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  • I need my comments to be taken at a lesser value than the others. I am essentially a pug, and my thoughts should not affect any group decisions one way or another. I'm fine with that, I made a decision to commit elsewhere and happy to help out whe…
  • I miss one night and the world goes to shit.
  • I'm not currently in gearing-up mode, still in having-fun-exploring/content/playing mode, but that was based on no real set deadline and no rush. I will accept whatever deadline/date for the start of raiding season, and will commit to being prepare…
  • Based on all our previous raid experience and the arguments made above, I vote for master looting.
  • You have my bow.
  • I don't see the point of racing, and intend on enjoying the experience as much as possible.
  • I feel pretty mundane about the whole thing, could care less really. I guess I'm bored, and none of the new changes and content does anything for me. I'll probably just hang out on the sofa and watch Big Bang Theory re-runs all evening, but I mi…
  • @Tushon said: He's a mage. Spamming comes down to really personal situations with regards to network latency and your class, how you play, etc. Spamming works great for rogues (no cast times) but can mess up anyone with cast times. Oh, NO…
  • @Hydrar said: Also I can't Awesomesauce my own post. I can't Awesomesauce it either simply because it's drunken dribble. I can Lulz it, however.
  • @Myrmidon‌ - You may indeed have been one of them, but their was definitely more than one. I distinctly remember the Mumble conversation, I just can't remember who all was there. I may do some testing on my hunter, but I don't really have an issue…
  • @primesuspect‌ - @Celsh‌ did hook me up with Quartz during the aforementioned conversation. I've added it but haven't messed with it, but I will, thanks. @Celsh‌ - I almost completely understand what you mean. Perhaps we can have another chat a…
  • @Thrax‌ , no I don't know either of those, but I'll check. And I'm actually glad to hear that you don't have that issue, that means it's most likely something on my end and correctable.
  • I will be there...:)
  • I already said I couldn't come, shouting isn't going to change that....sheesh.....
  • I can't think of a single event that sounds like more fun than this, and I would give my left testicle to attend, but unfortunately I am poor as dirt.
  • @primesuspect said: As much as I would love to, there's this wedding coming up and I'll be in transit. Best of luck. I believe! Whoa, wait a second....I thought you were going to talk @Myrmidon‌ into postponing the wedding so we could wor…
  • This was brought up last night by interested parties, so I thought I would update this thread. We've left it kind of late, and there's nothing wrong with that, but our options are severely limited now. The best guess we have is that the patch will…
  • I completely agree with all of this, and would agree to the terms if it was required The supportive, helpful nature of these raids are why I participate and why I'm sorry to see us go on hiatus until WoD.
  • I want this mount. And while you didn't ask for specific degrees of want, I will add that I want this mount very, very much. Actually, very, very , VERY much. I will be there, bow in hand.
  • Ranged DPS for my primary for certain. Haven't decided on a class or off-spec yet.
  • It's both a sad and exciting time. I wish we were continuing so that I could enjoy raiding at heroic level, but I can't wait for WoD. I'm up for the old stuff, let me know what I can do to help make them happen.
  • That makes a whole lot of sense, thanks @Celsh‌ . I'll get Quartz and while I already have WA, I know I don't use it enough. Commence tweaking!!!
  • I noticed that in those logs, my "Active Time" is consistently much lower than everyone else. I'll go ahead and assume that is bad. So in the interest of wanting to improve: 1. What is "active time"? Is that the amount of time I'm actually doing …
  • Due to the attention paid me for being one of the last men standing during Sha on Sunday, I think it would be wrong to not point out that the same happened again last night for someone else. I don't remember who was left when the Sha actually died,…
  • I found this thread fascinating for many reasons. I have heard bits and pieces of the history of the Icrontic guild and individual players, and am aware that most stopped playing for a while and then started again, etc. But this looks to be the or…
  • Emergency Room Report Charleston Hospital Dr. Geena Johnson CHIEF COMPLAINT: Chest pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Patient presents to the emergency room with a one day complaint of pain in his chest. The patient states last evening he …
  • Me, @Myrmidon‌ (sorry, no way I'm attempting this without you, you're just gonna have to make time. Your future wife knows you, she'll understand), @Swirly‌, and @primesuspect‌ (who I'm volunteering, we'll tell him later). We need one more before …
  • @Tushon said: I mean, last night alone, MikQuattro‌ put out the highest DPS™ and died, then we finally downed Immerseus. We needed a sacrifice and I've gotten better at finding my ohshit buttons. Translation: Mik kept screwing up so he d…
  • Thanks for the mount run @Celsh‌ !!!!!

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