion. She is a total badass with her high-level destruction and conjuration. I barely have to do anything anymore, as most enemies are felled by a s…
  • PunnyFuzz wrote: Well, the last co-op thing I did with a friend was playing Kirby: Return to dreamland with Fitz(krieg), which I had to admit was a very nostalgic and immersive trip down memory lane. Doubt that this was my best co-op experience th…
  • Well, the last co-op thing I did with a friend was playing Kirby: Return to dreamland with Fitz(krieg), which I had to admit was a very nostalgic and immersive trip down memory lane. Doubt that this was my best co-op experience though, my memory can…
  • I know people usually don't read books casually in elder scrolls games, but anyone here read the "Lusty Argonian maid" series in game? a masterpiece of writing I say, I think the 2nd book was my favorite though.
  • Ilriyas wrote: Heh, armour true men charge into battle covered in blue paint and wearing a loincloth. you forgot bear handed, always the manliest way to gun-ho in the fires of battle.
  • UPSLynx wrote: I feel like I'm the only one not playing sneak in this game. no, you're not alone. I also prefer the adrenaline rush of just rushing into the face of danger with my battle axe & elemental fury combo and just beat the lard…
  • thanks everyone glad to see so much hospitality here... although personality I find it a bit suspicious. Don't get me wrong, it seems great here and all, but this reminds me of one of those scary stories where some outsider stumbles into a town tha…
  • Morning, evening, or afternoon fine gents! my name is PunnyFuzz, and if your asking why I call myself that or how I came up with that name, well maybe you shouldn't look into things that you probably shouldn't know for reasons of your own well being…
  • Great, I'm glad we did our part. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going out for some celebratory mead, and I expect you all to do the same as well.
  • Okay, so here I was minding my own buisness just wandering in the open wilderness, when I see a fight between a Dragon vs a Giant and a Mammoth, so I hid in som bushes in the distance and watched the sparks fly. well needless to say, the giant won a…

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