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BLuKnight Icrontian


Lehi, UT
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February 23, 1978
Lehi, UT


  • Congratulations! What wonderful news! Happy for you both!
  • Not much I can add to the discussion, other than: Tarkin's head looked too wide. Didn't even notice the mouth movement issues. CGI is definitely getting better.
  • Congrats on the new bell and whistle for Icrontic!
  • Any reason not to use Bittorrent Sync? I've been using it for almost two years now to keep files synced between my desktop and laptops. Also, I use it to mirror the pictures folder from all our phones and tablets to our desktop. So far, it's been pr…
  • Having received a unit as well, I agree; the controller does take some adjustment. For me, it feels like Valve wants to get away from the ABXY buttons with the addition of the grip buttons under the controller. They're really pushing for the multipu…
  • That's really awesome. Congratulations.
  • I'll always remember the free discs we gave away at Egghead computer with IE 3. Good times.
  • For my ringtones, and other media, I have Bittorrent Sync installed on my phone. I then have a corresponding sync folder on my computer. So, when I want to drop a new ringtone on my phone, I just go drop it into the ringtone folder on my computer an…
  • I'm not familiar with formatting RSS feeds for iTunes, however, that itunes:image tag doesn't look right. There's no content or href associated with it. Have you given any thought to using an open source podcast generator to create the feed for y…
  • Found this during my last visit to Brazil back in January. Actually made my sister-in-law pull over so I could grab a picture. Yes. It's a dentist.
  • Our primary computer remains Windows 7. However, I just formatted Windows 8 on my laptop and went full on to Windows 10. Very happy with this direction. Windows 8 annoyed me to no end... and I was only running it for the last two weeks. Yes, there w…
  • Really big fan of CrashPlan. I was introduced to it at work and really liked it. So, I bought the subscription for my home. I have it back up online as well as to the NAS in the basement. So, best case scenario, the computer dies, I can restore from…
  • Looks like you put a lot of thought into this. Thanks for the heads up.
  • We've never head Comast digital. However, we do have Comcast as our ISP. Mostly, we use Netflix and Roku 3 (with Plex) for all of our TV/Movie needs. Even though we're not paying for cable TV, we still get the local stations along with Discovery, H…
  • The concept is nice and look forward to seeing this evolve. The only advantage I see is that this is a great way to get YouTube on your TV. Roku doesn't really do it and my BluRay player handles YouTube very poorly. I'm really curious to know what i…
  • Just fixed an issue in a desktop where windows would freeze. No blue screen of death and no abnormal hard drive behavior. It was like it was stuck on a screen shot. I ran the GPU through some stress tests and found that the card was getting as hot a…
  • My wife and I were almost hit by the same fee when she was ready to upgrade from an Original Droid to the Droid 4. Where I am, there are quite a few VZW stores. Rather than rushing to upgrade, we spent a few weeks popping into nearby stores (ie, the…
  • Had to look it up; however, Google reviewed the answer. Quite an interesting predicament. Excellent sleuthing. Any reason why you had to put XP back on the machine instead of allowing it to have a dignified end of life?
  • I've been quite happy with webfaction; nice think is, there are lots of quality hosts out there. As for what to charge, I think @PirateNinja did a great job. The only thing I would add, be sure to put together a short document which outlines what t…
  • So, I tried Commafeed and TheOldReader. I also tried to setup Tiny Tiny RSS and couldn't get it to run. (I lacked the patience to look through the code and find out why.) In the end, I signed up for Newsblur's premium account. I'm quite happy with i…
  • Thanks for the tip on Comma Feed and Tiny Tiny RSS. Both sound promising. Look forward to hearing more suggestions.
  • Testing in prod scares me just as much as deploying from test/state to prod. I'm always paranoid I'm going to break something; to the point that I do code diffs on what I've got in prod and what I'm about to deploy. Breaking prod stinks.
  • Here's another one from my wife's blog which is one of my favorites. Brazilian Potato Salad (pictures). Ingredients: - 6-8 medium potatoes - 1 large carrot or 2 medium carrots - salt and pepper to taste - 1 can peas (drained) - green onions (to ta…
  • It looks like both the Articles RSS and Discussions RSS point to the same RSS fee, Articles. Would like to have Discussions in my RSS again. Great work on the redesign, @Lincoln!
  • Very nice rig. I just received a W520 for work. It's rock solid when it comes to running all my development and business software. No lag in anything. I went with 16GB of RAM. Also, if you decide to down the road, I'd recommend the docking statio…
  • I love Lightroom! When I got my new Panasonic P&S, I didn't install the software that came with it. Lightroom downloads the pictures for me and then I remove all pictures from the camera afterwards. Metafilters rock. I have it. My parents hav…
  • +1 Software Development
  • Office makes life so much fun. xlsx uses the zip compression format. Just rename your .zip file to .xlsx and it should open right up. Good luck!

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