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  • @Mt_Goat, I really like the square one.
  • Ah, yes. I remember this one. Looks like the one I started with. Seems like I bled a lot back then. I still have one like it thats probably 50 years old, but I don't think I'd recommend it. Or use it.
  • @_k, Thanks for posting this. I hadn't looked at it in a while as I'm a long way from the next milestone. Keep folding! ps: I normally fold 24-7, one box, Intel I-7 4770K, GTX 1050 something. Windows 10.
  • You may feel that a job is a job and that someone will make the weapons, so why not. That’s true. Or you may be proud to build the next great weapon for your county. You have that choice to work or not work for a company that directly produces an im…
  • For a good showing, make sure that the house is clean and uncluttered. Get rid of what you don't want to move now, rather than later, and hide the rest in temporary storage. Neutral color for the walls. New carpet unless they're in really good shape…
  • We've been looking for a place, but WOW. Just, WOW!
  • Looks like you have a better folding rig than I have, so you are catching up. Keep folding.
  • Well, you got the color right. Have fun.
  • I’d say that before doing anything surgical (either sex, and even if “reversible”), if young enough that you might ever want to change your mind, freeze some. Otherwise, go with what is known to have worked (mostly) in the past. IUDs did it for us, …
  • A cousin has had both knees done in the last 18 months to 2 years. It has made all the difference in her everyday-life. She, like others, says she should have done it sooner. It's great to walk without pain. Good luck to you.
  • @BlackHawk said: Anyone have any resources for doing keto on a shoestring budget? Squirrel?
  • @edcentric said: "I know someone that made 'fence panels' that come off of the fence and bolt over some windows." Clever! I have been storing plywood panels since 1983 (Alicia). Occasionally I use one in a project and have to scramble to replace …
  • I was going to drive from Houston to Dallas on Saturday and from there my brother and I were going on to Nebraska Sunday night. My car failed to start after a pit stop about 90 miles north. Tow: $160. Repair: $1,500+. Eclipse from my back yard: far …
  • Looks like a great project. Girls today may not know about a time when women were supposed to stay home or just do domestic work. These jobs were the start of a new way of thinking. Of course, 75 years later men are still paid more for building an …
  • @mertesn, I have been using Ting with a Nexus 5X for almost a year. I am on the Sprint network. You can choose that or the GSM (I think it's T-Mobile) network. Pick what works best in your area. I rarely use data and I keep an eye on my talk minutes…
  • I have a policy. When I’m home I drink what I want, mostly local, but not all. When I’m away, I drink the local beer. It usually works out. Right now I have Saint Arnold (Houston, Texas) and Guinness (Dublin, Ireland) in the house. I drink micro …
  • Karbach Brewing Company in Houston sold out a few months ago. I didn’t drink their beer much, but I hated to see it happen. I mostly drink local beer (maybe 70/30) and like to see the little companies make it. To me, that doesn’t mean getting big en…
  • @BlackHawk, if you need to get something working now and learn Linux later, you might try one of the easily installed distros. I use Ubuntu GNOME, but a lot of new users do well with Ubuntu MATE. The MATE desktop has several different configurations…
  • @BlackHawk, welcome to the world of free and cranky software. After I retired and Windows XP lost support, I started using (rather than just occasionally playing with) Linux. I started with Zorin OS because it looked like Windows 7 and worked on my …
  • I think you have a cellebrite TOUCH cell phone maintenance device. The User Manual is here: http://indirect3.sprint.com/cellebrite/Cellebrite_TOUCH_User_manual_English.pdf I think @drasnor is right. The 16 GB main memory you are looking for is i…
  • I still remember how Aliens scared the crap out of me in 1979. I don’t usually watch scary movies, but this was sci-fi. We arrived just as the movie started in a packed house and had to sit in the front row. I had dreams. Bad dreams. Now I'm going t…
  • @Thrax, you’re killing me! I love HDR photography, but have been working up to getting a new TV. Now I have to wait for a new technology to become available and reasonably priced? I thought 4K would fix me for the next decade.
  • @primesuspect, I was having similar problems with my EVGA GTX 650Ti board. Folding jobs often didn’t complete and I couldn’t watch a movie and fold at the same time. I like to fold 100% of the time and let the priority settings keep it from botherin…
  • I used Clonezilla for my last Windows system drive upgrade to a larger SSD. I didn't have a way to copy the M.2 SATA drive directly as I had done with 2.5 inch drives using Samsung upgrade kit. Booted with Clonezilla USB, backed up to USB HDD, repla…
    in SSD Dead Comment by BlueTattoo Dec 2016
  • @Gargoyle said: Update for 2016 and Windows 8.1: Don't you mean "Update for 2013..."?
  • I've been using Ting for a few months on a new LG Nexus 5X. If you don't use data, you don't pay for it. You do pay for minutes talked, no unlimited plan. Look at their price list and how many minutes you use in a month. Texting is charged, also. It…

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