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Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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September 5, 1984
Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
student :( + Barman :D


  • "Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College by eight undergraduates, angered by a fixed vote for a prize in oratory given out at the Neotrophian Literary Society. This new society Delta Tau Delta was formed as the only real forum for students to…
  • As a barman I've never heard of putting ice in beer, cider occasionally (although its a rule of thumb with me that cider comes with ice, just a personal preference I guess) As for beer being served colder, over here in the UK we get quite a few b…
  • I'll be honest, it looks like the design company were lacking idea's for the new logo and during a bring your child to work day a 2yr old scribbled it on the back of a memo. Nice to see my Tax £'s being well spent But then again i could be wrong
  • Have you done anything outside of school to improve yourself? -team sports learnt any programming languages etc. Give examples of when u've been given responsability and how you coped with it? - they can also ask when have you had to use your ow…
  • I was forced to get btopenworld broadband, can't really complain it works. minor problems pop up with the modem every so often and a reboot sorts em out.
  • Went to see it sunday nite, thought it was a bit cheesy bit i laughed my ass off at bits. overall an pritty good film that i'll wanna see again. whats the name of the jason film thats set in the future?? i seen it ages ago and wanna see it again…
  • can any1 give the retard a hint for level 2.
  • I must be the lamest person ever, can't even get past level 2 i'm open to suggestions
  • Should have added her to that tally IMHO. Her punishment should have been to serve as an example, not to be hidden away. But alas the UK is run by a bunch of weak willed piss artists that won't do anything to prevent the spiralling demise of soci…
  • i reckon we should bring back the death penalty here, save tax payers money for 1 and prevent the prison service being completely over run, not like it hasn't already.
  • I got my last A-Level exam on fri, can't wait to say i'm finally finished but i am gonna miss a whole load of friends. But most of all i think i'll miss the routine of getting up and putting on skool uniform and headin to skool sounds sad but i been…
  • came here following a link proclaiming the ghetto olympics was coming, got sucked in and became a lurker for months. finally decided to start posting.
  • third times a charm
  • Pennywise's cover of blitzreig bop (The ramones)
  • technically in n. ireland u can drink from as young as 3 dunno if this applies to the whole of the uk thou. I'm not joking here we did this in an alcohol awareness class. u can drink providing ur parents aprove and its in ur their home. apparently t…
  • i thought mortin and a few friends did all the ghetto hw articles
  • it doesn't look rite, i'll take a look at it tomorrow and see but it could be i'm just tired. the 555 timer looks a bit wrong to me at the mo, as far as i remember there should be more conections when ur using it as a timer. the fuse is a good…
  • u got a circuit drawn up for the cd drive mod??? wouldn't mind taking a look at it if ya do, might try summit similar if i get a chance
  • lookin good, that side panel has a sweet design. just remember mark twice cut once and u'll have a real nice case in the end. u could if u wanted make the window above the ps bigger and maybe take in the top of the drive bays as well.
  • depends on the mood i'm in at the time, it can range from clasical to heavey metal skipping out the whole rap and pop scenes. Atm i'm listening to stumble (a uk band i found on people sound ages ago) pennywise the offspring the undertones
  • shes over on addaboy too as lana, althou i think shes only posted a few times when shes not running off her feet workin. still talk to her the odd time i see her on icq but its a rare event,
  • yea kiljaeden if u need any help just shoot me an e-mail michaelg.hall[nospam]@tesco.net - [nospam]
  • citrixmeta (sp?) bought the site as far as i know.
  • i have a scar about a foot long from the top of my left shoulder blade down to under my left arm as a result of recent heart surgury. its been affectionatly nicknamed the shark bite by most of my mates. Surgury today is so much better than it use…
  • Over the years i'm afraid to admit i've noticed this problem getting worse and worse in public situations. I've had to break up many fights in my time as a barman and i'll honestly admit most of em are cause by people being drunk, getting the wrong …
    in Fights Comment by Red-Dawn Sep 2006
  • One of my lecturers at uni is doing reserch into a very similar search engine, although his is intended to be used to search for 3D models. although i'm sure it wouldn't be that different. Our whole class got roped into testing it last year and i…
  • yup, but if u wish i'll take it off ur hands :P
    in Money? Comment by Red-Dawn Jun 2006
  • what none of u's have tried this yet???? the only prob i've had is some people tend to chase after you lookin for their trolly back
  • well beer goggles can do wonders for some girls, can't say i've ever been that drunk
  • Tut Tut pilotwings Hope everyoone had as good a day as me, i've just gotten home after workin yesterday and drinking all nite :P

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