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  • Down 8.3 lbs since Jan 2....
  • If anyone wants more insight or knowledge about what Keto is, or isn't, look for a bunch of YouTube How-To-Keto videos by a Dr. Ken Berry. He's been straight Keto for over 8 years and recently switched to a straight carnivore diet. His body fat perc…
  • Prime - I don't have the magic answer either. If we did, I wouldn't have the weight problem in the first place. I guess you need to have a reason more than just "losing weight". My reason now is riding horses. My daughters ride in competition,…
  • Looks like Fallout: In Space, with some WoW spice for extra flavor.... Love the trailer.
    in Overwatch Comment by RADA 8 Jan
  • Still playing Fallout 76 (PS4). Love all the Fallout Games, with FO4 being my least favorite.
  • Bane, What do you want to write about? I write as a hobby, and have published on Kindle Direct Press. One novel is published, my accompanying short story publishes is a day or two, and Book 2 should be published in March or April. I'll h…
  • @primesuspect said: Welcome back @RADA !!! Thanks, Prime, missed you guys.
  • Hiya Linc, Life. Two kids (girls, 8 and 5), both are barrel racers. We're horse owners as well as a hundred other things. I write as a hobby now too. Even published on Amazon. My wife was diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease three y…
  • Kwitko wrote: This kid is a rookie. I used to troll when trolling *meant* something! I Agree.... ...and it had nothing to do with fish.....
  • csimon wrote: :birthday:Happy birthday Hailey. What no messy cake pic??? Simon, She had some cake, but didn't like it. Too messy, and she's not into sweets (yet).
  • My wife's aunt and uncle just PURCHASED a 2011 Impala! This car is the biggest 4 wheel turd I have ever seen.. I think the car emits a invisible bubble of debilitating mediocrity, if you get close enough. Luckily, I could move away, and get ba…
  • Welcome back!! We're glad you made it back safely!
    in Hello Everyone! Comment by RADA Dec 2010
  • "My Heros have always been Cowboys" Willie Nelson
  • Tushon wrote: I liked the freedom pat. That was nice. I would imagine if the republican (and others, but the others probably already voted against this) congressmen/women had to go through a "enhanced pat down", that practice would be done away wi…
  • TSA Bumper Stickers
  • Hi Wags - We just got back from a weeks vacation at the inlaws place in Shasta Lake, CA. There's a new contest each week. We said we'd only bug all our friends once for votes, so we didn't submit a picture in for this week. With over 8K pictures,…
  • Thanks Wags She's 100% correct the /18? denotes her ranking.. http://photos.parents.com/american-baby-cover-contest/46/2010/18?esrc=nwphotofaves7
  • Well Icrontic rocks! Miss Hailey is up to 18th overall, so many thanks, and vote early, vote often... BTW: found out that if you delete all your cookies and temp internet files, you can vote again, and again.... HHHHMMMMM.......…
  • mirage wrote: +4 heh heh You rock! *Long distance baby hugs from Hailey for mirage
  • primesuspect wrote: Voted! Although that captcha is a giant piece of crap Thanks Prime, and everyone else too! was my exact thought also! Most wonky captcha I've ever encountered.
  • Wife and I used to have the top of the line CA resident yearly passes. We let them expire this June. It would have cost us over $900..... Too rich for our blood.
  • LOVE Sushi!! That looks really good. I'll have to ask our favorite Sushi chef about it... My wife is dying for good sushi (pregnant - on the NO-NO list). 1st place we're going to vist after she gives birth. Our favorite place is Maru Sus…
  • Cliff - LOL! Sounds good, but I'm married, and my wife is giving birth to our daughter in less than a month....
  • OK, just got some more info. There are two types of donations Marrow donation - this is the painful one. Just what everone has heard, they make a small incision in your left or right thigh, I've been told I can either opt for general anesthesi…
  • Congrats! Nice looking house. You picked the perfect time to buy.
  • Thrax - I just found this thread - are you still looking for someone to build you this piece of equipment? My Pops is a retired union electrician - he could probably build this with his eyes closed... I'll ask him this weekend...

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