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  • I like your maps @Ilriyas, especially the desert one. Maps like these are the reason I love running games on VTT apps like Fantasy Grounds and Roll20, it really brings the world into focus for the players. So as for FG, its a difficult app to ge…
  • Yeah, I can't even begin to explain that logic for an MMO to block multiplayer for the first block of hours in the game. Makes no sense to me.
  • Yeah, Destiny 2 has a tough rep to beat right now. They made some bad decisions early on with expansions. Activision & Bungie did a bunch of make-goods this latest expansion to address their pass sins. I believe this free version of D2 part o…
  • Also, @primesuspect if we get a few Icrontians, can we get a Discord channel as well?
  • I've done a 3 day on the App Trail in Pennsylvania. It was a very rocky trail compared to trails in Michigan. As in every step was a rounded rock you had to navigate. Made it much harder hike than normally would be. Having said that, I always …
  • @Linc yep, just that one hour for 6 lanes. Sarah and I had to ghost after that, so I didn't cover any games beyond the first. Thanks to everyone who already paid me I think I'm good for what I put in.
  • @sazbean and I are in like a couple of white people eating Creole
  • @Obsidian yeah, there will be a stack of character sheets you can select from. Just pick one, give it a name, and you are good to go. The option to let me know ideas ahead of time is if you want to do something non-traditional. If you are good …
  • @BobbyDigi excellent. Do you have an idea of what kind of pet you want to be? Related, now that we have a quorum, I can say that I have plenty of dice for the group, but if you want to bring your own by all means. I also have a ton of differe…
  • @BobbyDigi So I think a good father-daughter character is a either a Ranger and its pet or a Wizard and its familiar Obviously its up to you which is which. Ill also say that it doesn't have to be canon or anything, so if your daughter has a favo…
  • So here is the dumb reason I love this game and you might too. It has a setting where all the combat can be computer vs computer. So if you are a fan of great story AND can't play a combat game with bullet hell to save your soul, then just set it …
  • So during my leadership training at General Motors, I discovered that all the leadership at the company used Moleskin style notebooks and fountain pens in meetings to take notes. Here I was with my computer thinking these dinosaurs were living in t…
  • Thanks for this write-up @Linc I've tried a couple times to get out of the gate with MTG and stalled. A few people suggested Duels of the Planeswalkers video game as a good trainer. It was okay but I wouldn't call it fun. But I am now extremely c…
  • @Sazbean , @Myrmidon and I made a thing... Radio Roleplay - Motor City Shadows - Food Fight (Pilot Beta)
  • @BlackHawk When the first Zelda came out I was 12. This was 1986. For my friend's birthday party his dad bought him a NES and Zelda. He then rigged his conversion van with an AC/DC converter, wired up the NES to a TV, and proceeded to drive his so…
  • I have a Gamecube with 1 game. I have a wii with 1 game. Now I'll have to get a Switch...and one game.
  • @Kwitko said: This has been a lifelong dream of mine. No training or sample reel though. If I was looking for a trained professionals in anything, I certainly wouldn't post on icrontic. Ya'll are a bunch of fuck-ups. j/k Send me an …
  • https://dandwiki.com/wiki/Paper_Dragon_(5e_Creature)
  • Well damn, now double mad I missed out. Next monday!
  • So I guess there is a rare pokemon in the RenCen where I work. The place is SWARMED with people of all ages, races and genders holding their phones to their faces and bumping into each other. Funny to watch from the skywalks above. Pokemon Go a…
    in Pokemon GO Comment by sazboom Jul 2016
  • @primesuspect had the same thing happen when I downloaded Gothic 3 from steam. Was pissed I paid 6 bucks for a game that was all but unplayable. Had to read the forums to find out it was released pre-alpha due to money crunch. Guess the gothic co…
  • @linc and this is why no one from my generation takes anyone from your generation seriously
  • @Church4252 that is an amazing promo man, I had no idea you were a wrestler in the day. That is super impressive. Could have been the Pho Warrior given your mad skills in the kitchen. I hope the new baby gets to watch wrestling with her father th…
  • in Overwatch Comment by sazboom Jul 2016
  • Hell I'm old enough to have had a polaroid camera and grew up when a phone had to be plugged into the wall, so yeah I guess snapchat thinks of me as the Olds. Don't care, snap your chats off my lawn grumble government grumble
  • Episode 2 Part 2 Icrontic Players face a mindless creature in the deeps under Candlekeep. Ox almost dies, Redd does smart things, Kethra produces flame, and Alawaka stands in the poop Special bonus recording - Episode 2 Part 2 Speed Run. Same …
  • Episode 1 Part 3 is cut and up on our new Libsyn account http://irredeemablenerdery.libsyn.com/rss http://irredeemablenerdery.libsyn.com/ The Icrontic Players get super uncomfortable in an old dude's creepy dick-shaped dungeon. Also, those bad…
  • Part 2 of Episode 1 - @TroubleBaker draws a dick and succeeds while Jeff tries to draw a vagina and fails. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kGU46_cvSJVW5yNndxUWt5eUE/view?usp=sharing Audio got a little better in this one as I learn Audacity.…
  • I had a few identical conversations with some valley founders during my time at Sharespost. They earnestly thought their 'X but for Y' respins were the second coming of Google and that their 4 years of high school and 6 months interning at Yahoo wa…
  • @sazbean is out of town that weekend. But I'll make a costumed appearance.

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