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Ottawa, ON


  • It's been years since I played TF2 and last time I did the game ran like shit. I may need to see about upgrading my 4gb of ram and 10 year old video card.
  • Yes Linc, funny how some things work out! Folding is definitely good for you, lol. Although, only folding I do anymore is lot's of laundry. You still in Detroit prime? So you got re-married? I re-call you were dating the last I could remember..…
  • My bad, post to say hello and then don't log in for another 7 months to follow up. lol Great to see you guys! Whats new? Had a baby girl a month a month ago so that would be about the most exciting news. Still in Ottawa like always, have an amazi…
  • Ahhh ok and that makes sense for sure. Aside from Leo and Tushon, I'm in everyone's rear-view but not for long. It's great to hear from you guys.
  • Looking forward to hearing them Sono.
  • I'm no economics major, but I do find it odd that it took so long for hardware prices equal that of American retailers as the Canadian dollar reached parity and eventually exceeded the value of the US dollar earlier this year. This is so true…
  • Long time folks!
  • That did the trick cliff. Thanks guys!!
    in FahCore_a3.exe Comment by TBonZ May 2010
  • That's the executable for 6.29 which I downloaded earlier today. It was what prompted the new core which I can't get.
    in FahCore_a3.exe Comment by TBonZ May 2010
  • Hmmmm....interesting... [16:18:40] Folding@home Core Shutdown: CORE_OUTDATED [16:18:45] CoreStatus = 6E (110) [16:18:45] + Core out of date. Auto updating... [16:18:45] - Attempting to download new core... [16:18:45] + Downloading new core: F…
    in FahCore_a3.exe Comment by TBonZ May 2010
  • _k_ - Thanks! And no, I've been folding here at work for years but every time a new core is released I have to get it manually. You bet C! Great to see you!
    in FahCore_a3.exe Comment by TBonZ May 2010
  • Thrax wrote: Read this link, follow it like gospel sent from on high, and never look back. Thank you!
  • Not to thread-crap, but, I just joined a gym two weeks ago after never having really worked out a day in my entire life and am finding it pretty intimidating with all the different types of weights and benches there are and I have really no clue. Al…
  • I have bad news, I can't make it this year after all. I'm beginning to think I'll never be able to attend one of these events. I'll try again next year.
  • Lincoln wrote: A bump for March Even if you can only chip in $2, it would be greatly appreciated! $10 kicked in. Was great fun on the server last night and was worth that $10 alone. :thumbup
  • Honestly, I have been shaving every day for 20 years with Dove soap for sensitive skin. Wet soap, hands and rub on face, shave and rinse. I use a Gillette Fusion shaver. I had no idea that some people have such a hard time shaving.
  • Greasy! ...and that statement comes way before the Taco Bell segment.
  • I held my moment of silence this morning. I appreciate what they have done and continue to do. A salute to our Canadian and American Vets. I appreciate the day I have off today on account of all their blood, sweat and tears.
    in Veteran's Day Comment by TBonZ Nov 2009
  • fatcat wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BvjpkHzpM0 Happy Birthday Shwaip! Unrelated, this has a distinct Eminem sound? I highly doubt he's apart of that but his influence is unmistakable.
  • Congrats Seth! I'm very happy for you. I wish you all the happiness possible.
  • 13-14 hrs due to flu. That had to be at least 20 years ago, I'm getting old...
  • Mt_Goat wrote: Grand idea! That way you can smack Robert with it when all else fails. :bigggrin: Great point. I know it's early, but, you won't be hearing be bitching about not having something with me.
    in ICHQ Checklist Comment by TBonZ Nov 2009
  • So I guess this will have me trade in my wrestling tights and buy a shirt when I come to EPIC 2010?
    in ICHQ New Rules Comment by TBonZ Nov 2009
  • LOL GQ! I can produce the latter but I'll have to shop around for a nice wig....the hair has been chopped. Shorty - You coming mate?! Awesome! Can't wait to finally meet you all.
  • primesuspect wrote: in OH MAN! OKTOBERFEST 2009! Comment by TBonZ Nov 2009
  • It's been a while since I checked in. The painting is awesome and a lovely tribute to Teresa. The marker looks great too. I sure do hope you won't be finding yourself there for a long, long time Bill. I hope you're carrying on well and finding peace.
    in My wife Comment by TBonZ Oct 2009
  • Crazy Joe wrote: I think the point is that most Americans wouldn't be able to tell you that. I imagine most people would tell you it's one of the bigger cities in Canada such as Toronto or Montreal. Well now you know!

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