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  • Would it make a difference which account i promote to administraror? I ask because the username the machine defaults to when it's logged in is not there, which is something like NARETAIL/BBY. I did boot into safe mode and when I press ctrl+alt+dele…
  • I created the stick, got it to boot but I'm not sure where to go from there. I booted a second time and i cleared the username passwords, now they show BLANK under lock. I reboot, then it goes back to the same limited locked account. Is there a wa…
  • Is there some type of software I'd be able to load on a usb drive to disable the administraror lock on the 2nd machine? I think I found a replacement cable for the first. I used a CD once to remove the admin lock from a computer I bought at a yard s…
  • I think I figured out why it won't boot. I don't know where I was looking but I damaged the connector cable from the board to the ssd. Micro sd waa just stuck inside the machine. I have another machine, both identical but I don't like using the oth…
  • Here's the belly of the beast. The white residue is from a black piece of tape? That protected (somewhat) the board from the battery. The battery was long gone when I got this device but worked fine plugged in.
  • I put the device back together without the micro SD card and it wouldn't boot, just went directly to the bios instead. I loaded the sd card on the phone and it shows the file structure like on regular hard drives. The specs for the machine say 16gb …

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