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  • @ home The high ping is due to a crappy router from the ISP, the have promised to fix it months ago...
  • workplace speed
  • Oh I forgot to metion the Corsair products have not all died in recent times. It has been over the course of a few years. And in three different builds with three different PSU's in different plugs, power strips etc. The memory modules were DDR2 I h…
    in Dead PSU? Comment by MJO Apr 2013
  • Oh no. Spoke too soon. The new PSU is now dead as well. Even turned off it blows the plug fuse every time I turn on the power strip it is connected to. And it even does it outside the case as well. Time for a secondat RMA this is gerning expensive. …
    in Dead PSU? Comment by MJO Apr 2013
  • Update. I received a new PSU last week and since then the rig has been running without problems. And as an added bonus I got a small upgrade my HX1000 was swapped for a HX1050. I can only recommend Corsair RMA they are very quick. But it is not …
    in Dead PSU? Comment by MJO Apr 2013
  • Well here is another update. A week ago, I removed all cables and tested the psu using only a paperclip and a fan. I then plugged in all the cables and tried powering up the rig again. And lo and behold it booted just fine, no problems. Right up unt…
    in Dead PSU? Comment by MJO Mar 2013
  • That will be my next move. And depending on the result I will test with another PSU. Fortunately new PSU's does not kill the whole system when they die. Well not as often anyway. If it is dead it is my second, had an Enermax die on me a few years ag…
    in Dead PSU? Comment by MJO Mar 2013
  • Well here is a 20/2 ADSL line in Denmark. It has been getting slower and slower it was at an effective speed of 18/1.8 earlier.
  • After doing a lot of researching I have found this monitor. 23" FORIS FS2333-BK WideScreen http://www.eizo.se/default.aspx?page=11&product=FS2333-BK It seems to be a good compromise between the two worlds. Gaming and non-gaming. And it is an Ei…
  • Thank you for the reply. I will do a search for these threads.
  • I can't figure out, why my posts aren't showing?(I have tried two times already?) But I would realy really like a key pleeeeease.:D EDIT: And now my post appeared. That is wierd? Oh well.
  • GeneralFailure80
    in Origin IDs Comment by MJO Aug 2012
  • Oh no my H100 was DOA. Installed everything in the new case along with the H100. RPM was reported to be between 100-300 RPM and is supposed to be 2000 RPM when the pump is working. CPU reached 87 degrees and then everything shut down. I am now runni…
  • I went for the 650D paired with a H100 cooler. Should be a nice upgrade compared to my Antec 902 V3 and a Cooler Master V8. Hope I can run a 4,9 GHz without problems then. I have tested it and it was stable earlier, but a little to hot.
  • The Silverstone case also looks very interesting. The motherboard is orientated differently. Can't figure out where the outputs for DVI etc. are located? I think I will stick with the 650D, that is a bit more mmm.... traditional. I will order it in…
  • Origin + screen name change = EPIC FAIL! :thumbsdow
  • Rig as described in signature OC'ed to 4.9 GHz. Only running 4.6 GHz now due to temps, will get better when I get some water cooling. http://3dmark.com/3dmv/3492425
  • Thanks for the recommendations. But they are all very heavy. Meaning that it can be risky moving the rig. Not that I am doing it much, but sometimes it is necessary. The Noctua and the Thermalright has received great reviews, but they are big. …
  • Just a quick update on my new rig. At long last it has arrived. I got my hands on it a couple of days ago. The long waiting time was due to the fact that the Radeon 6990 practicaly doesn't exist?. After having waited for a very loooong time I sw…
  • Old news. But it has developed to a tried and tested method of resurrecting. For me at least. I have lost count. But I have baked my 8800 GTX at least 5-6 times and each time it has been revived. It will run for approx. 6 months and then I repe…
  • primesuspect wrote: If you use Adobe Creative Suite, NVIDIA is the right way to go until Adobe releases a new version that supports OpenCL. I only really use Photoshop once in a while. Would it make any difference there? I am not using Pr…
  • Thrax wrote: The 6990 is faster in virtually every game. Only a small handful of titles use PhysX, and nothing you do uses CUDA, I guarantee it. Well I did fold a bit using CUDA, but it didn't amount to much.
  • Here is the final rig, revision 5. There might be more changes, you'll never know. Due to circumstances I cannot change I have used a configurator with a limited selection. In some aspects. That means that in most cases I cannot swap a part for…
  • Thx for the replies, I think I will be going for the Sandy Bridge then. Both sockets are dead end technologies especially when the socket 2011 comes. (I hate that Intel changes sockets all the time) The Sandy Bridge is cheaper and faster at the s…
  • How about the memory bandwidth using sandy bridge vs. Gulftown? It is dual channel vs. triple channel if I am not mistaken. That should result in a lower throughput but does that effect real life performance? I was looking at 12 GB of memory sinc…
  • Well since this thread has been briefly revived, I will provide an update on my Geforce 8800 GTX. Recently I popped it into the oven for the third time, and once again it did the trick. All artifacts dissappeared and it is still working fine. But…
  • Thank you for the advice I will test when I can. But I have found out that transfers from the XP machine to my laptop is not a problem. I tried transferring ~4 GB mixed material, that worked fine and went fast.
  • The connection drops almost immediately. Within a few seconds. File size was ~ 6 GB in one big ISO file.
  • Ah I forgot to mention. The computers are connected in a LAN thru a gigabit switch.
  • Here is one from Denmark. The connection is ADSL 20/1. Will be upgraded 20/2 very soon at no extra charge. But I really really want to have a fiber connection instead. It's a lot faster and you get a much better upload speed. 1 and 2 Mbit…

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